Top 5 Graduation Courses for Getting a Fast Employment

Graduation Courses

Graduation decides the job prospects of a candidate. Depending on the subject he/she is studying and the college, the scope of getting a job varies accordingly. As the job market becomes more automated, hirings are being reduced drastically. In addition to that the Coronavirus pandemic has pushed back the GDP of most countries, leading to job losses and salary freezes. In this situation, we discuss some of the best undergraduate subjects which will give you faster employment on completing the course. Let’s have a look at these subjects and skills that will get you job ready for the future.

Computer Science

Coding is the most popular and highest paying profession in the world today. The rapid growth in technology has led to the demand of coders who can build innovative apps, websites and games. Companies, bloggers, production houses, gaming companies, e-commerce you name it, they all have a website as well as a mobile app and this is what is driving the demand.

Software companies and new age tech start-ups are working on artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, machine learning all of which requires extensive knowledge of coding. Observing the demand, today you have multiple online platforms providing courses in Java, Python, C++, Node JS, Swift and many others. Once you get certified in any of these, getting a job will be easy and in case you are studying computer engineering as a 4 year course, then it’s even better for you.


Nurses heal patients and bring some kind of a caring and humanitarian feel into  the hospitals. They help doctors in ICU, daily reporting of the patient’s health condition, emergency service, anesthesia and other medical assists. No big hospitals can run without them and after the coronavirus impact, people have realised how trained nurses can make a big difference in the lives of millions of patients.

To study nursing you need to have Physics, Chemistry and Biology as a subject in 10+2 level and must score 50% marks. The top nursing colleges in India obviously have high cut offs and you must have a score of 75+ percentage in order to secure admission. Getting a job after nursing is just a matter of time and the demand is so high that even before final semesters many students start getting placed in corporate and Government hospitals. The starting salary of a nurse ranges from INR 2lakhs-4lakhs per annum and with experience you can see substantial hikes.

Accounting and Finance

Another popular graduation course that can give you a job easily is degrees in accounting and finance. There are a huge number of accounting and auditing firms that hire these graduates. Some of the most important job responsibilities in this field include tax filing and assessment, bills and invoices to customers/clients, bank reconciliation, corporate valuation, forensic audit, credit analysis, mergers and acquisition, market research and several other national and international roles.

Auditing firms, investment banks, consultancy firms, manufacturing,service industries, public institutions and NGOs., among others all require trained accountants to file their statements. B.Com (bachelor of Commerce) with a major in accounting is the standard degree that you need to do after which a chartered accountancy/cost accountancy/company secretariat or an MBA finance would boost up your chances of getting a job quite fast.

At a starting level your salary will be around Rs 3 lakhs-4lakhs and if you make it to the big four then getting Rs 8-12 lakhs per annum will not be a problem. At managerial levels companies like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and HSBC can give you international postings whose salary would be between $80,000-$150,000 in cities like New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong and other financial centres.  


Legal professionals are some of the most powerful, respected and highest paid individuals across the job market. They deal with civil and criminal cases, corporate filings and litigations, environment, finance, media, insurance and all other industries and their cases.

Law firms in India and abroad pay hefty salaries to lawyers dealing with big cases mostly due to financial dealings scandals, tax frauds, shareholder rights and corporate governance issues. To do this, you will need to obtain a B.A LLB degree from a law college and do an articleship in good companies. Also, as you grow in experience you can get salaries ranging from Rs 10lakhs-1crore per annum, depending on your place of practice and cases.

Great communication skills is one of the main qualities a lawyer should have and those who do debates from their school life have an additional advantage in this regard.


Statistics has always been a subject which very few students would opt for owing to its complex nature and the lack of institutions in India. In the beginning it was only seen as a subject of research and policy implementation tools for the government. However, with time, statistical methods like trend forecasting became very common in the industries and there was a massive demand for statistics graduates in banking, IT, manufacturing and several other sectors.

In the last few years as the importance of data analytics became prominent statisticians are drawing fat paychecks from the best companies all over. Knowledge of statistics helps you to learn programming like Python and Java, along with work in pharma, retail, logistics and several other industries. The salaries are quite high and be it IT or manufacturing, you can begin within INR 9lakh-12lakh and upwards. 

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Career in Actuarial Science: For the Razor Sharp Ones

Career in Actuarial Science For the Razor Sharp Ones

Actuarial Science is a discipline that assesses the risks in the financial and insurance sectors by mathematical and statistical models. It is an interdisciplinary study that involves mathematics, statistics, economics, finance and computer science. The focus of this course is to predict the future ups and downs in the market and minimize the risk of the investors. Fundamentally it revolves around mortality analysis, production of life variables and compound interest.

What Is Your Job Role?

Actuaries have to prepare the insurance schemes and frame it in a way that the premium collection should lead to sufficient profitability within a 3-6 month period. New product launches in the finance and insurance sector depends on the actuarial analysis. As an analyst, you would have to talk and meet with the senior stakeholders and frame policies that benefit the company in the long term. Also, you need to work with a lot of data for simulation exercises and use multiple trial and error methods to figure out highly accurate models that can convert to business growth.

Skills Required

The most important skill you need as an actuary is a very strong grip in mathematics, statistics and calculus. You need to implement these concepts into creating the models. Analytical ability is an obvious requirement as most of your time you would be solving problems. Things like MS Excel and SPSS/R software should be known to you as its functions will be the guiding force in working in this sector. Along with these, a very good communication and programming skill is necessary. Today, most companies will be using Python and you need to have thorough knowledge with it.


The Institute of Actuaries of India, provides the degree for Actuarial Science and is one of the toughest exams all over the country. Apart from that there are multiple universities like Christ University (Bangalore), NMIMS and Pune University which provides the MSc degrees in actuarial science. To get there, you need to have a graduate degree with either mathematics, statistics, finance, economics, computer science or engineering. This is because your proficiency in mathematics will be a deciding factor in being able to complete the course and working for big corporates later on.


The actuarial science curriculum will start with the core technical papers in part 1. These will include financial mathematics, statistical methods, probability, models, financial economics and financial reporting. The focus here is broadly to develop your ability on using the mathematical approach in real world problems along with financial awareness.

Once you clear the first part, there are three core application papers in part 2 which includes actuarial risk management, model documentation analysis and communication. The last 2 papers would have a practical examination, testing your ability to document larger data sets and build a sustainable model from there.

Part 3 of the exam will allow you to choose your specialization and give a technical paper on that. Options will include healthcare, life insurance, pension, finance, general insurance, enterprise risk management etc. In the final segment, part 4, you have to choose 1 subject for the specialist application module.

Once you successfully pass in all the 9 CT and 3 CA papers, you will be an associate member of the institute and be able to practice anywhere in India.


Actuaries can start their career at around Rs 15-20 lakhs per annum and those who are experienced for 5-10 years the range can go up to 50-70 lakhs as reputed insurance companies will hire you. Moreover consultancy firms like Mckinsey, BCG also hire actuaries in multiple roles. Outside India, the average salaries of actuary range from $100,000 to $250,000 and is one of the highest paid professions across the world. As the demand supply gap is huge, newly recruited actuaries are also given a very high payout owing to the critical nature of the job. With very few students actually opting, getting a good salary is quite normal in this profession.

Final Words

Actuarial science has a great future and is one of those professions which are not very popular even today. Unlike IT and finance where the market is almost stagnant with millions of students passing out every year, there are only 8700 actuaries out of which 375 are fully qualified. This gives you an idea how hard it is to become one. This is only for those exceptional students who are prodigies in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics, can take up the course.

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