How Important Is the Subject Matter Knowledge for a Private Tutor?

Private Tuition

The Indian education system generally appoints primary school teachers to teach all subjects to their students. So, it is likely that until a certain standard, only one teacher can teach most subjects, probably excluding vernacular.

As students go to higher classes, they find every subject taught by a different teacher according to their specialization. In such a scenario, the educational background and knowledge regarding a particular subject matter gain importance.

How Necessary is Subject Matter Knowledge?

To become a private tutor honing the knowledge and skills related to a subject matter is extremely important. Let us find out why such requirements need to be fulfilled:

Acquiring Online Tutoring Jobs

In the growing digital era, online tutoring has become one of the most common earning methods for individuals. Many people are putting down their applications on different online websites to establish a position.

The foremost aspect of getting through a credible educational platform is presenting the knowledge of the subject you wish to specialize in. Your degree will give you an upper hand to confirm your background regarding a particular subject.

Proving Authenticity

We have often come across private tuition classes being taken in our neighbourhood that facilitate in-person learning. However, it is often difficult to judge the credibility of individuals teaching subjects for higher standards. Many times, it is difficult to ask an individual regarding their teaching background directly.

When students look for teachers online, they go through the history of the tutor’s teaching experience and educational background. Before they appoint an online tutor, they want to be sure about the person they rely on. In such a case, your degree will matter along with your previous work experience.

Having the Ability to Impart Knowledge

Teaching or tutoring skills need to be mastered over time. The way you interact and make a subject lovable to students can shape their future. Since tutoring skills are already tactical aspects to emphasize, knowing your subject well will help you.

If you are the master of the subject you teach, the process of imparting knowledge becomes easy for you. Knowing your subject matter not only makes you confident about tutoring but also lets you have all the answers ready. Whenever your students have doubts, you can assist them instantly.


A teacher’s job is one of the most challenging tasks as they take the responsibility of moulding students’ lives. When you master a subject and have all the answers to share with your students, they find you reliable. Thus, the significance of knowing a subject matter is crucial.

Master of One

We often have the dilemma of either being the jack of all trades or being the master of one. While knowing a bit of everything takes you a long way, mastering one keeps you unquestionable about that aspect.

So, when you have complete knowledge about one particular subject, you are unbeatable. Such an accomplishment makes you more suited to provide a teaching service.

Final Thoughts

If you want a student to call you MyFavTutor, you must apply to our online tutoring platform and impart knowledge. Our students constantly need tutors who have mastered subjects and are ready to shape their worlds.

Taking Private Tutoring: Why is It Beneficial

Taking private tutoring: Why is it beneficial

As a parent, you’d do everything in your power to provide the best for your child. One of the most important aspects of parenthood is being able to give your child a good education. Sure, enrolling your child into a reputable school with the best teachers is one milestone achieved. However, with the standardized schooling system, not every student has the capacity to learn and understand the same way.

This issue is worrisome as it can affect the child’s performance level in the long run. As a result, a lot of parents are taking the private tutoring route for their children as learning in school alone is not enough. Apart from helping the child reinforce his learning abilities, here are more reasons why getting a private tutor is beneficial. 

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Boost self-esteem

Raising questions or speaking up in a classroom full of peers will always be a daunting prospect for any student. It’s not THAT simple. Whether feeling shy or afraid of getting embarrassed, most students don’t have the confidence to speak up to their teachers to ask questions on topics they don’t understand.

Such an issue doesn’t occur in a one-to-one learning. As private tutoring has a more personalized approach, a student can freely enquire and seek clarifications as many as he wants to the tutor. Eventually, he’ll start building his self-esteem again to speak up for clarifications.

Lessons will never go on without the student

Rain or shine, a tutor will never let his classes go on without the student, so he doesn’t have to be afraid of missing out on any chapter or topic. Unlike in schools, if a student is absent due to falling sick, the lessons still go on as usual. As a result, the student misses a new chapter from that day in which he’ll need to catch up. Imagine if the student misses a few days’ worth of lessons, won’t he fall behind?

If the student is falling behind his studies in school, he won’t struggle much if he’s under the personal supervision of a private tutor. This is because the tutor will take his time to teach and reinforce any weak spots that his student has.

Less stressful learning environment

Private tuition can be held at the student’s home or even online which makes it convenient for both parties. Learning in a home or virtual setting is far less stressful as the student can learn comfortably without any distraction or pressure from peers and teachers. Under the tutor’s supervision, the student can be more motivated to learn. He will also be able to get involved in more interactive activities set by the tutor that can boost his comprehension. In short, learning in school is not enough. Hence, getting a private tutor is essential to help improve a student’s learning needs. As private tutoring is getting the positive recognition it deserves, more parents are getting not only one but multiple tutors for their children.

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How is Private Tuition Contributing to Education in India?

How Private Tuition is Transforming Education in India

Education has become a multi-billion dollar business in India. This includes the academic institutions, coaching centers, home tutors and other stakeholders. A survey by the NSSO in 2016 found that 7.1 crore students in India take private tuitions. That is, 1 in every 4 students depends on additional guidance from private tutors. 89 percent of the respondents said that the main reason they sent their children to private tutors is to get basic education. This data is enough to give us a picture of how private tutors are in demand today.

So, why are private tutors becoming so important?

Lack of adequate facilities in schools

In India, primary schools lack basic facilities like a proper classroom, lab equipment and library where students are unable to improve their learning capacity. Such circumstances make them academically weak and at later stage, they are unable to pass their exams which eventually causes them to drop out. This is the exact reason why private tutors have become a ray of hope. Nowadays, parents start hiring home tutors for their children as early as class 1. It might look odd to a lot of people, but that is the reality. To develop their children’s learning capacity, most parents today feel that tuition classes are no longer an option but instead, a compulsory.

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Growing competition

Students, after their class 10 exams, start preparing for entrance examinations in order to apply for engineering or medical college admissions. These exams are difficult to pass hence, preparing for them needs a systematic approach. Experienced private tutors help these students to work out a strategy to tackle these exams. Self-study is insufficient thus, the automatic choice for students to stay ahead of the race is hiring private tutors.

Extracurricular activities

Apart from regular classes, thousands of individuals want to learn something new. It can be drawing, music, dance, cooking or any sports activities. Both students and professionals, even retired individuals, take these classes to spend their time doing something enjoyable. For students, having extracurricular activities can strengthen their resume which gives them a higher chance to be accepted as a candidate in interviews. This segment is seeing an exponential rise and tutors specializing in these fields are earning in six figures.

The road ahead

MyFavTutor which is the largest tutor search portal in India, is giving tutors a platform to showcase their skills and earn money. Haven’t heard of it yet? It is a one stop solution that caters students’ learning requirements. Moreover, it allows teachers of all subjects to register and share knowledge with others.

So quickly sign up with MyFavTutor and you won’t regret it. Your students are waiting for you.

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