Teaching is a Saviour for Unemployed Youth in Rural India

Teaching is a Saviour for Unemployed Youth in Rural India

Rural India has minimal economic activities. It moves around agriculture, with very few industries and mostly self-employed individuals doing menial jobs for a living. After the COVID-19 mayhem, the rural unemployment shot up to more than 20%, due to massive layoffs amidst a slowing economy. As per surveys, 400 million workers are at risk of going below the poverty line due to this. 

As many of these workers are educated, they find it very difficult to sit back at home for no fault of their own. So what are their alternate career options?

Teaching: A Good Option to Start With

Teaching has always been a recession-proof industry. This is because, even if the economy is shrinking, people still need to get their degrees. Students will still enroll in colleges and universities, no matter how bad the situation is. Rural youths do have the knowledge to teach, what they don’t have is the experience. Gaining experience will not be difficult once you begin your classes. Even if you are an ITI major in the electrical or mechanical field, you can still teach physics and other science subjects to students from classes up to 8-9, if not more. 

Is Switching Career Risky?

A common question asked is “Will my experience count if I go back to working in the industry?”. Frankly speaking, if you have previously worked in an industry, you can always go back there anytime. Teaching will provide you a continuous income and security which makes long term planning become easier. Another point is, doing something is better than doing nothing. With millions of workers losing their jobs, it will take years to stabilize and get them back to work. Instead of sitting idle, you can choose to share your knowledge with students and be a satisfied tutor at the end of the day.

How Should You Prepare?

All said and done, becoming a teacher requires a lot of planning in the initial stage. First, you decide on the subject. Then select which classes/boards you are comfortable in tutoring. Then based on these two parameters, start preparing extensive notes, chapter-wise. After this, you will have to go through the previous year’s questions to understand which should your priority areas and mark them. Take 2-3 months to prepare yourself so that you do not become a bad teacher. Study the chapters yourself, clear your concepts, sort out the critical areas, and then take the jump.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Honestly speaking, unlimited. Yes, unlike your full-time jobs where you have a fixed salary, the earnings of a tutor can go up to any level. As you grow in experience, your teaching pattern will improve, suggestions will improve, and more students will come to you. As with all other professions, there will initial hiccups, and even earning Rs 5000 might seem difficult, but once you get settled, even Rs 50,000 is a possibility. Celebrity tutors earn anywhere between INR 3 – 10 lakhs per month from online and offline teaching. If you are unemployed youth, wasting your time playing PUBG and watching YouTube, then gear up and become an expert tutor.

Where Will You Get Students?

Getting students is the final hurdle that you have to cross, before starting your tutoring career. There are tutoring portals on the net, which you can easily find in Google. The problem is that many of them make false promises which are not fulfilled later on. Keeping all these in mind, you should seriously consider MyFavTutor, a reliable platform helping students to find tutors. The website has innumerable facilities for teachers, who subscribe and your future will be settled once you can improvise yourself and get accustomed to the tricks of the profession. MyFavTutor has covered all subjects that are there in the academic and non-academic domains. All you need to do is fill up some necessary details and begin your new career as a tutor.

How Online Teaching through Zoom App can Help During COVID-19?

Online Teaching through Zoom App

If you are working from home during this COVID-19 pandemic, you must be using a lot of video conferencing app to connect with your friends and colleagues. These apps are lifelines for millions of professionals right now. Online office meetings, friendly chats, video calls and group calls these apps are helping all of us to ride this tough time, without having to forego our jobs and salaries. So in a way, these apps are keeping us alive.

Among these apps, Zoom has become the talk of the town. It has seen over 100 million downloads worldwide since its inception and continues its bull run. So what makes the app so popular? Well, we will discuss this app in detail and how it has benefited the digital learning space in India as well.

Zoom app: How did it start?

Zoom was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan, a former Cisco engineer. It is a web based video conferencing tool that permits users to connect online, with or without video. It offers audio, video and screen sharing options in all formats, be it Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, etc.

Zoom grew explosively in the last few years and on January 31, 2020, its revenues touched $622.6 million, with share price touching the roof at $151.7 in late March. It was declared a unicorn in 2019, and in 2020 it’s valuation reached a whopping $42 billion. It is currently one of the outstanding performers in the startup segment.

Features and functions

The Zoom app has features that make conferences lively and engaging. Let us start with the virtual background feature, where you can choose any location as your background. Instead of a typical home setup, this feature can create an intriguing backdrop. Zoom has a waiting room system, where the person conducting the meeting can choose how many people will be allowed into the conversation. So some participants might have to wait outside and can participate only when allowed. It improves the quality of the meeting as unnecessary users cannot distract important speeches.

The multi share option will enable you to share multiple screens at the same time. For that, you need two monitors to be active at the same time. Along with this, Zoom has a personal meeting room feature where you can provide your id and talk to an important person without any disturbance. The Touch-up My appearance features allow you to get over issues like bad lighting and helps you to look professional and perfect.

How does it help online tutoring?

Even though Zoom started with the intent to make office meetings easier, now teachers globally and in India are using this app to connect with students and take their classes. As the Coronavirus has affected the global economy and with most countries enforcing a partial or complete lockdown, students are at wits’ end over how to continue learning and finishing their syllabuses. Most of the schools, colleges and universities in India have decided to go fully online and make sure that students don’t lose out on their academics.

Zoom app allows tutors and students to open up a free account. Teachers, parents, administrators and students are given access to high definition audio and video facilities, screen sharing, whiteboarding, in-meeting chats, local recording and breakout rooms. So a private tutor in India can use the audio and video facilities to chat with students, use the whiteboarding option for written explanations (annotation feature), record the conversation and use split sessions for different students through the breakout room facility.

Can anyone download it? Is it free?

Zoom is available on all platforms, be it Google play store, iOS, Windows or Linux. You can download it on Mobile and PC. It is not entirely free. For the basic plan, it is free and that will be more than enough for online tutors. Home tutors in India will get the facilities of video and web conferencing, group messaging, 1 to 1 meetings and local recordings. Zoom has additional plans such as Pro at $14.99, where you can have admin controls, personal ID and a business plan at $19.99.

However, in a way, it is free because teachers can download the basic plan and share their lectures, send documents and meet 1-to-1 for more personalized tuition. The significance of this app has been growing due to its professional setup, which makes virtual teaching way more effective than the traditional classroom. Instead of using a blackboard, an online faculty uses a digitally enable whiteboard that can provide information and explanations equally well. .

For the last few months, the world has been in a crisis, and normal life has been hampered. Millions of individuals have lost their jobs. Teaching through online platforms can give some individuals a chance to earn money and live a decent life. But from where do you get the students?

Well, MyFavTutor is here.

MyFavTutor: India’s largest tutor search portal

MyFavTutor is a growing network of teaching/learning in India. The website helps teachers and students to connect across India and enhance learning opportunities. This has a huge variety of subjects, courses and training modules. Any tutor who wants to grow their network and join our platform is welcome here.

You might be thinking, “Well, there are hundreds of such portals.” Then wait. MyFavTutor is not like any other portal. It gives you unlimited leads throughout the year and has a very minimal registration fee. Moreover, the website will not take any commission from your earnings. You are free to choose your subjects, students, location and mode of teaching without any interruption from us.

In addition to that, the portal gives you the opportunity to utilize incentives from its unique referral program. What is it? Termed as the “Reseller program,” this helps you to get a reward every time you bring your friends to the website. The idea is to have teachers of all categories so that no student can say that their requirement can not been fulfilled.

Scope of online teaching in the aftermath of COVID-19

The change that this pandemic has brought will continue in the future. Online tutoring through Zoom will not just be a three month phenomena. Sociologists are predicting that meetings, conferences and lectures will find their way online in a big way from now on. So if you a fresher or an experienced tutor, looking to teach online, come to MyFavTutor, register yourself and start your Zoom classes without wasting any more time.

Stay home, stay safe.

How to be a Pro at Online Teaching?

Online teaching with MyFavTutor

Online teaching has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Students are focusing more on online classes through e-books, video tutorials, digital course materials and query clearing sessions. As the market is growing by leaps and bounds, the demand for quality tutors is on the rise. Even though teachers have been busy registering in multiple portals, not all of them achieve success. So what is it that you need to have to be a good online teacher?

The most important quality that a tutor needs to have in online tuition classes is free atmosphere, where students can clear their questions quickly. In physical classrooms, professors have a limited time to teach. If there are 50 students in a class, its quite difficult for a faculty to answer all questions within that time frame. That is why the tendency to learn online has grown so much. It gives students the time and mental peace to clarify all queries without getting rebuked.

So keeping this in mind, MyFavTutor has launched an online tutor search portal to connect students with tutors in India. It is one of the largest tutor finder in India, where teachers can register themselves and get connected to millions of students. The website is offering all unemployed graduates, homemakers, coaches, trainers as well as experienced tutors another chance to make a regular income every month. You will be able to earn online, sitting in the comfort of your home—no targets, deadlines, office politics or transfers. Just be yourself and enhance your income.

To teach online, it is essential to think like a student. Yes, your approach towards a particular course module should be created in such a way so that knowledge building can take place. Many tutors try to finish off a syllabus quickly without focusing on the learning. In the long term, building a solid knowledge of the subject is essential. This will improve the learning process as well as keep a student engage in a course.

Apart from these attributes, an online tutor should be able to manage a classroom and align the course modules as per student requirements. If you cannot be flexible enough to adjust your teaching pattern, to student needs, then you will not be able to survive in the competition. This is because as a curriculum keeps on changing, the priorities of students continue to change. You will have to adjust your teaching based on that. Otherwise, you won’t be able to increase your ratings and popularity. Classroom management in the context of online teaching is about more personalized interaction with your students, keeping the class small in size, and keeping good eye contact while teaching.

So if you are an online teacher, you will have to keep these things in mind. Focus on the way you present yourself—students like fun chatting, group activities and entertaining themselves whenever possible. If you can connect with this and be a part of that ecosystem, then you are already on top. Nothing can stop you now.