Tips and Tricks to Get Students from Online Tuition Portals

Tips and Tricks to Get Students from Online Tuition Portals

Teaching is probably among the most popular and noble professions. Children are the future of our country and giving them the proper knowledge and education is one of our essential duties, and teachers carry this responsibility for centuries. In recent times, private tuitions are the most popular education method, and almost every student has at least one tuition. The Covid Pandemic has changed our life a lot, and because offline education was stopped at that time, online classes have taken their place, and the popularity of online classes are gradually increasing now.

Teaching itself is not that problematic, but the main troublesome thing is how to get students. Especially when it comes to reaching students online, many teachers find it the most challenging thing to do. In this age of the internet and social media, there is no better way to get students than online tuition portals. But students can’t appear out of the blue like magic. You must plan and advertise yourself to reach students online.

There are some key steps to follow to get students from the online tuition portal-

Register to an Online Tuition Portal

The first step is to register yourself on an online tuition portal. In recent times, there is no shortage of Online Tuition Portals on the internet. You can give the required information to complete the registration process in any portal you prefer. Try to join some well-known tuition portals or you can join more than one tuition portal simultaneously.

Make a Good Profile

Another important thing is to make your profile impassive. Usually, the profile of the teacher attracts the students. So, try to give all the necessary information in your tutor profile, including

  • Your name,
  • Qualification,
  • The educational institutes you have attended,
  • Subjects you can teach,
  • Classes you will teach,
  • Boards you will teach (CBSE. ICSE, etc.)
  • Languages you can speak
  • Your Teaching Experience (most important)

The more subjects, classes, and boards you’ll teach, your chances of getting students will increase as your profile will attract the attention of a wide range of students from various boards and classes. Also, your qualifications and teaching experience play a vital role in attracting students to your class.

Take Standard Charges

Another thing that every parent and student considers before appointing a teacher is his/her charges. If the teacher’s charges are too high, most of the students can’t attend his/ her tuition class, no matter how well he teaches. To get more students, make your fees standard. Whether you charge on a per-hour or per-class basis, don’t make it too high.

Availability of the Teacher

A very essential thing that students seek while looking for a teacher is the teacher’s availability. So, always mention the days and times you provide tuition and your teaching mode. The more days and times you’ll give, the more it’ll be easier for you to get students. Also, in the case of online classes, the mode of teaching sometimes matters. Try to use popular online modes like Google Meet or Zoom to teach students.

Mock Tests

Mock Tests are probably a beneficial method that benefits both the tutor and the students. In Online Portals, teachers have unique discount codes for the mock tests, and the more students appear for the test, the more commission the tutor will get. The more beneficial discount code you provide to your students, the more chances students will use your code to appear for the test at discounted fees.

Feature a Class on Home Page

You can also record one of your classes and feature it on the home page of the portal. It will help the students understand your teaching style and your interaction with the students. The students will get the chance to understand you better by watching the video and if they like your teaching, they will enroll in your class. However, featuring your video on the homepage is a matter to be decided based on the subject to the discussions with the admin of the portal.

Premium Subscription

Taking Premium membership of any online portal cost you some money. The amount varies from portal to portal but almost every online tuition portal has this feature available. With a premium Subscription comes some other features like advertising your profile on the portal’s home page and more. This home page advertisement feature helps you find students faster as students can see your profile immediately after entering the website.

Final Thoughts

A teacher can change the entire world of the students. A good teacher can shed a good influence on the students that they carry throughout their lives. If you are looking for an online tuition portal to reach the maximum number of students online, MyFavTutor is the best suggestion. However, undoubtedly, registering yourself on an online tuition portal is the best way to get students online.

Learning Web Designing will Give You an Edge

Learning Web Designing will Give You an Edge

A basic web development model generally consists of two different structures: one hardcore web programming done via codes and the other is a dynamic and high-end web designing. Gone are the days when you used to learn the basics of web development languages. In this modern digital era, one needs to have an increased amount of knowledge about web specifications, various coding structures, and the overall architecture which comes in the form of web designs.

Amongst these, the most important thing that you need to pay closer attention to these days is web designing. Not only does a proper website design bring in more revenue for the business but it also provides a boost to its online phase in the digital market. This is why perhaps having design related web development tuition has become crucial. However, this is not the only reason for which you need to learn web designing.

Here, we have discussed certain key facts about web designing which will help you to understand its importance in web development and thus in the growth of a business.

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There are a Lot of Freelancing Opportunities for Web Designing

One of the main reasons one should desire to undergo online web design training is because the proper in-depth information that one can learn will help them develop a bright future for themselves. For example, many companies hire freelancers to work for them in the web designing and development section. This provides a comfortable working environment where you can work on what you know best and carry it out in your own free time.

Web Designing will Help you to Earn More in a Few Years

The market jobs for web designing and development are quite demanding. Since both these jobs include a lot of skills and brains, the salary charts associated with these jobs remain quite high. This is why don’t forget to get an in-depth study of various web designing concepts for 2020. 

Use your Creativity and Make Stunning Websites

Learning web design will allow you to apply your creative mind while designing websites. You will be able to create stunning websites, which will attract more customers. In today’s day and age, it is very important to showcase your business products online so that users will be drawn to spend some more time and keep navigating through the various pages of your website. Learning web design will transform you into a long term asset of website development & digital marketing companies or, for that matter, any companies. As a student, if you feel that you have great ideas that need to be visualized, then web design is for you. Learn the techniques and grow your career faster.

Businesses are Now Going Online with Visual Graphics on Their Websites

Technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D graphics, and other technologies need a visual phase of the web design. These technologies can be used to give an insight into the business and how it works. This is why learning the technical side of the web design tuition courses is so important if you wish to establish a challenging career.

Final Words

There are many courses where an online tutor will teach you and give you the exact knowledge you need about web development and design. This is where MyFavTutor comes into the scenario. This online tutoring site has multiple courses that will clear your understanding of web designing and will give you a proper direction in the online business.

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Homemakers as Online Tutors

Homemakers as Online Tutors

Working women face a lot of challenges to continue their profession after marriage. Post marriage issues like relocation, childbirth and postpartum depression are some of the most common issues faced by women. Many companies have the impression that most female employees’ post-maternity cannot handle the workload which causes some to resign. However, in today’s economy, it is difficult for husbands to be the sole provider of the family. With the growing household expenses, many homemakers are choosing to work as online tutors.

Cooking Tutor

You may not have a fancy kitchen or expensive cutlery, but if you have the passion to cook, an online cooking tutor is just the right profession for you. Plan your dishes, share the recipes and promote them on any e-learning portals.

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Drawing and Painting Tutor

Unleash your creativity by becoming an online drawing and painting tutor as it is one of the most searched private tutors in India. Design an artistic workshop that becomes the primary point of attraction, prepare your own courses, and finally launch your activities.

Online Dance Tutor

Dance is an art that forms an inspiration to live and has been influencing lives since olden times. However, it is difficult for many women to pursue this career after marriage as they cannot step out of the house or lack space to accommodate students. Thus, online private tutoring is a great choice to continue living such a dream. Decorate a dance e-studio, choreograph your own steps and launch your online dance courses. In no time you will receive innumerable call requests for slot booking.

Music Teacher

You will be glad to know that students look for online music tutors almost every day. Just like dancing, music too inspires life. If you are an experienced music teacher, hundreds of students will enroll in your classes for singing or instrumental lessons. Having a degree or certificate in music education gives an added advantage.

Online Yoga Tutor

Online yoga classes are massively popular especially as the COVID 19 outbreak causes gym centers to close. This makes yoga the next best choice to stay fit and healthy. In addition, yoga has a lot of advantages related to physical and mental well-being. Hence if you have mastered the art or have good knowledge of it, you can definitely showcase your talent by becoming a professional online yoga tutor.

Online Makeup Classes

Needless to say, that everyone at some point in time wants or needs to look good. Makeup becomes a good career option for those who love to adorn others just the right way. Many people search for makeup tutors every now and then. If you are good at doing makeup tutorials, you can become an online tutor by enrolling yourself in a good e-learning platform. In no time you can see your savings grow.

Join MyFavTutor to rebuild your career today. MyFavTutor operates throughout the country and has an unlimited database of courses. So what are you waiting for? Register in MyFavTutor and give yourself a chance to grow.

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Online Tuitions: A Game-Changer During COVID-19

Online Tuitions: A Game-Changer During COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to create havoc, students have found a new way to continue their studies. Online learning has been the new normal these days. The closure of all educational institutions has left many students to fend for themselves. In the initial days, they were afraid about how they would finish their syllabus, but in the last 1.5 months, they have realised that having a mobile phone and a stable Internet can solve all their problems. They can maintain social distance staying at home, study and practice their lessons and stay safe.

Why switching to online learning was easy?

Today, a mobile phone is not a luxury, but a necessity. You will find that even people in the lower-income segment also has a mobile. The Internet in India has become cheaper after the entry of new telecom providers; 1 GB data is available at Rs 4. This has helped students to switch to online learning with ease. Instead of idling and wasting their time, students are using their time productively and efficiently for studies. Tutors, on the other hand, took some time, but eventually got along the system very well. It was a win-win situation for both. Tutors can finish their syllabus and students can get ample time to prepare and revise their chapters. 

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Is online tuition a sustainable mode of learning?

Online learning has number of advantages, which students are realising now. It saves travel time, brings down the cost, increases flexibility and gives a wide range of options. Students are loving it. In terms of sustainability, online tuition is effective mostly in urban areas. That is because, city dwellers are more tech-savvy and have faster internet connections. These are, however, teething problems, which will be tackled by the government at all levels. In fact, India’s government is pushing hard for massive penetration in rural broadband, so that the villages do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Is it going to be a long-term change?

The world after COVID-19 will not be the same. As people are looking to take greater precautions, the significance of social distancing will be on the rise. Already office workspaces are being redesigned, keeping in mind the new norms as advised by the World Health Organization. Sanitizers, face masks, PPE dresses are being inducted along with a mandatory thermal screening at most commercial spaces. Now, how is it possible for a teacher to teach with a face mask on? How long can students maintain 6 feet distance from each other? This tells us very clearly that more students are going to take online tuition classes than ever. They already have the learning apps, laptops and headphones to easily continue their studies. It is safe, secure and productive.

Which learning platforms can you rely on?

Several learning platforms have cropped up in recent times, looking to tap the market. Some are online learning platforms, while others are tutor search portals. In this situation, MyFavTutor, the largest tutor search portal, has been a revelation, owing to its massive tutor list and the subjects/courses that it offers. As students are advised to stay indoors, they can quickly search for their required subjects and connect with tutors they like. The website widens the scope of education and students will have an enjoyable experience in learning with the best tutors.

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6 Amazing Benefits of Online Tuition that You Must Know

6 Amazing Benefits of Online Tuition

Online tuitions have become very common these days. Due to the global widespread of COVID-19 which causes education institutes to close temporarily. As students are forced to be homeschooled, this results in a sudden demand for online tutors.  MyFavTutor is one such platform that offers students the convenience of learning from home by connecting them to suitable tutors.

How can private online tuitions be helpful?

With the increasing study load, students are dealing with the fear of falling behind. Thanks to the advancement of technology and increasing demand for homework help, online tuitions are now possible. Students and tutors can enjoy an interactive and conducive learning environment virtually. Due to the flexibility, catching up sessions can be done rapidly, and learning materials can be shared no matter the location.  

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Advantages of Online Tuitions

You may find many benefits of opting for online tuitions. A notable few are: 

1. Online tuitions are easy to conduct as students and teachers can engage within the comforts of their home, without having to physically meet one another. All they need to do is fix a convenient date and time, and they’re all set!

2. Students can enjoy a virtual interaction with their tutors which maximizes their learning capacity.

3. During a virtual class, online resources are readily available at your disposal. Students can make use of their studies using learning materials that are easily accessed. Meanwhile, tutors can conduct interesting demonstrations to help students create a better understanding on the subject.

4. Comfort does create an impact on learning. With online tuitions, students can study in their own surrounding, no matter where they are.

5. Online tuitions are budget-friendly and less time consuming as tutors and students can avoid the hassle of meeting one another.

6. No matter the location, students and tutors all over the country can be easily connected.

Can online tuitions be an alternative in the present day?

With all the benefits of online tuitions, they can serve as a great alternative to traditional private education. Online tuitions can tackle the fear of students who aren’t comfortable asking questions in class or help those who are falling behind their studies.

If you are looking to become an online tutor, you can visit the MyFavTutor site which is excellent for online tutoring.

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