Teach with Passion and Earn Money by Online Tutoring

Be a Passionate Online Tutor

Teaching helps you to develop as an individual. It improves your communication skills, confidence, ability to deal with crisis and time management techniques. Often professionals with years of experience in the corporate sector, quit their jobs to follow their passion for teaching. They join learning portals like MyFavTutor and connect with a large number of students. This makes their life easier with more flexibility and a decent earning. As they become popular online tutors can charge upwards of INR 2000-3000 an hour in India, which can shoot up your monthly income to more than a lakh, which is excellent in India.

However, the question that we all need to ask, is can anyone become a teacher? And, is earning really that easy?

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Teaching: Are you the right person?

As the length and breadth of private tutoring is increasing in India, most people think that just having a degree is enough to sign up in a portal and look for students. Well, if you are one of those, then let me tell you, you are making a big mistake.

Personal tutors in India are popular because they can explain a subject well and make learning easier. This is the first quality that a tutor should have. Telling something in an easy way; yes, that’s what makes you an effective tutor. Just because you have a degree in a particular subject, does not in any way mean that you can teach the subject. Also, a passionate tutor should be able to give practical examples, provide genuine suggestions and make a student feel comfortable.

Teachers are often criticized for their tendency to make students write notes daily, lack explanations and the inability to make the classes interactive. So while online tutoring gives you a great opportunity, evaluate yourself thoroughly to see whether you can be someone who will make a difference and whether students can look up to you.

Scope of online tutoring

Research suggests that 50% of tutors in India are already using online platforms to promote themselves. They are showcasing their skills and experience to garner more students in their database. MyFavTutor, one of the largest tutor portals in India, is playing a significant role in bringing these teachers and students together. The website continues to play a pivotal role in improving the online presence of a lot of tutors, trainers and coaches, fueling further growth.

Generally, online tutoring is the future of education in India. This is simply because, students are tired of traveling to multiple locations to study after finishing at their schools or colleges. In addition to that, many coaching institutes make class size too big to handle. The sole purpose of personalized study is defeated then and there. So most students who are comfortable with the Internet prefer learning through apps like Skype to avoid these issues. It saves their time and money as well as the classes become more productive and engaging.

The Internet is bringing a large number of professionals into the field of online tutoring and they are doing well there. Programming languages like Python and Hadoop are taught by IT professionals whose charges can go up to INR 4000 an hour. Even in the non technical segment, subjects such as finance, economics, foreign languages, cooking and music classes are in very high demand. Many people want to learn vocational skills to improve their knowledge. In short, online tutoring is going to explode in the next few years. Signs of it are already visible. If you are one of those tutors, who wants to make a mark, then sign up in MyFavTutor and get connected to millions of students.

So what are you thinking now? You fit the profile needed and are quite familiar with online teaching?

Then don’t waste time and quickly register in MyFavTutor. Start your online classes without delay.

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