Delivering Smiles: An Impressive Program by Amazon To Educate Marginalized Students

Delivering Smiles

Amazon has taken the initiative to help underprivileged students learn in this online education era by launching Delivering Smiles Program on October 28, 2020. The program facilitates Amazon’s consumers to contribute to this program either in devices or money. It will collaborate with 18 NGOs to help needy children. Witnessing such an impactful initiative by Amazon India, the Union Education Minister of India has appreciated their Delivering Smiles to help the marginalized students with the educational means.

Along with the severe pandemic crises, the world is facing several challenges. In such a scenario, Amazon India is taking a step forward to help the government and aided schools tutor the children without facing resource shortage. Poor and marginalized communities cannot afford smartphones for their children for the sake of education. With the help of millions of Amazon consumers, it is possible to help the needy fulfill their educational needs.

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According to the announcement made by Amazon,

  • It will start its campaign by donating 5000 4G tablets to 18 NGOs that collaborate with the aided and government schools and childcare centers.
  • While going through the Gift a smile page on Amazon, customers can directly gift a tablet or mobile phone within the range of INR 10,000 to NGO wish lists.
  • They can also prefer monetary contribution while just clicking the ‘Donations’ button on the page.

India Stem Foundation, Pratham Education Foundation, Peepul are well-known NGOs collaborating with this initiative of Amazon India. Along with this, customers can create an impact while contributing to more than 50 NGOs working for girls’ empowerment, disaster and pandemic skills, nutrition and healthcare, senior citizens and livelihood, and many more. On Amazon’s page, ‘Gift a Smile’ customers can choose a cause like Devices Campaign and select a particular NGO that needs necessary items.

Low-income communities have drastically suffered during this pandemic. Only 20% of these children can access smart devices. It requires our collective contribution to support the community as a whole. According to the COO of Akanksha Foundation, Rahul Gupta, they work with various children whose parents have lost their livelihood. If there is no digital media access, more than 80% of the on-going students will remain debarred from primary education. ‘Delivering Smiles,’ at this point, is the best initiative of Amazon India to help millions of students. 

In this festive season, customers can come forward to help the less-privileged children while supporting different charitable organizations. Just shot at the Gift a smile page at the Amazon app or check the Gift a Smile page of the web browser for more details.

‘Delivering Smiles’ is not the sole initiative of to help millions in this pandemic. They even partnered with NSDC for raising public awareness about Covid-19 and its precautionary measures. They also partnered with different NGOs for donating groceries, healthcare kits, and personal protection kits to help the most affected section during Covid-19. Amazon distributed more than 100000 N95 masks to hospitals facing acute shortage and different hospital and ICU equipment.

MyFavTutor has also come forward to help millions of students while providing them personalized tutoring facilities. It’s time to help those who love to study but could not afford its cost, especially in these critical pandemic times.

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