4 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

4 Signs Your Child Needs A Tutor

A tutor is not only someone who teaches your child or helps them on their way to better grades. A Tutor is someone whose presence is able to make a difference in your child’s life. A well-experienced tutor will be able to guide your child and bring about an all-round development growth for them. But how would you know that your child needs an online tutor who can teach him privately? Let’s discuss some of the vital points to understand your child’s needs.

Decline in Grades

One of the warning signs that parents need to be aware of is when there has been a steady decline in their child’s grades. One will need to look closely and figure out the reasons that have provoked this situation. Talking to the class or subject teacher will assist in enabling one to further understand the severity of the situation. Sometimes, even good students tend to perform below average. However, if the drop in grades continues for some time, you will need to talk to your child and provide them with additional help.

When one’s grades face a decline, do not rebuke your child, but first, speak to them to figure out where the underlying issues are. Scolding or shouting due to lower grades will only dampen your child’s confidence, and studies will eventually become a nightmare for them. Review the subjects where the results are unsatisfactory and hire a private tutor to solve the problem

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Lack of Confidence

When your child feels tense, especially during exams they will often look for ways to avoid their studies altogether , you as a parent need to be careful. “Exam Phobia” or the fear of exams happens when a student knows that their preparation is not up to the standard required during exams, this then results in having a poor outcome in their exams. As a parent, you should immediately consult quality tutors and spend more time with your child to make them feel comfortable.

Confidence building measures need to be applied long term. Making the tutor aware of the situation will also be helpful. Knowing the background of the child, will help the tutor address the issues as required. MyFavTutor has some of the most qualified personal tutors in India, who can help your child come out of this problem.

No Enthusiasm in Studies

As a parent, we have the notion that the child is careless about his studies. We think that with some strict disciplinary action, things will fall into place. However, we fail to notice that our child might lack enthusiasm and will need to be motivated.

There are several reasons for a child to get unmotivated. One main reason for the child to lack interest is due to the tedious method of teaching. It leads the students to think that the subject is either too easy or too tough which results in the mindset of it being pointless to study it further.

Different issues related to the child’s health or developmental abilities also affect his academic scores. Under this scenario, a teacher plays the most important role in changing the viewpoint of the student. Thankfully MyFavTutor is a space where you are able to find various tutors who will be able to fulfill your requirements.

Detachment from School Activities and Homework

Sometimes, students fail to overcome certain emotional and social barriers in learning. This might be due to the fact that they are slow in picking up certain aspects of the subject in comparison to others and are introverted. They find it hard to maintain eye contact or get strenuous in performing simple activities at school.

As a result, they develop disinterest in school activities and homework.This shows that they are in dire need of new teachers who will be able to understand their situation. Dedicated online teachers whose primary interest lies in student’s development will be able to help such students and assist them in coming out of such situations. They understand the student’s needs and are able to build a strong relationship with them. This helps them to feel safe and gain confidence.

Go through the innumerable search portals of the teachers at MyFavTutor to give your child the best tutor. Search for a quality private tutor in India with MyFavTutor and bring back the drive to be motivated and better in your child’s life.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tuition

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tuition

The number of students taking up private tuition has seen a spike over the years, be it primary or secondary schoolers. Truth be told, there is nothing wrong with enrolling your child to attend one or multiple private classes after school hours. A private tuition is deemed necessary when it comes to helping the child improve his performance level; i.e. strengthen his understanding on certain chapters or to elevate his grades. While taking up private tuition can positively bring an impact to a child’s studies, there are also downsides to this.

Let’s discuss both.


  • Personalized learning environment

A private tuition has a more personalized approach due to its one-to-one learning environment as compared to the formal classroom setting which usually has a 30:1 student-teacher ratio. Unlike in the classroom, a private tuition gives the student the freedom to raise numerous questions or seek clarifications as much as he wants without feeling anxious. 

Getting such freedom will help boost the student’s self-esteem to ask more questions. As a result, it enables him to strengthen his weak spots and help him catch up on the topics he’s falling behind in school.

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  • Nurture responsibility and time management

Besides having to finish up schoolwork, the student will also need to juggle his free time studying his tutor’s notes or complete his tuition work. Eventually, he’ll manage his time wisely due to having to focus on both chores at the same time. Having this responsibility enables the student to practice self-discipline when it comes to completing his tuition work and monitoring his study progress.


  • Safety concerns

You need to know whether you’re getting your money’s worth. As scammers are rampant, there have been numerous reports where parents and students were tricked by people claiming to be genuine tutors with a reputable background. Finding a private tutor can be tricky because nowadays, most offer their services online whereby you can’t completely verify their background and authenticity. These scammers would often request clients to pay the course fees upfront before ‘lessons’ begin. Once the money is received, they immediately disappear out of sight, untraceable.

  • Costly

Private tuition is deemed a luxury because not all parents are financially stable and can afford such education for their children. Most private tutors charge an expensive registration fee and per hour rates. This is especially true for most well-known tutors as they usually charge higher for quality services and materials. Sure, such an amount won’t be an issue to well-off families as they can afford to hire multiple tutors. However, how about those who truly need help in their studies but are less fortunate?

Apart from that, tutors often share materials and demos or conduct their lessons online whenever necessary requiring them to have the proper tools and gadgets. For those who cannot afford such things, this issue can be a burden to them.

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Online tuition: The Precautions you Should Consider

Online tuition: The precautions you should consider

Despite the standardized formal classroom teaching, not everyone can learn or understand the same way. As the education world begins to progressively incorporate technology as part of the system, more and more virtual classrooms are being created. Subsequently, such a scenario leads to the rise of online tuitions. As students nowadays want to get a better understanding on their formal learning outside the classroom, online tuitions are getting high demands. Students believe that by getting an extra needed boost, it will limit the chances of falling behind lessons.

However, choosing online tuition can be a daunting prospect for both parents and students because they would need to assess a few things before finding the right one carefully. Unlike the common classroom or home tuition setting, you can’t see what’s truly going on behind the curtains (or in this context; the screen). As convincing as it seems, there are a few precautions that should be considered before you take up online tuition.

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Is it worth the money?

Before you hastily choose an online tuition, you need to think about whether it’s worth the money you paid. After all, it isn’t cheap! A good online tuition should have a reputable and experienced tutor to begin with. The tutor should be able to cater to the student’s learning needs by identifying the student’s weak spots and provide in-depth explanation to the queries raised. Interactive activities and good demos will make the learning process easier. Hence, find a tutor that ticks all the necessary boxes.

Avoid getting scammed

The net is full of surprises, both good and bad. Not only that, it’s also full of scammers waiting to trick people into giving them money. Scammers will go to great lengths by posing as ‘verifiable’ sources providing services deemed trustworthy enough. No matter if you’re a parent or student, doing a background check on an individual or company that’s offering an online tutoring service is extremely vital. You can look at their social media profiles to find out whether they’re genuine. If they have their own website, see whether they have positive reviews given by previous students. If those don’t convince you enough, having a phone conversation with the tutor to check on his credentials won’t hurt!


One of the disadvantages of learning online is miscommunication. Your internet connection might go off while your tutor is teaching and that can cause a gap in receiving information. Besides, you might miss out on the notes or presentations because you got too distracted by other things while being online. Hence to avoid miscommunication, don’t just rely on communicating through Skype or Zoom alone. Instead, get in touch with your tutor via phone calls or text messages too to get better clarifications if you missed out any of the lessons.

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Learn Foreign Languages with MyFavTutor and Grow Your Career Prospects

Learn Foreign Languages with MyFavTutor and Grow Your Career Prospects

Knowing multiple languages has always been appreciated in India as it’ll strengthen your chances to get job interviews. Companies are giving importance to multilingual individuals because they can be posted in any country without much hassle. Indians, in general, tend to migrate to English speaking countries like the US and UK which results in them learning new languages to fit in. 

Students and workers migrate to these countries to study, work and secure citizenship. Sensing an opportunity, numerous language training centers have opened up in the last few years, charging exorbitant fees due to lack of tutors.

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More job opportunities

Being multilingual opens up a large number of job opportunities. Sectors like Defense, IT, BPO, teaching, translating and tourism are some of the most valuable well-earned jobs. As Indian companies are going global, they need people who can communicate in their clients’ mother tongue to increase the business prospects and build a strong rapport.

Many universities in India now offer full-time language courses as they sense the demands and prospects that can be gained from this degree.

Higher income

 As companies often select certain employees for promotions or routine transfers, multilingual employees are usually their first preference. It’s simple; if you know French, a company can quickly transfer you to France or other French-speaking countries. 

Recruiters always keep these additional details in mind while hiring candidates. Apart from work experience, having taken extra courses also matters. Therefore, if you can master any of the foreign languages like French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese or Mandarin to name a few, then you have a higher chance in securing a well-earned job. It adds flair to your qualifications and gives you a competitive edge over other candidates as companies look for employees who are versatile and can adapt to any environment. 

Knowing the local language of a particular country will not only help you to communicate, but makes doing business, using emergency services and instructing people much easier.  

Earning in offshore destinations and foreign currencies will help you to have a better lifestyle because as we all know, living in a high-income country allows you to access multiple avenues of business, healthcare and other benefits.

Getting citizenship is easier

Citizenship laws in several countries prioritize those who have a basic understanding and speaking capacity of the local language. Getting accustomed to the culture is essential for a new citizen and that is why most countries stress on that aspect.

For example, getting Canadian citizenship is easier if you know both English and French. Also, communicating with the locals, from cab drivers to a bartender, will give you the upper hand because you know their language. Relationship building also becomes easier. 

The trend is here to stay! Hence if you are planning to live abroad, sign up as a student in MyFavTutor and start searching for experienced and professional tutors in India to help you learn new languages.

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4 Tips to Find an Excellent Tutor for Your Child

4 Tips to Find an Excellent Tutor for Your Child

Finding the best tutor is perhaps a common stress among parents. As private tutoring flourishes, looking for the best tutor is quite challenging because there are various options to choose from. With proper guidance, the right tutor can lead your child towards excellence. Let us highlight some useful tips to choose the best private tutor for your child.

Choose your options carefully

There are several tutor search portals available on the internet today. The best tutor directory in India has no dearth of tutors who are both able and experienced. Hence, you get to choose from a wide number of options. The more you search and compare, the higher the chances for you to get the ideal tutor. 

Keep in mind your child’s learning capacity while choosing a tutor because experienced tutors tend to explain things in a harder way, which defeats the purpose of private tuition. Do a background check on the tutor’s credentials before making the final selection. After all, a good tutor will help your child stay ahead of the competition.

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Verify the credentials of the tutor

A tutor may have an excellent academic record but lacks the confidence required to teach a particular subject. Thus, it’s crucial for a parent to find out whether the tutor has that ability. A well experienced tutor has an added advantage if he can get the child to understand the subject better.

Quality learning is possible only when the student feels that the subject is appealing to him. Once the tutor succeeds in making his student enjoy the subject, he will start asking more questions, read more references and use the internet to gather more knowledge.

Monitor the progress of your child

When you look for an online tutor for your child in the tutor directory in India, you should able go through the tutor’s demo classes to find out whether your child is compatible with the tutor of your choice. Talk to your child to get feedback or sit beside your child for a few sessions so you can thoroughly comprehend his academic progress. 

Finally, if you see a gradual improvement in your child’s results, you can continue with the same tutor. Otherwise, you can switch on to another tutor anytime.

Your expectations should be realistic

You know your child more than anyone else. Hence you should not expect a drastic improvement in his academic performance in a short time. Although you can expect a gradual improvement, be content that your child can finally perform in his exams. Pushing the child and tutor too much would be disastrous in the long term. The evaluation of the tutor in this case, should be done over some time to get the correct assessment.

Get the Best Tutors from MyFavTutor

Selecting a tutor becomes easier if you join MyFavTutor. It is an excellent tutor finder in India which helps you find the best tutor in this competitive world of academics. The website is the most preferred tutor search portal as it guarantees genuine tutors across the country. 

MyFavTutor verifies the authenticity of the tutors and keeps their required credentials. Hence it has gained trust and popularity among parents over the years. So, join MyFavTutor now and find the start choosing the right tutor for your child.

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