5 Best Tips and Strategies for Efficient Online Learning

Tips and Strategies for Efficient Online Learning

The pandemic forced students to make their laptop screens their classrooms, but it did not stop them from learning. Adapting to the new way of learning has become a challenge for students, but there are ways to master this.

Strategies To Prioritize Online Learning for Students

Here, we will discuss some strategies students must follow to make online education as efficient as in-person learning:

1.    Giving it the same importance

Since in-person learning makes students accountable to their teachers present before them, online education lacks such supervision. However, students have to give it the same importance because online education might continue to be the way they study.

From e-school learning to online tutorial classes, students must devote their time and dedication to school and coaching classes.

2.    Stay organized

While trying to adapt to a new form of learning, students might often mess up their schedules. It is essential to manage time appropriately and organize themselves to adapt to e-learning.

Disciplinary behaviour will help students grasp the tricks of online learning quickly and efficiently. Students must create deadlines to finish their assignments on time and be present during their classes as per the given schedule.

3.    Eliminate distractions

The internet world makes everyone divert from the activity that we must do and start scrolling on social media. Since students have to access the internet for online learning, they can easily get distracted from their studies.

Students must understand the importance of focus and concentration needed when learning. They must include breaks and recess time in their schedule to browse the internet or play games during those times. It will help them study better and offer time for fun and games.

4.    Create a study space

If you do not have a study table, you might want to take one corner of your room to create a space for yourself. It might only have a mat on the floor, but it will be away from distractions and secluded for you.

Creating a space to study declutters your mind and helps you concentrate better. It also allows you to differentiate the space and use it only for studies, just as living rooms and kitchens are used for their respective purposes.

5.    Learn from the right tutor

It is imperative to have exemplary educators when students are going through such a transition in their learning format. Appointing the best online tutor will ensure that the students are comfortable with the changes and learn equally well as in-person coaching.

A perfect coach will help students build organizing skills and maintain a disciplinary approach to learning. They will also make the students take better interest so that their keenness towards education continues to grow.

Final thoughts

MyFavTutor is the go-to platform for all students looking for the best online teacher for their class. From school students to students appearing in challenging competitive examinations, you will find qualified experts imparting their knowledge.

4 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

4 Signs Your Child Needs A Tutor

A tutor is not only someone who teaches your child or helps them on their way to better grades. A Tutor is someone whose presence is able to make a difference in your child’s life. A well-experienced tutor will be able to guide your child and bring about an all-round development growth for them. But how would you know that your child needs an online tutor who can teach him privately? Let’s discuss some of the vital points to understand your child’s needs.

Decline in Grades

One of the warning signs that parents need to be aware of is when there has been a steady decline in their child’s grades. One will need to look closely and figure out the reasons that have provoked this situation. Talking to the class or subject teacher will assist in enabling one to further understand the severity of the situation. Sometimes, even good students tend to perform below average. However, if the drop in grades continues for some time, you will need to talk to your child and provide them with additional help.

When one’s grades face a decline, do not rebuke your child, but first, speak to them to figure out where the underlying issues are. Scolding or shouting due to lower grades will only dampen your child’s confidence, and studies will eventually become a nightmare for them. Review the subjects where the results are unsatisfactory and hire a private tutor to solve the problem

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Lack of Confidence

When your child feels tense, especially during exams they will often look for ways to avoid their studies altogether , you as a parent need to be careful. “Exam Phobia” or the fear of exams happens when a student knows that their preparation is not up to the standard required during exams, this then results in having a poor outcome in their exams. As a parent, you should immediately consult quality tutors and spend more time with your child to make them feel comfortable.

Confidence building measures need to be applied long term. Making the tutor aware of the situation will also be helpful. Knowing the background of the child, will help the tutor address the issues as required. MyFavTutor has some of the most qualified personal tutors in India, who can help your child come out of this problem.

No Enthusiasm in Studies

As a parent, we have the notion that the child is careless about his studies. We think that with some strict disciplinary action, things will fall into place. However, we fail to notice that our child might lack enthusiasm and will need to be motivated.

There are several reasons for a child to get unmotivated. One main reason for the child to lack interest is due to the tedious method of teaching. It leads the students to think that the subject is either too easy or too tough which results in the mindset of it being pointless to study it further.

Different issues related to the child’s health or developmental abilities also affect his academic scores. Under this scenario, a teacher plays the most important role in changing the viewpoint of the student. Thankfully MyFavTutor is a space where you are able to find various tutors who will be able to fulfill your requirements.

Detachment from School Activities and Homework

Sometimes, students fail to overcome certain emotional and social barriers in learning. This might be due to the fact that they are slow in picking up certain aspects of the subject in comparison to others and are introverted. They find it hard to maintain eye contact or get strenuous in performing simple activities at school.

As a result, they develop disinterest in school activities and homework.This shows that they are in dire need of new teachers who will be able to understand their situation. Dedicated online teachers whose primary interest lies in student’s development will be able to help such students and assist them in coming out of such situations. They understand the student’s needs and are able to build a strong relationship with them. This helps them to feel safe and gain confidence.

Go through the innumerable search portals of the teachers at MyFavTutor to give your child the best tutor. Search for a quality private tutor in India with MyFavTutor and bring back the drive to be motivated and better in your child’s life.

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Skills vs. Degrees: Which One Should You Focus On?

Skills vs. Degrees: Which one should you focus on?

What is more important in our life, academic success, or building our skillset? How far is theoretical knowledge applicable to the jobs that we do? What makes us more industry-ready, a great degree or internship from a top firm? These debates have been going on for ages.

Corporate professionals, academicians, analysts and other experts are divided in this and each one has a different opinion. Many believe that theoretical knowledge is the basis for your skill development. Countering these, experts have opined that even a history graduate can learn programming and work in the IT industry. So their degree of history honours becomes redundant.

In between a lot of these conflicting opinions, we will try to find out what the relevance of skills and degrees is and which is more effective in getting a regular job.

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Skills Help You Survive and Grow in Your Job

When you convert a potential client into a customer, your boss and colleagues must have said that you have excellent communication skills. What does that mean? The fact that you can convince a client through your literary eloquence, is increasing your company’s revenue base. It also means that compared to other marketers, your way of explaining the same product, is better and highly engaging, leading to a better outcome on sales. This is a skill.

Degrees are vast, and during your management courses, you may have learned customer relationships, market research, social media, and many other things that may or may not be irrelevant down the road. It is then that you realise that your instant idea or communication or leadership are great skills that help you survive in the job. So while the degree can push you to land an interview, your skills let you grow. In a way, both are interdependent on each other, but developing particular skills are slightly more important.

Skills are Valued Heavily in the Non-academic World

While you think of degrees, what comes to your mind? Engineering, medicine, general courses, law, fashion, and many more! But there are degrees in music, painting and other vocational courses. Do you remember them? Not much. That is because a great musician or painter is known for the sheer brilliance of their work and not degrees. For example, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley never took any formal music training and studied up to high school. Nobody even thinks about their education or training; that’s because people remember their work and nothing else matters.

In addition to that, dancing and cooking are learnt by individuals in their own capacity. Videos and online training materials are used as a reference by the newcomers and they develop these skills by following the instructions mentioned. So almost all, nonacademic or vocational courses need skills that can be acquired through self-study. Degrees are entirely irrelevant in the world of art and entertainment, as people only appreciate great works, which comes with skills and expertise.

Skills in IT are Much Beyond Degrees

The most demanding jobs in the world today are primarily in the software sector. Getting into this sector requires IT skills, which is about coding in various languages. What you think is more important? An engineering degree or coding skills? Definitely, the second option. Why do we say so? That is because today, graduates of different streams are learning these online IT courses and upskilling themselves to get an excellent job in the tech sector.

If an accounting student is learning these IT skills and getting a job based on that, does his degree matter? Not really. Understanding a programming language, having the ability to solve real-life problems, and fixing errors are skills that make you a successful IT person. Your engineering degree is not an important point of consideration here. Degrees can only give you the options, but to convert those, you must be a skillful person in whatever job you are doing.

Only 6.7% of the World has College Degrees

Surprised! Yes, only 6.7% of the world has formal education up to the college and university level. So, what are the rest of them doing? Are all of them unemployed? Nope. The reality is that the world runs on people without degrees. Think about it, when you need a plumber or electrician or a car mechanic, do you think they are qualified graduates coming to your services? Obviously, not. These people have learnt the respective skills in a training institute and created a career out of that.

Farmers, drivers, factory workers, small business owners, construction labourers, ground staff, and many other professions require only skills and a heart to learn; that’s it. The more skilled you become, your clients will pay you more money and degrees do not have any significance in these fields. To be honest, apart from medical, legal, accountants, pilots, architects and some other highly specialized professions, degrees do not have much value. Of course, as competition is increasing, many companies will not let you sit for interviews without a degree, but after that, it’s all about your knowledge, skill and expertise that gets you going. 

If you are one of those looking to learn some new skills, visit MyFavTutor and get in touch with experienced personal tutors in India. Increase your chances of getting into your dream jobs through online classes and stay ahead of the race.

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Learn Foreign Languages with MyFavTutor and Grow Your Career Prospects

Learn Foreign Languages with MyFavTutor and Grow Your Career Prospects

Knowing multiple languages has always been appreciated in India as it’ll strengthen your chances to get job interviews. Companies are giving importance to multilingual individuals because they can be posted in any country without much hassle. Indians, in general, tend to migrate to English speaking countries like the US and UK which results in them learning new languages to fit in. 

Students and workers migrate to these countries to study, work and secure citizenship. Sensing an opportunity, numerous language training centers have opened up in the last few years, charging exorbitant fees due to lack of tutors.

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More job opportunities

Being multilingual opens up a large number of job opportunities. Sectors like Defense, IT, BPO, teaching, translating and tourism are some of the most valuable well-earned jobs. As Indian companies are going global, they need people who can communicate in their clients’ mother tongue to increase the business prospects and build a strong rapport.

Many universities in India now offer full-time language courses as they sense the demands and prospects that can be gained from this degree.

Higher income

 As companies often select certain employees for promotions or routine transfers, multilingual employees are usually their first preference. It’s simple; if you know French, a company can quickly transfer you to France or other French-speaking countries. 

Recruiters always keep these additional details in mind while hiring candidates. Apart from work experience, having taken extra courses also matters. Therefore, if you can master any of the foreign languages like French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese or Mandarin to name a few, then you have a higher chance in securing a well-earned job. It adds flair to your qualifications and gives you a competitive edge over other candidates as companies look for employees who are versatile and can adapt to any environment. 

Knowing the local language of a particular country will not only help you to communicate, but makes doing business, using emergency services and instructing people much easier.  

Earning in offshore destinations and foreign currencies will help you to have a better lifestyle because as we all know, living in a high-income country allows you to access multiple avenues of business, healthcare and other benefits.

Getting citizenship is easier

Citizenship laws in several countries prioritize those who have a basic understanding and speaking capacity of the local language. Getting accustomed to the culture is essential for a new citizen and that is why most countries stress on that aspect.

For example, getting Canadian citizenship is easier if you know both English and French. Also, communicating with the locals, from cab drivers to a bartender, will give you the upper hand because you know their language. Relationship building also becomes easier. 

The trend is here to stay! Hence if you are planning to live abroad, sign up as a student in MyFavTutor and start searching for experienced and professional tutors in India to help you learn new languages.

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Private Tuitions in India: The Success Story

Private Tuitions in India: The Success Story

In India, students attend tuition classes to ace higher scores in exams. Some even have multiple tutors for one subject to gain in-depth understanding. Their determination to go such great lengths makes one wonder whether India’s formal education system is enough to help students perform well in their studies.

Unfortunately, the answer is a clear ‘No’. Schools and colleges are more exam-oriented instead of building good interpersonal skills in students. The volume of homework given daily is causing stress for students whereby they cannot cope with the load. On top of that, students are crippled with anxiety when they’re unable perform well in exams.

Such issues are causing a concern for parents, which is why they resort to seeking help from private tutors.

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Personalized learning

As the learning scope increases, students are looking for a more effective approach to develop their comprehensive skills. This is where private tutors come in handy. Private tutors can conduct one-to-one lessons where they are able to attend to the students’ specific learning needs.

This makes them reach out to the tutors in search of a more detailed explanation. So home tutors in India, are winning this battle by successfully guiding these students to their desired path. Unlike the academic institutions, they stand by students, help them out and motivate them to perform better.

Quick response time

Private tutors are available throughout the day which enables students to ask questions whenever they wish. As they are often easily reached via phone calls or Whatsapp, students are more comfortable to ask as much as they want to. Queries are often solved by the tutors and sent through emails, messages and personal chats which speeds up the learning process.

Results speak

The success of private tuition is now accepted by the student and tutor community, without much debate. Teachers and their successful students, both tell their stories with a lot of fanfare and pride.

People are beginning to acknowledge private tuitions as more students are acing passing their exams with flying colours. With such high success rates, it’s no wonder that private tuitions are getting the recognition they deserve.

In fact, portals like MyFavTutor has been instrumental in making a change in the education system. The tutor-search portal has a simple registration process which makes finding students much easier. The platform is already helping a lot of tutors and students to connect and improve their learning abilities.

Private tuition is here to stay. As the world is turning more digital, students and teachers are finding online tuition classes valuable, both in terms of money and exposure.

Join MyFavTutor and tell the world your achievements!

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