Top 5 Budget Laptops for Online Tutoring

Top 5 Budget Laptops for Online Tutoring

Budget laptops are in high demand these days. In the big retail markets and shopping complexes, it is flying off the shelves. As students are studying online and their parents are also working from home, so good laptops within a reasonable price is the need of the hour. On the other hand, Tutors are slowly adjusting to this new teaching format and are also in a hurry to get these laptops. While buying a laptop, we need to look at the RAM, hard drive, battery performance and speaker/sound qualities. Based on these features and also the price, let us look at some high-performance budget laptops for online tutors.

HP 15s eq1042au 15.6-inch Laptop

HP 15s eq1042au is one of the best budget laptops that can be a boon for online tutors. It has 4GB RAM, 512 GB SSD Storage and includes Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 software along with preloaded windows 10. You can carry on with your classes for 6-8 hours at a stretch, without any performance issues. The HP 15s eq1042au has a processor speed of 2.6 GHz and weighs around 1.7kgs, which is pretty easy to carry. Buy Now

HP 15s eq1042au has a stunning display with 1920X1080 resolution and with the 15.6-inch screen, your eyes will have a pleasant experience teaching through this. HP has always been a reliable brand and they are also providing AMD Radeon Graphics for getting the optimum performance. Buy Now

The dual speakers will help you listen to any audio/video clips with better clarity. HP 15s eq1042au has 2 USB 3.0 port and 1 each HDMI, Audioout and Ethernet port which lets you plug in multiple devices simultaneously. It has Bluetooth and wifi facilities, so even while travelling, connect with public wifi and continue your discussions anytime, anywhere. Buy Now

Dell Latitude 3400 14-inch Business Laptop

Dell Latitude series is one of their best, and Latitude 3400 brings out the elegance and performance of all guns blazing. It has a core i3 processor, with 4GB RAM and 1TB hard drive. With a 14 inch screen and 6-hour battery life, online tutoring will be quite amusing with this model. Buy Now

Dell Latitude 3400 has one of the best 2 tuned speakers with Waves MaxxAudio® Pro that will give top notch communication experience. Along with this comes the Intel Ultra HD 620 graphics processor that will make it easier for you to work on multiple videos and teach at the same time. At around 35,000, Dell Latitude 3400 14-inch Business Laptop is an excellent choice. Start tutoring with this laptop and feel the difference first hand. Buy Now

Lenovo Thinkpad L430

Lenovo has brought a high performance laptop, in under 30,000. The Thinkpad series has already been appreciated by tech pundits and it can be a great option for online tutors.

The Lenovo Thinkpad L430 has 4GB RAM, 320 GB hard disk, windows 10 operating system and a 14 inch screen with Intel HD 4000 Graphics. With a core i5 processor and an integrated graphics card, the Thinkpad L430 will make your teaching experience smoother. Buy Now

Storing of massive audio, video, and other content will be easy and a processor speed of 2.5GHz will let you take classes of 8 hours and more each day. Lenovo speaker quality is decent and once you connect it with your broadband, start teaching via Skype/Zoom or any other platform you like. Buy Now

HP EliteBook Folio 9470M Laptop

The HP EliteBook Folio, is a quality product that will help you perform multiple activities in your laptop for long hours. It has a 4GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk with a core i5 processor, that sets the tone for its stellar performance. Buy Now

As a tutor, what you need is sharing documents, video conferences and an excellent audio quality so that both you and your tutors can enjoy the classes. This model has a processor speed of 3.1 GHz which enhances its performance, 14-inch screen for good visuals and comes with Intel UHD graphics that makes it an amazing product to work on. Buy Now

In addition to all these, HP is a great brand and its products last longer even under high usage situations. Go ahead and buy this model and upgrade your teaching experiences at the earliest. Buy Now

Coconics Enabler C1314W

Coconics has brought a high performance laptop priced within 30,000. It is a very high rated product and the users are quite happy with its performance.  Buy Now

The Coconics Enabler C1314W has an intel core i3-7100U processor, with a 4GB RAM and a 500GB SATA hard disk. It has a 2.4GHz processor speed and HD Display (1366X768) along with anti glare lighting for eye comforts.  Buy Now

Coconics Enabler C1314W has 3 ports; 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 2.0 ports, so that you can use pen drives, headphone jacks and charging points along with other gadgets. For an online tutor, you would be pleased with its excellent graphics quality due to the Intel UHD display and a 6 hour battery life, which is pretty good. It is water-resistant and in a price range of around 28,000, this is one of the best buys.  Buy Now

While these laptops will provide you the tech support to conduct online classes, you need to get more and more students also to grow your income. You can sign up at MyFavTutor, the largest tutoring platform in India and connect with more students at ease.

Top 5 Reasons Techies and Engineering Graduates Are Turning into Online Tutors

Top 5 Reasons Techies and Engineering Graduates Are Turning into Online Tutors

The online tuition industry is growing at a fast pace. Thanks to the widespread advancement of internet services, online tuition has proved beneficial to every student in every field. When the Covid19 pandemic situation has closed the doors of many IT companies for the newbies, the online tuition industry has opened the doors of new hope for them. Engineering graduates and techies are no longer dependent on the placement recruitment system and many of them have successfully shifted their career paths to online tutoring.

There are more popular and logical reasons for the engineering grads and techies to take up online tutoring. Let us shine some light on the below reasons:

Online Tutoring Is Fun and Allows You to Portray Yourself More Accurately

With the ed-tech companies growing, new techies are more interested in switching over to this profession. Apart from being a lucrative field, live tutoring allows you to showcase your talent. You can create your own identity through lively classes. You can even design your classes more dynamically to make it more engaging and encouraging for the students.

Online Tutoring Enables Flexibility of Time and Place

Online tutoring gives you the freedom to work from anytime and anywhere. May it be a mobile phone or a computer system; you can log in to teach your students from anywhere and anytime. Hence there is no barrier to time and distance unlike other jobs due to which a good amount of salary gets reduced from your monthly income.

Gives You The Freedom to Decide Your Income, Hence The More You Work The More You Earn.

Unlike a job in a multinational company where your salary is fixed, online tutoring gives you the freedom to decide your own income. You can decide your charges by quoting your fees per hour or per-student basis. Hence you can multiply your salary by rendering your services for some extra time.

The Most Promising Job for Newbie’s

With the technology growing at a rapid speed, it has become difficult for the old teachers to cope up. Many a time they fail to understand the new system and modern learning. New candidates are like a bunch of fresh flowers where they are more trained and acquainted with the advanced system. Hence it gives a widespread opportunity to the fresher candidates to join the system.

Online Tutoring Allows You to Relive Your Passion

Many students take up engineering courses under the pressure exerted by their families. Hence they fail to showcase their hidden talent because of lack of motivation or proper contacts. Online tutoring gives them a second chance to live a professional life of their choice. Moreover, they can even continue their usual jobs simultaneously.

If you are an aspiring tutor then, MyFavTutor is the best place for you to start your career. It is a huge platform to get connected to a lot of students who are in need of tutors from various fields. Just create your own unique profile with a good demo class and see the enormous response.

So, if you are in a dilemma to get a source of income in this pandemic situation even after completing your engineering degree, register yourself to MyFavTutor quickly and set your sail towards success.

Homemakers as Online Tutors

Homemakers as Online Tutors

Working women face a lot of challenges to continue their profession after marriage. Post marriage issues like relocation, childbirth and postpartum depression are some of the most common issues faced by women. Many companies have the impression that most female employees’ post-maternity cannot handle the workload which causes some to resign. However, in today’s economy, it is difficult for husbands to be the sole provider of the family. With the growing household expenses, many homemakers are choosing to work as online tutors.

Cooking Tutor

You may not have a fancy kitchen or expensive cutlery, but if you have the passion to cook, an online cooking tutor is just the right profession for you. Plan your dishes, share the recipes and promote them on any e-learning portals.

Drawing and Painting Tutor

Unleash your creativity by becoming an online drawing and painting tutor as it is one of the most searched private tutors in India. Design an artistic workshop that becomes the primary point of attraction, prepare your own courses, and finally launch your activities.

Online Dance Tutor

Dance is an art that forms an inspiration to live and has been influencing lives since olden times. However, it is difficult for many women to pursue this career after marriage as they cannot step out of the house or lack space to accommodate students. Thus, online private tutoring is a great choice to continue living such a dream. Decorate a dance e-studio, choreograph your own steps and launch your online dance courses. In no time you will receive innumerable call requests for slot booking.

Music Teacher

You will be glad to know that students look for online music tutors almost every day. Just like dancing, music too inspires life. If you are an experienced music teacher, hundreds of students will enroll in your classes for singing or instrumental lessons. Having a degree or certificate in music education gives an added advantage.

Online Yoga Tutor

Online yoga classes are massively popular especially as the COVID 19 outbreak causes gym centers to close. This makes yoga the next best choice to stay fit and healthy. In addition, yoga has a lot of advantages related to physical and mental well-being. Hence if you have mastered the art or have good knowledge of it, you can definitely showcase your talent by becoming a professional online yoga tutor.

Online Makeup Classes

Needless to say, that everyone at some point in time wants or needs to look good. Makeup becomes a good career option for those who love to adorn others just the right way. Many people search for makeup tutors every now and then. If you are good at doing makeup tutorials, you can become an online tutor by enrolling yourself in a good e-learning platform. In no time you can see your savings grow.

Join MyFavTutor to rebuild your career today. MyFavTutor operates throughout the country and has an unlimited database of courses. So what are you waiting for? Register in MyFavTutor and give yourself a chance to grow.

Is Online Tutoring Safe? How to Avoid Scams

Is online tutoring safe? How to avoid scams

Online tutoring has seen a spike in popularity in the past few years. Many sites are offering various online tutoring services, covering courses from primary to higher education level. Due to such demands, people are wanting to seize this opportunity by claiming to be real tutors. These so called ‘tutors’ are exploiting the online market by taking advantage of people who are looking for private tutors to help with their learning. So, how do you protect yourself from getting scammed?

Check the legitimacy

Doing a background check on the individual and company that are offering online tutoring services is crucial. Most sites have reviews or testimonials from previous parents or students who have used the tutor’s services. By reading the reviews, you’ll get to identify whether the source is verifiable. Apart from that, you can go onto the tutor’s social media profiles to check their his authenticity.

If you’re still not convinced, trust word of mouth referrals from people you know or simply contact the tutor via phone if you have further enquiries.

The individual or website should disclose how and when they’re paid

Most tutors or companies would request a deposit upfront before the lessons begins. This is to ensure that customers don’t take advantage on the services. Make sure that they only request full payment once you’re satisfied with the first lesson.

Beware of anyone who wants a complete payment upfront because chances are, you won’t be getting your money back as well as those lessons.

Payment method

Paying fees to a home tutor isn’t an issue because clearly you know with whom you’re dealing with. But how about those working behind the screen aka online tutors? In this case, you need to find their method of payment. Online tutors and companies should accept every major credit card, the least.

Find out the types of software they’re using

Having a phone chat or email aren’t good enough to be proven genuine. Virtual classrooms usually require many apps or software for the lessons to go on. Sharing notes and videos should be done on reputable platforms so lessons wouldn’t be abrupted. If the tutor insists on conducting classes via an unsupported platform, then you’ll know what kind of deal you’re getting into.

Suspicious email domains

If a tutoring website doesn’t have a physical address for you to check or is using suspicious email domains, chances are the website isn’t legitimate. Another telling sign is if the email link you received from the site directs you to a suspicious page. Hence, check the email domains carefully for the authenticity.

How Helpful is Online Tuition for Exam Preparation?

online tuition for exam preparation

These days, people are taking up private online classes as they have been proven effective in scoring exams.

Learning online is equally beneficial to students who need improvement in their scores and those who wish to achieve even greater results. The user friendly learning portal, MyFavTutor, helps students ace their exams by connecting them to experienced tutors.

Efficiency and flexibility

Online tutorials are more flexible because you or your tutor don’t have to travel to physically meet each other in an actual classroom. As schedules can be carefully planned, there are no delays. All you need to do is fix a mutually convenient time. Moreover, online tutorials are shorter and can be frequently conducted.

This effective learning strategy will also give you enough time to self study. Even if you’re an employee who’s studying part time, attending short online classes are enough to help you prepare for exams. 

Access to resources

You get to access selected online resources, study materials, mock test papers and question samples, to name a few. Even watching short demos can give you enough clarifications on a concept.

Study from the comfort of your surroundings

Online tutoring will give you the flexibility to concentrate on your studies from the comfort of your surroundings. Eventually, you will get a significant and positive impact in terms of meaningful learning. 

A personal touch with your studies

A tutor will help you focus on your studies by providing thorough guidance. This approach encourages students to understand what they want which builds their confidence in mastering the chapters.

Positive online Work Environment

Private online tutor lessons are far superior compared to regular schooling as it is not as rigid. Most students face problems in asking questions in class due to lack of self confidence. Unlike the formal classroom setting, students can freely ask questions to their tutors anytime and anywhere without feeling anxious.

Friendly interface

Once a student posts his learning requirements, the portal’s unique algorithm will help find suitable tutors. Once matched, he will receive an email containing a list of matching tutors for him to connect to. 

By now, you’ve understood how an online tutor will guide you with important questions and answers that are likely to pop up in your exam. Online communication with your tutor ensures that all the points you want to discuss will be covered. If you are a student waiting for your classes to resume, join MyFavTutor now. Begin your exam preparation within the comforts of your home. 

Why Choosing Online Tuition is Beneficial for Students?

Online Tuition is Beneficial for Students

With the rapid advancement of technology, online education has reached another level. Students and teachers with stable internet connection are adopting this interactive method of teaching because of its several advantages. Online learning allows the students and teachers from every nook and corner of the country to come together on a single platform without being physically present. Let us take a look at some of the beneficial effects of switching to online tutoring.

Online tuitions give you a number of options

The online learning industry provides you with a wide number of choices. You get to choose from among the many tutors available for online teaching. The parents can check the qualifications, eligibility, and rate per hour and then select the most suitable tutor for their child. 

Studies are not hampered or interrupted due to tutors on leave

The system of online tutoring is managed by an entire community and not by any individual. Hence there is no fear of your studies getting hampered due to unwanted leaves taken by the tutor. Whether it is a short leave taken by the tutor or a prolonged one, there is no dearth of a substitute teacher.

Enjoy the technology

Online classrooms are unique are creative. Thus it breaks the monotony of the conventional classrooms. The content created by the teachers for such classes is dynamic and fun-filled. Additionally, you can record the classes conducted by the tutors and use it as a reference in your lesson. Thus it is readily accepted by the students of every age group as learning becomes fun. Also, in online tutoring, the students enjoy the essence of both traditional classes as well as modern technology.

Online tutoring is cost-effective

If you select a teacher for your home tuitions who resides very far from your place, then it is very likely for him to charge more. The rate per hour will increase as the traveling expense will be added to his salary. Even if you go private tuitions or coaching centers, your cost of travel is also an add-on to the fees that you pay to your tutors. Online tutoring helps you to avoid this expense and you end up saving a lot.

Online tutoring helps you in finding genuine tutors

The online learning industry focuses on providing the most suitable as well as authentic tutors for the students. They take all necessary actions to verify the genuineness of a tutor by keeping the required documents. Moreover, you get to know more about the teachers’ eligibility through their portals. Hence transparency of the profile is maintained.

You have access to your tutor from anywhere

The concept of online tutoring has mainly formed to make your tutors available to you from anywhere. No matter where you are or which gadget you are using, online tutoring gives you the freedom of access to such classes from anywhere.  MyFavTutor is a massive e-learning website that aims to provide you with the best faculty. It has its operations throughout the country and hence you can get to avail of a wide number of options. MyFavTutor provides genuine tutors and thus, there is no chance of getting duped. Start searching for tutors at MyFavTutor today and find the best guide for your bright future.

4 Successful Ways Mobile Learning is Pushing up the Performance Level

4 Successful Ways Mobile Learning is Pushing up the Performance Level

In today’s fast paced world, digital platform has become an immensely popular media outlet that can maximize productivity in the workforce. With time constraints, the digital platform enables users to reach maximum accessibility within a short period of time.

The education system is also going digital. Lately, e-learning websites and apps are building new learning experiences which enable teachers and students from all over the country to connect under seamless virtual interaction. This innovative concept has proven to be one of the most successful learning techniques as knowledge can be shared rapidly.

1) Mobile learning is not restricted to boundaries

Users highly prefer mobile learning because it has no limitations. A tutor can expand his knowledge over the vast geographical landscape without having to travel to that place. By going online, the tutor can be present anywhere and at any time, minus the hassle!

2) Mobile learning helps to generate more income in a short span of time

Tutors no longer need to spend a huge portion of their income on teaching expenses when they can now conduct online classes. This method gives tutors the convenience of conducting a higher number of classes which helps them to generate more income under a short timeframe.

3) Mobile learning is helpful in the time of crisis

As the whole world is fighting with the widespread of COVID-19, the Government has announced a total lockdown which results in many sectors ceasing operations. The education industry is impacted too as schools and universities are forced to close. In such a devastating scenario, mobile learning plays a significant role in keeping the whole education industry up and running. Despite the physical halt, learning can still resume online which greatly benefits students and tutors.

4) Mobile learning helps make lessons more engaging and interesting

Mobile learning websites and apps are completely user-oriented. Tutors can share their learning materials to their students in any location; even in remote places, at any time.


If you are a tutor looking to teach from remote locations, join MyFavTutor. This portal is a one stop destination for tutors all over the country to create a reputable online teaching profile. It thereby helps parents to select suitable tutors for their children’s learning needs. So, what are you waiting for? Choose MyFavTutor, the fastest growing interactive digital platform in the education industry!

6 Amazing Benefits of Online Tuition that You Must Know

6 Amazing Benefits of Online Tuition

Online tuitions have become very common these days. Due to the global widespread of COVID-19 which causes education institutes to close temporarily. As students are forced to be homeschooled, this results in a sudden demand for online tutors.  MyFavTutor is one such platform that offers students the convenience of learning from home by connecting them to suitable tutors.

How can private online tuitions be helpful?

With the increasing study load, students are dealing with the fear of falling behind. Thanks to the advancement of technology and increasing demand for homework help, online tuitions are now possible. Students and tutors can enjoy an interactive and conducive learning environment virtually. Due to the flexibility, catching up sessions can be done rapidly, and learning materials can be shared no matter the location.  

Advantages of Online Tuitions

You may find many benefits of opting for online tuitions. A notable few are: 

1. Online tuitions are easy to conduct as students and teachers can engage within the comforts of their home, without having to physically meet one another. All they need to do is fix a convenient date and time, and they’re all set!

2. Students can enjoy a virtual interaction with their tutors which maximizes their learning capacity.

3. During a virtual class, online resources are readily available at your disposal. Students can make use of their studies using learning materials that are easily accessed. Meanwhile, tutors can conduct interesting demonstrations to help students create a better understanding on the subject.

4. Comfort does create an impact on learning. With online tuitions, students can study in their own surrounding, no matter where they are.

5. Online tuitions are budget-friendly and less time consuming as tutors and students can avoid the hassle of meeting one another.

6. No matter the location, students and tutors all over the country can be easily connected.

Can online tuitions be an alternative in the present day?

With all the benefits of online tuitions, they can serve as a great alternative to traditional private education. Online tuitions can tackle the fear of students who aren’t comfortable asking questions in class or help those who are falling behind their studies.

If you are looking to become an online tutor, you can visit the MyFavTutor site which is excellent for online tutoring.

Private Tuitions in India: The Success Story

Private Tuitions in India: The Success Story

In India, students attend tuition classes to ace higher scores in exams. Some even have multiple tutors for one subject to gain in-depth understanding. Their determination to go such great lengths makes one wonder whether India’s formal education system is enough to help students perform well in their studies.

Unfortunately, the answer is a clear ‘No’. Schools and colleges are more exam-oriented instead of building good interpersonal skills in students. The volume of homework given daily is causing stress for students whereby they cannot cope with the load. On top of that, students are crippled with anxiety when they’re unable perform well in exams.

Such issues are causing a concern for parents, which is why they resort to seeking help from private tutors.

Personalized learning

As the learning scope increases, students are looking for a more effective approach to develop their comprehensive skills. This is where private tutors come in handy. Private tutors can conduct one-to-one lessons where they are able to attend to the students’ specific learning needs.

This makes them reach out to the tutors in search of a more detailed explanation. So home tutors in India, are winning this battle by successfully guiding these students to their desired path. Unlike the academic institutions, they stand by students, help them out and motivate them to perform better.

Quick response time

Private tutors are available throughout the day which enables students to ask questions whenever they wish. As they are often easily reached via phone calls or Whatsapp, students are more comfortable to ask as much as they want to. Queries are often solved by the tutors and sent through emails, messages and personal chats which speeds up the learning process.

Results speak

The success of private tuition is now accepted by the student and tutor community, without much debate. Teachers and their successful students, both tell their stories with a lot of fanfare and pride.

People are beginning to acknowledge private tuitions as more students are acing passing their exams with flying colours. With such high success rates, it’s no wonder that private tuitions are getting the recognition they deserve.

In fact, portals like MyFavTutor has been instrumental in making a change in the education system. The tutor-search portal has a simple registration process which makes finding students much easier. The platform is already helping a lot of tutors and students to connect and improve their learning abilities.

Private tuition is here to stay. As the world is turning more digital, students and teachers are finding online tuition classes valuable, both in terms of money and exposure.

Join MyFavTutor and tell the world your achievements!

Teach with Passion and Earn Money by Online Tutoring

Be a Passionate Online Tutor

Teaching helps you to develop as an individual. It improves your communication skills, confidence, ability to deal with crisis and time management techniques. Often professionals with years of experience in the corporate sector, quit their jobs to follow their passion for teaching. They join learning portals like MyFavTutor and connect with a large number of students. This makes their life easier with more flexibility and a decent earning. As they become popular online tutors can charge upwards of INR 2000-3000 an hour in India, which can shoot up your monthly income to more than a lakh, which is excellent in India.

However, the question that we all need to ask, is can anyone become a teacher? And, is earning really that easy?

Teaching: Are you the right person?

As the length and breadth of private tutoring is increasing in India, most people think that just having a degree is enough to sign up in a portal and look for students. Well, if you are one of those, then let me tell you, you are making a big mistake.

Personal tutors in India are popular because they can explain a subject well and make learning easier. This is the first quality that a tutor should have. Telling something in an easy way; yes, that’s what makes you an effective tutor. Just because you have a degree in a particular subject, does not in any way mean that you can teach the subject. Also, a passionate tutor should be able to give practical examples, provide genuine suggestions and make a student feel comfortable.

Teachers are often criticized for their tendency to make students write notes daily, lack explanations and the inability to make the classes interactive. So while online tutoring gives you a great opportunity, evaluate yourself thoroughly to see whether you can be someone who will make a difference and whether students can look up to you.

Scope of online tutoring

Research suggests that 50% of tutors in India are already using online platforms to promote themselves. They are showcasing their skills and experience to garner more students in their database. MyFavTutor, one of the largest tutor portals in India, is playing a significant role in bringing these teachers and students together. The website continues to play a pivotal role in improving the online presence of a lot of tutors, trainers and coaches, fueling further growth.

Generally, online tutoring is the future of education in India. This is simply because, students are tired of traveling to multiple locations to study after finishing at their schools or colleges. In addition to that, many coaching institutes make class size too big to handle. The sole purpose of personalized study is defeated then and there. So most students who are comfortable with the Internet prefer learning through apps like Skype to avoid these issues. It saves their time and money as well as the classes become more productive and engaging.

The Internet is bringing a large number of professionals into the field of online tutoring and they are doing well there. Programming languages like Python and Hadoop are taught by IT professionals whose charges can go up to INR 4000 an hour. Even in the non technical segment, subjects such as finance, economics, foreign languages, cooking and music classes are in very high demand. Many people want to learn vocational skills to improve their knowledge. In short, online tutoring is going to explode in the next few years. Signs of it are already visible. If you are one of those tutors, who wants to make a mark, then sign up in MyFavTutor and get connected to millions of students.

So what are you thinking now? You fit the profile needed and are quite familiar with online teaching?

Then don’t waste time and quickly register in MyFavTutor. Start your online classes without delay.