Skills vs. Degrees: Which One Should You Focus On?

Skills vs. Degrees: Which one should you focus on?

What is more important in our life, academic success, or building our skillset? How far is theoretical knowledge applicable to the jobs that we do? What makes us more industry-ready, a great degree or internship from a top firm? These debates have been going on for ages.

Corporate professionals, academicians, analysts and other experts are divided in this and each one has a different opinion. Many believe that theoretical knowledge is the basis for your skill development. Countering these, experts have opined that even a history graduate can learn programming and work in the IT industry. So their degree of history honours becomes redundant.

In between a lot of these conflicting opinions, we will try to find out what the relevance of skills and degrees is and which is more effective in getting a regular job.

Skills Help You Survive and Grow in Your Job

When you convert a potential client into a customer, your boss and colleagues must have said that you have excellent communication skills. What does that mean? The fact that you can convince a client through your literary eloquence, is increasing your company’s revenue base. It also means that compared to other marketers, your way of explaining the same product, is better and highly engaging, leading to a better outcome on sales. This is a skill.

Degrees are vast, and during your management courses, you may have learned customer relationships, market research, social media, and many other things that may or may not be irrelevant down the road. It is then that you realise that your instant idea or communication or leadership are great skills that help you survive in the job. So while the degree can push you to land an interview, your skills let you grow. In a way, both are interdependent on each other, but developing particular skills are slightly more important.

Skills are Valued Heavily in the Non-academic World

While you think of degrees, what comes to your mind? Engineering, medicine, general courses, law, fashion, and many more! But there are degrees in music, painting and other vocational courses. Do you remember them? Not much. That is because a great musician or painter is known for the sheer brilliance of their work and not degrees. For example, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley never took any formal music training and studied up to high school. Nobody even thinks about their education or training; that’s because people remember their work and nothing else matters.

In addition to that, dancing and cooking are learnt by individuals in their own capacity. Videos and online training materials are used as a reference by the newcomers and they develop these skills by following the instructions mentioned. So almost all, nonacademic or vocational courses need skills that can be acquired through self-study. Degrees are entirely irrelevant in the world of art and entertainment, as people only appreciate great works, which comes with skills and expertise.

Skills in IT are Much Beyond Degrees

The most demanding jobs in the world today are primarily in the software sector. Getting into this sector requires IT skills, which is about coding in various languages. What you think is more important? An engineering degree or coding skills? Definitely, the second option. Why do we say so? That is because today, graduates of different streams are learning these online IT courses and upskilling themselves to get an excellent job in the tech sector.

If an accounting student is learning these IT skills and getting a job based on that, does his degree matter? Not really. Understanding a programming language, having the ability to solve real-life problems, and fixing errors are skills that make you a successful IT person. Your engineering degree is not an important point of consideration here. Degrees can only give you the options, but to convert those, you must be a skillful person in whatever job you are doing.

Only 6.7% of the World has College Degrees

Surprised! Yes, only 6.7% of the world has formal education up to the college and university level. So, what are the rest of them doing? Are all of them unemployed? Nope. The reality is that the world runs on people without degrees. Think about it, when you need a plumber or electrician or a car mechanic, do you think they are qualified graduates coming to your services? Obviously, not. These people have learnt the respective skills in a training institute and created a career out of that.

Farmers, drivers, factory workers, small business owners, construction labourers, ground staff, and many other professions require only skills and a heart to learn; that’s it. The more skilled you become, your clients will pay you more money and degrees do not have any significance in these fields. To be honest, apart from medical, legal, accountants, pilots, architects and some other highly specialized professions, degrees do not have much value. Of course, as competition is increasing, many companies will not let you sit for interviews without a degree, but after that, it’s all about your knowledge, skill and expertise that gets you going. 

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tuition

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tuition

The number of students taking up private tuition has seen a spike over the years, be it primary or secondary schoolers. Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with enrolling your child to attend one or multiple private classes after school hours. A private tuition is deemed necessary when it comes to helping the child improve his performance level; i.e. strengthen his understanding on certain chapters or to elevate his grades. While taking up private tuition can positively bring an impact to a child’s studies, there are also downsides to this.

Let’s discuss both.


  • Personalized learning environment

A private tuition has a more personalized approach due to its one-to-one learning environment as compared to the formal classroom setting which usually has a 30:1 student-teacher ratio. Unlike in the classroom, a private tuition gives the student the freedom to raise numerous questions or seek clarifications as much as he wants without feeling anxious. 

Getting such freedom will help boost the student’s self-esteem to ask more questions. As a result, it enables him to strengthen his weak spots and help him catch up on the topics he’s falling behind in school.

  • Nurture responsibility and time management

Besides having to finish up schoolwork, the student will also need to juggle his free time studying his tutor’s notes or complete his tuition work. Eventually, he’ll manage his time wisely due to having to focus on both chores at the same time. Having this responsibility enables the student to practice self-discipline when it comes to completing his tuition work and monitoring his study progress.


  • Safety concerns

You need to know whether you’re getting your money’s worth. As scammers are rampant, there have been numerous reports where parents and students were tricked by people claiming to be genuine tutors with a reputable background. Finding a private tutor can be tricky because nowadays, most offer their services online whereby you can’t completely verify their background and authenticity. These scammers would often request clients to pay the course fees upfront before ‘lessons’ begin. Once the money is received, they immediately disappear out of sight, untraceable.

  • Costly

Private tuition is deemed a luxury because not all parents are financially stable and can afford such education for their children. Most private tutors charge an expensive registration fee and per hour rates. This is especially true for most well-known tutors as they usually charge higher for quality services and materials. Sure, such an amount won’t be an issue to well-off families as they can afford to hire multiple tutors. However, how about those who truly need help in their studies but are less fortunate?

Apart from that, tutors often share materials and demos or conduct their lessons online whenever necessary requiring them to have the proper tools and gadgets. For those who cannot afford such things, this issue can be a burden to them.

How is Private Tuition Contributing to Education in India?

How Private Tuition is Transforming Education in India

Education has become a multi-billion dollar business in India. This includes the academic institutions, coaching centers, home tutors and other stakeholders. A survey by the NSSO in 2016 found that 7.1 crore students in India take private tuitions. That is, 1 in every 4 students depends on additional guidance from private tutors. 89 percent of the respondents said that the main reason they sent their children to private tutors is to get basic education. This data is enough to give us a picture of how private tutors are in demand today.

So, why are private tutors becoming so important?

Lack of adequate facilities in schools

In India, primary schools lack basic facilities like a proper classroom, lab equipment and library where students are unable to improve their learning capacity. Such circumstances make them academically weak and at later stage, they are unable to pass their exams which eventually causes them to drop out. This is the exact reason why private tutors have become a ray of hope. Nowadays, parents start hiring home tutors for their children as early as class 1. It might look odd to a lot of people, but that is the reality. To develop their children’s learning capacity, most parents today feel that tuition classes are no longer an option but instead, a compulsory.

Growing competition

Students, after their class 10 exams, start preparing for entrance examinations in order to apply for engineering or medical college admissions. These exams are difficult to pass hence, preparing for them needs a systematic approach. Experienced private tutors help these students to work out a strategy to tackle these exams. Self-study is insufficient thus, the automatic choice for students to stay ahead of the race is hiring private tutors.

Extracurricular activities

Apart from regular classes, thousands of individuals want to learn something new. It can be drawing, music, dance, cooking or any sports activities. Both students and professionals, even retired individuals, take these classes to spend their time doing something enjoyable. For students, having extracurricular activities can strengthen their resume which gives them a higher chance to be accepted as a candidate in interviews. This segment is seeing an exponential rise and tutors specializing in these fields are earning in six figures.

The road ahead

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4 Tips to Find an Excellent Tutor for Your Child

4 Tips to Find an Excellent Tutor for Your Child

Finding the best tutor is perhaps a common stress among parents. As private tutoring flourishes, looking for the best tutor is quite challenging because there are various options to choose from. With proper guidance, the right tutor can lead your child towards excellence. Let us highlight some useful tips to choose the best private tutor for your child.

Choose your options carefully

There are several tutor search portals available on the internet today. The best tutor directory in India has no dearth of tutors who are both able and experienced. Hence, you get to choose from a wide number of options. The more you search and compare, the higher the chances for you to get the ideal tutor. 

Keep in mind your child’s learning capacity while choosing a tutor because experienced tutors tend to explain things in a harder way, which defeats the purpose of private tuition. Do a background check on the tutor’s credentials before making the final selection. After all, a good tutor will help your child stay ahead of the competition.

Verify the credentials of the tutor

A tutor may have an excellent academic record but lacks the confidence required to teach a particular subject. Thus, it’s crucial for a parent to find out whether the tutor has that ability. A well experienced tutor has an added advantage if he can get the child to understand the subject better.

Quality learning is possible only when the student feels that the subject is appealing to him. Once the tutor succeeds in making his student enjoy the subject, he will start asking more questions, read more references and use the internet to gather more knowledge.

Monitor the progress of your child

When you look for an online tutor for your child in the tutor directory in India, you should able go through the tutor’s demo classes to find out whether your child is compatible with the tutor of your choice. Talk to your child to get feedback or sit beside your child for a few sessions so you can thoroughly comprehend his academic progress. 

Finally, if you see a gradual improvement in your child’s results, you can continue with the same tutor. Otherwise, you can switch on to another tutor anytime.

Your expectations should be realistic

You know your child more than anyone else. Hence you should not expect a drastic improvement in his academic performance in a short time. Although you can expect a gradual improvement, be content that your child can finally perform in his exams. Pushing the child and tutor too much would be disastrous in the long term. The evaluation of the tutor in this case, should be done over some time to get the correct assessment.

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10 Essential Points to Remember while Preparing Online for Exams

Remember These 10 Points while Preparing Online for Exams

The examination is stressful for most of the candidates. Even harder are the days when a candidate has to prepare for the examination. However, with proper planning and by following the right track, success can be easily achieved. Online preparation of an exam makes the entire process more comfortable and it brings success at your doorsteps. Let us take a look at the ten essential tips to follow while preparing for an upcoming exam.

Ensure that your computer is working well

The first and foremost point is to check whether the computer you are working with is functioning properly. Your computer is your medium of learning. Hence you should ensure that the hardware and the software of your system are in working condition. Update it from time to time and visit the service center whenever required. Most importantly, keep the backup data in any other system for utmost safety.

Eliminate all the sources of distractions

Turn off all the unnecessary notification alerts while you sit before the system. Remember that nothing is more important than your education and hence nothing should come in between you and your success. Before you start with your work, inform your roommates or family about your status so that they do not interrupt you. Choose a quiet corner of your room and dedicate yourself completely to yield better results.

Plan your time

Planning keeps you ahead of time. Be sure that you have planned your time table well. Even if you need to ask anything from your tutors, jot down all your queries before the online doubt clearing session starts. Clarification of doubts helps in clearing the concept and builds your confidence.

Record all necessary notes and lectures

Online learning helps you to be technologically advanced. You can record all the lectures of your tutors and keep it for future references. Therefore there are no chances that you would miss out on any notes or important points. If you find any technical problem, do not panic. Contact your instructor and follow the tips that would be provided to solve the issue. 

Renew your study time

A prolonged study hour with no break is harmful. It is necessary to take short breaks and intervals to refresh your mind. There is no harm in listening to some music or playing a quick sport during intervals. You can even eat some healthy snacks to renew your energy or even take a power nap if you feel sleepy. It helps you to relax and efficiently manage your hectic schedule. 

Keep in touch with your instructor

Learning online needs additional guidance, especially in case of analytical subjects like Mathematics, Finance etc. Hence the student needs to stay in continuous touch with the instructor. When you are studying online, you must discuss your progress and update your instructor regarding the same. Just finishing the class and going offline is not how it works. The more you keep everyone updated, completing your course and getting ready for exams becomes easier.

Ask for guidance, whenever needed

In online learning, it is necessary to clarify your doubts immediately. As tutors keep on teaching in multiple batches, they remain busy most of the day. So when doubt arises after the class is over, send a quick text message or mail asking your question. Ping your guide and tell the topic that you are having problems with. It speeds up your learning and minimizes your problems.

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection

To study online, you must have a good internet connection. Classes will take place through video calling and that requires a broadband connection, with good speed. The reliability of the internet is a very high priority area, because without this, there is no way you can start learning online. Call disruptions are widespread when the net is slow and as a result, your classes will remain incomplete. Both the tutor and student need to have high-speedinternet to continue their online courses. 

Participate in Online Forums

There are lots of online forums, where students can post questions, share answers and discuss other academic and exam related information. You should join those forums, to stay updated and get an idea as to how others are approaching the courses. There are university-specific forums, Facebook groups and several other platforms where they operate. It will broaden your knowledge about the exam pattern, important areas to focus on, approximate cut off marks and other vital info that will make your preparation more foolproof.

Have a Dedicated Study Space

Keep your study room separate and make sure your study materials are organized. Do not allow people to disturb your workspace and keep your mobile silent when the classes are on. Try to log out of all social media sites, when you are studying and avoid any distractions that can hamper your studies. Generally, a lot of students keep on chatting in their social media accounts, have music playing somewhere in the background, chit-chat among family members; these things are very irritating for a tutor and it affects the quality of learning. So, be professional while you are studying online.

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How MyFavTutor’s Online Classes are Helpful during the Lockdown?

MyFavTutor’s Online Classes are Helpful during the Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought all non-essential activities to a halt in most of the countries, including India. As the world is grappling to figure out the economic costs of this lockdown, learning has been completely transformed into a whole new sphere.

Thanks to online classes, students have managed to continue their studies, albeit in a different format. India’s largest tutor search portal, MyFavTutor, is launched to help millions of students continue their online classes, thanks to its vast number of courses and tutors spanning across all cities.

Online learning is here to stay. With the tremendous increase of various learning apps, digital classrooms are the new normal. 

Let’s find out why online tuition is a fantastic option to beat the Coronavirus deadlock.

Classes with MyFavTutor are More Productive

Online classes help to speed up the learning process because lessons are learned within the comforts of one’s home. Also, the class size is not a concern. In fact, personalized classes with MyFavTutor make learning more productive as there is a continuous assessment of the student’s progress and constant feedback mechanism. 

A student will get to identify his strengths and weaknesses, and have enough time to work on these areas. Also, the exchange of ideas between an online tutor and a student creates new synergies that are effective in building a strong base.

Online Tuitions with MyFavTutor save Time and Money

Online tuitions save a lot of time and money. Apart from commuting expenses, it also prevents other additional costs that they have to incur including visiting coaching institutes. In tier 2 or tier 3 cities, travelling can be hectic as schools and coaching centers are quite far away from the students’ homes. 

Online tuition has successfully eliminated these unnecessary costs and have optimized learning in a big way. That is why MyFavTutor has a massive database of tutors, covering all subjects, boards and classes. 

As a result, the website sees millions of students’ enquiries on a daily basis. They are getting tutors and they are satisfied with the quality of teaching. See it for yourself as the reviews are there for everyone to see.

Lessons with MyFavTutor let you Explore

The scope of online learning is unlimited. Not only are there classes on academic subjects, but there are also vocational classes that MyFavTutor offers to help broaden your skills such as music, drawing and cooking etc. So, free your mind from stress and spend the day enjoying what you like doing best!

After a whole lot of Physics and Maths classes, strum your Guitar and sing a tune for a change. After all, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. For students who are thinking about restarting lessons, visit MyFavTutor and enter your learning requirements. Getting qualified teachers will not be an issue. Explore new learning dimensions through MyFavTutor!

Keep studying, keep exploring.

4 Reasons Why Online Tutoring is the Way to Go

four compelling reasons to teach online

The rise of the Internet and technology has changed the way of learning. It has replaced physical classrooms with online video conferencing, sharing of ebooks and online documents, as well as transforming education into a wholesome enjoyable exercise. There are several degree programs, part-time courses and vocational subjects that have full-fledged online courses. Learning apps in India are being downloaded by the million which is a clear indication of people moving towards digital classrooms. In this blog, we will try to analyze how online tutoring has become so popular and how effective is it in reality.

So let us discuss some points that make online tuition a better alternative to regular classrooms.

Easy availability of tutors

The availability of tutors in the online mediums amplifies the scope of learning for students anytime, anywhere. Private tutors in India, for instance, bank heavily on mediums like Skype and Zoom to impart knowledge to their students. So they choose different times of the day to remain available. Some home tutors are available in the morning, some in the afternoon, while others stay on till night. This allows a student to get a query resolved quickly. Tutors can be contacted through mail, SMS, or by direct chats as well.

Cost effective learning

Online tuition is extremely cost-effective. A student can find teachers charging as low as INR 150 an hour to INR 3000 an hour on the high side. So you look at a teacher experience, think about your requirements, decide your budget and then select a teacher. Furthermore, there is no transportation cost involved. It further mellows down the cost. Portals like MyFavTutor, currently the largest tutor search portal in India, has a range of such teachers. You can be at any location, simply go the website, put in your requirements and get a list of available faculties matching your criteria. It’s easy. Check for yourself.

More engagement

The most important thing about online tuition is its engagement level. This is an area where it beats any other form of teaching, hands down. Why is that? It is because online teaching is a much more personalized form of learning. Here students find it easier to ask questions, clear their doubts and tell a teacher more frankly as to how they would like to move on with a subject. The classes take place in a more fun-loving atmosphere, where tutors can occasionally make fun of recent issues and discuss them. So teaching takes place in a much more relaxed environment, unlike the boot camp mentality of the academic institutions.

Better tutors

Teaching online is effective because students find better options to choose from. They can go to a learning portal like MyFavTutor, for example and select their ideal mentor from a list of 5-7 faculties. Sometimes the choice is more than that. This is more satisfactory for students. Unlike in schools where incapable teachers are criticized for not being able to deliver.In the online format, students have the choice to continue or discontinue with a tutor. So with better tutors, the quality of learning also improves.

Due to these advantages, learning through online mode has grown over time. Even though some issues such as net connectivity sometimes do hamper learning, However, compared to the positive aspects these are small issues to deal with.

Home tutors in India have been able to fit in the system very well and most of them today do prefer to go online with students. Teachers enroll in MyFavTutor and then find their students easily without having to advertise.

So if you are a private tutor in India, join MyFavTutor and start your online classes soon.

Have a good day ahead.

How Online Tutoring is Bringing More People to the Tutoring Business?

Online Tutoring Business

Technology has made learning easier. It has eliminated the limitations that teachers had to face back in the old days. Things like a fixed salary, lack of growth and a monotonous work schedule have been given a body blow with the advent of online tutoring. Today, teachers are free to demand salaries as per their experiences, grow their network, choose when to teach and take breaks at their convenience. These ideas have brought many successful professionals into the tutoring business. So with time, many of them tend to leave their full-time jobs and focus on the tutoring business.

You must be thinking, what exactly is a tutoring business and how profitable is it? Let’s go further and do a critical assessment of why the online tutoring business can be a good idea.

Private tutors in India have been teaching through the online mode for a long time. It is more like freelancing where you, as an individual, will have to fend for yourself. You connect with students, do your promotion and build a network so that earning a decent amount every month can be ensured. However, a tutoring business is more of a collective effort. Here, you create a team and build contacts around it, or open a coaching institute and do well in no time.

Coaching Institutes: The goldmine redefined

Coaching institutes have been the most profitable way to earn money in India. You need to choose a location, get a rented space and engage teachers to start their classes. As more and more students throng to your institute, you get a percentage from the fees collected. This will swell your earnings considerably. Reputed coaching institutes in India rake in crores of money by running as an enterprise.

Competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, UPSC, CLAT have huge popularity among students and they always look for coaching institutes for preparation classes. This is because a reputed coaching institute has qualified trainers and faculties, updated syllabuses, personalized classes for weaker students, mock tests and so on. Through these methods, coaching institutes make a student more exam ready and instill a sense of confidence in their approach. At present reputed institutes are starting to train students from as early as class 7-8 and then up to post-graduation level covering a vast number of exams and courses.

Professionals with deep pockets and even venture capitalists are spending a lot of money to set up these institutes, because they know the kind of revenues they can generate in 2-3 years. So they are advertising through the online tutor search portals like MyFavTutor and bringing in a vast number of students. The portal lets you enroll as an individual tutor and also as a coaching institute. This will help you to promote yourself and reach out to students. Generating a good amount of income is easy and you can become well-of quite fast.

Online channels

Another interesting aspect of the online tutoring business is the creation of educational channels on the Internet. The formula is quite similar here. You bring together a variety of teachers in your platform and they give lectures on different issues, answer questions, prepare students for interviews, etc. Through this you can generate a good volume of revenue from your channel as the views, shares and subscribers go up. The simplest way to advertise for your online channel is to sign up on MyFavTutor and meet millions of students who are looking for online classes.

Apart from coaching institutes and online channels, the tutoring business also includes yoga training centers, sports academies, music classes, language classes and many other subjects. The idea here is to bring together a large number of teachers, covering a variety of subjects and then let the students come in. This model is successful because as a tutor, you do not have to feel insecure about getting students. It’s not a one man army. You have advisers, friends, partners and other stakeholders who will take care of the tutoring business. This will be more sustainable and your earning potential will grow in a big way as your institute gains popularity.

Final words

If you are looking to expand your teaching network and set up a flourishing business, make sure to sign up in MyFavTutor. It is one of the largest tutor search portals that will help you to connect with students across India. The education business is already on a bull run in India and will hit the roof in a few years. Don’t miss this opportunity to set up your institute, and stay ahead of the race.

Have a great day ahead.