How To Choose a Stream for Bachelor’s Degree During School?

Choosing the Perfect Stream for College

Several factors come into play when choosing an honours subject for higher studies after school. The stream one chooses after class 10 acts as the base depending on which a student can determine their preference. But determining subjects for higher studies requires students to keep their career aspirations in mind.

Choosing the Perfect Stream for College

Let us discuss some factors that students must consider when choosing an honours subject:

1.    Scope

Once students pass the 10th boards examination, they need to select among science, commerce, and arts stream for high school. When considering an honours subject for college, students have to consider a degree they can procure after school.

For example, a commerce student can choose either marketing or accountancy honours if they decide to continue the stream. At the same time, they can opt for arts streams like journalism, psychology, and sociology. However, they cannot study science subjects or pick up engineering as their stream without having science in high school.

There are a few honours subjects that students can choose, irrespective of their high school stream. Such degrees may include film studies, music, fashion design, communicative English, and other vernacular subjects.

2.    Career Goals

When looking through options provided for college entrance based on a stream, students have to consider their future aspirations. For example, if a student aspires to become a chartered accountant, they must opt for a bachelor of commerce with accountancy honours.

Choosing marketing honours will not allow them to sit for CA examinations. Again, a marketing honours student might apply for CAT examinations to study MBA. However, the preparation will require advanced knowledge in mathematics, which is excluded in bachelor of commerce with marketing honours.

Several students prepare for different subjects excluded from their bachelor’s degree to sit for competitive examinations. But it would be beneficial for each student to familiarize themselves with each subject they have to study to achieve their ultimate goal.

3.    Stream Diversity

One might have an ultimate career aspiration. However, considering other scopes from studying one stream is equally important. For instance, when a student chooses accountancy honours to have the eligibility to prepare for chartered accountancy, they should also consider other possibilities of choosing the stream. In such a case, even if a student fails to accomplish their target, they will not have a failed career. Instead, they can explore other possibilities to flourish.

4.    Seeking Expert Aid

The time after passing high school is often fragile for most students as it brings a massive change in their academic life. Considering interests when filling up forms for a bachelor’s degree is extremely important to shape one’s career goals.

If students fail to analyse the scope of a particular stream, they will require help from their parents, online tutors, seniors, and well-wishers. It is good to speak to someone who knows the student’s capability and can direct them towards the best career choices.

Final Thoughts

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5 Best Tips and Strategies for Efficient Online Learning

Tips and Strategies for Efficient Online Learning

The pandemic forced students to make their laptop screens their classrooms, but it did not stop them from learning. Adapting to the new way of learning has become a challenge for students, but there are ways to master this.

Strategies To Prioritize Online Learning for Students

Here, we will discuss some strategies students must follow to make online education as efficient as in-person learning:

1.    Giving it the same importance

Since in-person learning makes students accountable to their teachers present before them, online education lacks such supervision. However, students have to give it the same importance because online education might continue to be the way they study.

From e-school learning to online tutorial classes, students must devote their time and dedication to school and coaching classes.

2.    Stay organized

While trying to adapt to a new form of learning, students might often mess up their schedules. It is essential to manage time appropriately and organize themselves to adapt to e-learning.

Disciplinary behaviour will help students grasp the tricks of online learning quickly and efficiently. Students must create deadlines to finish their assignments on time and be present during their classes as per the given schedule.

3.    Eliminate distractions

The internet world makes everyone divert from the activity that we must do and start scrolling on social media. Since students have to access the internet for online learning, they can easily get distracted from their studies.

Students must understand the importance of focus and concentration needed when learning. They must include breaks and recess time in their schedule to browse the internet or play games during those times. It will help them study better and offer time for fun and games.

4.    Create a study space

If you do not have a study table, you might want to take one corner of your room to create a space for yourself. It might only have a mat on the floor, but it will be away from distractions and secluded for you.

Creating a space to study declutters your mind and helps you concentrate better. It also allows you to differentiate the space and use it only for studies, just as living rooms and kitchens are used for their respective purposes.

5.    Learn from the right tutor

It is imperative to have exemplary educators when students are going through such a transition in their learning format. Appointing the best online tutor will ensure that the students are comfortable with the changes and learn equally well as in-person coaching.

A perfect coach will help students build organizing skills and maintain a disciplinary approach to learning. They will also make the students take better interest so that their keenness towards education continues to grow.

Final thoughts

MyFavTutor is the go-to platform for all students looking for the best online teacher for their class. From school students to students appearing in challenging competitive examinations, you will find qualified experts imparting their knowledge.

9 Qualities that Makes a Successful Online Student

9 Qualities that Makes a Successful Online Student

Online learning has become a common thing now. Thanks to the lockdown, schools/colleges finally took a giant leap in initiating their virtual classes leading to a lot of debate and discussions. In the middle of this, some students found the change very problematic, while others are doing fairly well. So what makes a successful online student? Let’s find out here.

Open Minded Personality

A good online student should be very open about his professional life. It helps the tutor to understand where he/she is coming from and adjust the teaching as per requirements. The more you can share about your life, hobbies, family the classes become more interactive and the idea of knowledge sharing is enhanced in a big way. Eliminate the barriers of communication and engage in free flowing discussion with your tutor.

Communicate Well in Writing

In online classes, most of the communication takes place through writing. So, the student should be able to express freely through written words. Asking questions to the tutors, answering, demanding a repeat explanation in a polite way; a mature student should be able to do these things during the classes. Avoid making the virtual classroom a social media platform and avoid unnecessary chats. It will improve the concentration level and you would be able to address your issues better.


Unlike physical classrooms, tutors cannot control your movements in an online class. There are interruptions from parents, friends and others which become a hindrance in the learning process. So staying motivated and giving your 100 percent to the class is very important. Students need to be committed and disciplined so that they know their priorities right and participate in the class with utmost enthusiasm.

Speak-Up whenever Required

During the course of your online class, you might feel tired, impatient or might be having any other problems. Tell your tutor the issue and request for a break. Many students feel shy or uncomfortable in sharing their emotional problems, but that only worsens the situation. If you are having any issues in understanding the subject matter, tell that to your guide and make him aware of the problems. Keeping quiet is never a solution. Speak up and make sure that your queries are resolved at the earliest.

Give Sufficient Time

Students need to commit at least 5 to 20 hours per week to complete any online course successfully. Depending on the syllabus and complexity of the course you need to adjust your weekly routines and study accordingly. Those who are not serious often avoid classes by giving excuses like broadband issues and other personal problems but that puts you on the back foot straight away. With greater involvement, your online classes will become productive and you can get better results.

Critical Thinking

Students need to think critically when STEM subjects are being taught, owing to its analytical nature. Think about the daily experiences and ask your tutor how they can be linked. Don’t just mug up theories and formulas because in the long term it won’t help you. Clear your concepts and take help from your trainer as many times you need.

Access to Internet and PC

To do an online class successfully, students need to have unlimited internet connection and a PC of their own. Many families tend to share gadgets but that’s not the right way to do it. Learning schedules change and to get accustomed to these new routines, a student must have a 24 hour access to a Smartphone or PC of his own. Slower connections have been a major issue in developing countries during the lockdown and people from the rural side suffered a lot. So, before beginning your online classes, make sure you have these two most important things with you.

Think faster

As the duration of online classes are shorter, 30-45 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour, students need to think and respond fast. As tutors are also doing many classes during the day, getting them to work on your doubts does take some time. So, it is vital that during the class itself you ask questions, discuss assignments and extract as much possible from the tutors. For virtual classes, think and act fast.

Enjoy the process

A student should be able to enjoy online learning. This is the very basic that you should feel in order to be a successful online student. Now, to be honest, there are students who enjoy traditional classrooms and do not really enjoy the digital format. For the rest, they need to feel the difference. Even without social interactions, online classrooms are setting higher standards for education. With more tutors, assignments and guidance many students are finding it way better than the older format. So, the more you realise the change, you can enjoy your classes better.

As online classes are becoming more popular, tutor portals like MyFavTutor are taking it to the next level. With millions of tutors and students on the platform, you can get any kind of learning help from there. Students, who are enjoying the virtual classrooms can really look forward as most Edtech companies and academic institutions are restructuring their curriculum for online classes. Sign up on MyFavTutor and see the difference online learning can make. Join at the earliest and begin your classes today.

Edtech University Collaboration will be The Future of Education

Edtech University Collaboration will be The Future of Education

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the academic world use to function. It has forced universities to shut down, resulting in billion-dollar losses. Researches have suggested that many universities will be permanently shut down in the upcoming months. The economic cost of the COVID-19 is so huge that many students are dropping out of education. 

Tech companies are collaborating with reputed universities, to enhance the online learning opportunities for students. This phenomenon will be a big thing in the near future as Edtech companies are looking to capitalize on the situation and reform the education system. 

Why is The Obsession with University Degrees on The Decline?

Students graduating from the top universities are being placed in good companies, that was the notion a few years back. Today a skillful individual with a diploma certificate can demand an equal opportunity in the industry. It is cheaper and with more hands-on experience, the student becomes more knowledgeable about how the industry works. Moreover, a university education is becoming more expensive on a daily basis. 

Professional courses like MBA costs a bomb in any tier 2 universities in any major city globally. As the education loans continue to turn into non-performing assets, banks are also taking steps to minimize their credit risk. This is a vicious circle which is putting students into deeper trouble.

How are Tech Companies Changing The Scenario?

You must have seen massive online learning campaigns in social media platforms regarding MBA, data science, Spoken English, and thousands of other courses. These online tutoring companies are hiring tutors for their online sessions and students can get study materials, video lectures, and get certified on completing these courses. Companies also take these courses seriously as they realize that skills are more important than conventional degrees

A non-engineering student can easily do a programming course and start his career in the software sector. This flexibility is making online tech companies get billion-dollar funding across the world. They are allowing students to pursue any course, be it data science or psychology or music and in return, are gaining massive popularity.

Will Students be able to Adapt to The Change?

Students learn from experience. The sudden lockdown in different countries have made them realize, that going to colleges and universities is not a big deal. Its time that they get their learning materials and degrees sitting at the comfort of their home. They will choose what to learn and when to learn.

Flexibility, personal touch and creative learning process is making them more inclined to get their degrees from their home. So they are more than happy to shift to the online mode, although some minor issues like connectivity and quality of explanations sometimes affect the learning process. 

Tech companies have made the typical classroom format, irrelevant and is showing more straightforward ways to attain degrees and certificates. Moreover, with a large number of tutors available, students are choosing the one they like best. 

Students are quickly adapting to this change, as they are finding formal education a tad too expensive. What is essential here is to think about whether tutors are going to be comfortable in this. Those who are aged are finding it a bit difficult to adjust. 

Young professors are very comfortable, and even before these events were happening, they were already tutoring on some websites or the other, and most of them do upload videos on YouTube.

Challenges Ahead

All said and done, online courses has its challenges in terms of large scale implementation. Slow internet speed is a massive problem in developing nations. In the rural belt, many families still do not have Smartphones and proper 4G network to access these courses. Involving them in online learning is a big issue. 

First-generation learners also have a lot of issues in adjusting to this new format. Tutors who are not technically sound, cannot handle online classes well. That is why many colleges and universities are training their professors on how to take courses through the Zoom or Skype app.

This change is quite a positive one and should be celebrated as such. Although people with traditional ideologies might find this an unacceptable change, low-cost education from the comfort of your house is beneficial for the student community. This was long overdue. The rampant commercialization of education have put parents under severe stress in funding their child’s education.  The largest tutor portal in India, MyFavTutor have also been expanding its services to all major cities. With a massive tutor database, students can easily find some of the best tutors and start learning anything they want. Visit the website in case you need any guidance on any subjects or courses.

How Online Tuition is Helping Vocational Courses

How Online Tuition is Helping Vocational Courses

Vocational courses help people upgrade their skills. These courses are valuable for unemployed youth, as they are always looking for jobs. Also, women and people with disabilities can pick-up these courses and get outstanding job opportunities in a short period of time. One might think, what are the courses being talked about here? Well, it can be anything, from an electrical technician to an AC mechanic to a hardware expert, the range of vocational courses span across industries and disciplines. Of late, these trained individuals are even getting salaries almost equivalent to engineers, due to their strong working knowledge. 

This blog will discuss how the growth of online learning helps to fuel these vocational courses and more students are studying them.

Study Remotely from Anywhere

Online tuition has made remote learning possible. It has reduced the problems of commuting and has saved time. Today, all you need is a good internet connection and the ability to adapt to the modern learning environment. Tutors are available on learning platforms like MyFavTutor, and you can easily take their expert guidance for finishing your vocational training. As the commuting time can be saved, students can use that to learn the courses and get their desired jobs.

Take Your Time

While it is true that all courses have a specific duration, but the online format allows you to take additional time, and complete it. Unlike the mainstream education system, you are not declared as “Fail,” in case you haven’t cleared your course in the stipulated time. This flexibility is what is attracting learners in the online format. If you face any personal issue or are not getting enough time to study due to other commitments, you have the luxury to complete the course later on. 

Interact With Your Guide Personally

The best thing about online learning is by adding a personal touch to the process. Unlike a classroom environment, with 50 students competing and judging each other, online tuition lets you study in a 1-to-1 peaceful environment. You can ask your guide any question that you are having a problem. With a lot of mediums available, interacting with your guide is quite easy; a text message, WhatsApp, or a phone call is enough to clarify your doubts. This helps you learn better and running a rat race is not necessary.

Practice More

Vocational courses need a lot of practice to learn the technicalities thoroughly. When you are sitting in the comfort of your home and taking online tuition, you can practice more. Setting up a daily routine becomes easier, based on which you can practice daily. As most vocational courses are technical, constant practice and feedback mechanisms are essential to improve the learning process.

Clarify Your Doubts Anytime

Waiting to get your doubts cleared is an irritating experience. In vocational training, there will be a lot of areas that need immediate attention. In the case of online tuition, problematic areas are clarified quickly by the learner, as its a personalized mode of teaching. You can send a mail or message to your mentor whenever you have a question and get a reply within a few hours. This speeds up the learning process as the waiting time is much lesser.

Vocational Training is the Future

The future of vocational training in India is set to grow bigger in the coming months. The “Skill India” program has been launched by the government to upgrade the young job seekers in this country. Globally, by 2025, vocational courses will be a $58 billion market, as predicted by research firms. Hence if you have completed your schooling, thinking about your career choices, do give a serious thought about vocational courses. Get trained online and stay ahead of the competition.

Final Words

If you are thinking about signing up for some job-oriented vocational courses, why don’t you try MyFavTutor? It is one of the largest tutoring platforms, which covers all kinds of vocational and academic courses. Moreover, the portal has excellent tutors in its database. They encourage online tuition, as well. In case you are a student reading this, quickly visit the website, post your requirements, and start learning from talented faculties across India.

Join the World of Finance by Learning These Courses

Join the World of Finance by Learning These Courses

Finance is one of the most sought-after subjects or even skills worldwide. It opens up the opportunity to work in the top investment banks, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds, consulting firms, and a host of other public organizations. It is a glamorous job where you will be dealing with the biggest trade deals across the world. Areas like mergers and acquisitions, equity analysts, sector specialists, debt market experts, commodities, and derivatives are demanding job roles that professionals always look up to. But how will you get entry into the world of finance? This blog discusses the most prominent courses that you must take to start your career as a finance professional.

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a global accounting body, established in 1904. It has more than 200,000 members and its exams are conducted in 180 countries across the globe. ACCA certification is widely acknowledged and is the stepping stone in building a great career in Finance and accounts. In India, all the big four audit firms like KPMG and Deloitte hire ACCA candidates exclusively for specific job roles and the salaries are quite high. 

The job roles vary widely from being an internal auditor, tax accountant, risk manager, treasurer to credit research, and forensic audit. The initial salaries vary between INR 3.5-4 lakhs p.a. but with some years of experience, it skyrockets and since this is a global certification, getting a job abroad becomes easily obtainable. If you are a commerce graduate, with hard work, this class can be completed within a year. With that, you must also have mandatory 36-month industry experience in a relevant role.

ACCA is an online course that makes classes accessible from anywhere. In fact, MyFavTutor has some very experienced private tutors in India handling this course. You can check that out also.

CMA (Certified Management Accountant)

The Certified Management Accountant is a global certification, which has produced management accountants across the globe, giving the course very high credibility among learners. It takes roughly 12-18 months to complete the course and an average of 150-170 hours of study for the two segments. 

To get a CMA degree, a student must have 2 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in commerce or accounting. In CMA, you will have to study financial reporting, cost management, corporate finance, decision analysis, risk management and investment decisions. As a newbie, your salary will range between INR 4-6 lakhs p.a, which is a decent start in India. 

The job role of a CMA professional is mostly related to cost accounting and financial risk analysis in the top end organizations. It is a very prestigious career and it has to be studied online only. Check out MyFavTutor, and connect with some experienced CMA tutors to begin your classes. 

CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

Certified Public Accountant is one of the most demanding finance and accounts certification both in India and abroad. This is considered to be the highest accounting degree in the world and to be eligible for CPA, you must have an accounting or finance degree like MBA/MS finance,, or CA/ICWA/CS in India.

Broadly CPA has four sections that you need to study; auditing, financial accounting, regulation, and business environment. If you can clear all the four parts and successfully pass the course, then you can work as an accountant anywhere in the world. 

As a qualified CPA, you will get jobs in audit firms, investment, and research firms. Hedge funds, private equity, banks and many other financial sectors. The average salary of a CPA in the US is between $66000 to $137,000 p.a while in India, it ranges between INR 3-7.5 lakh p.a depending on the company and location you are joining. So get your study materials ready and study the course for a quick rise in your career.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is considered to be the top certificate in the finance and investment industry. It prepares you for investment banking, equity research, portfolio analysis, and various other things. The CFA degree is recognized in 165 countries and is one of the toughest courses to crack. If you want to build a career in finance, then this is a very important course to do. It will teach you financial statement analysis, fixed income markets, asset valuation, quantitative economics, and advanced trading techniques around the world. To study this course, you should have 4 years of full-time relevant work experience and a graduate degree. 

The average salary of a CFA professional is around $300,000 in the USA, while in India, it ranges from INR 4-12 lakh, depending on the company you are joining. The bulge-bracket firms obviously will pay you more and medium-size firms have a lower pay scale, but your career prospects will soar once you have done CFA. So join any online course to get guidance and take additional help from finance faculties, here at MyFavTutor.

ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India)

Chartered Accountants is a very high paying and respected career in India. It is one of the toughest examinations to clear and has 3 sections, which can be completed within a span of 3.5 years along with an internship program. The course comprises of business economics, corporate laws, taxation, advanced accounting, financial reporting, strategic management, tax laws, and others. 

You can join as an accountant/auditor/finance manager as a fresher and earn around INR 6 lakhs in the beginning. Most students study CA and start their preparation early, to avoid career gaps later on. If you have a strong aptitude for number crunching, then begin your CA classes, with expert tutors, here at MyFavTutor

6 Reasons to Learn Yoga and Stay Healthy, both Physically and Mentally

6 Reasons to Learn Yoga and Stay Healthy, both Physically and Mentally

Yoga has been in the news for some time now. After the United Nations announced, 21st June as World Yoga Day, people across the world are practicing the exercises, hoping to live a better life both mentally and physically. The Yoga industry is estimated to be at $84 billion globally, including millions of Yoga studios, dresses, trainers, instructors, dietitians, and students. It is spreading fast as medical science is also accepting the fact that Yoga can reduce a lot of health problems and let you live longer and happier. In this write up, we discuss six such important benefits that will make you want to learn Yoga now.

1. Helps you to Focus More

Yoga is an excellent tool for improving your concentration level. It soothes your mind and keeps it focused on a particular thing. Often people tend to think about family issues, office problems, and other general events, which distracts them from a current event they are on. Even while talking to people, they seem out of focus and it breaks the communication which leads to reducing work efficiency. Yoga is the best cure for these issues. Techniques like Alternate Nostril breathing, Skull Shining breathing, and Bhastrika Pranayama works on different breathing patterns that energize your mind and help the nervous system to gain composure. It improves your focus and naturally, your productivity increases.

2. Relaxes your Body

Yoga is perhaps the best way to relax your body and stay calm even in adverse circumstances. It improves the melatonin production (sleep hormone) and gives you a sense of tranquility. Also, scientists have observed that Yoga increases Oxytocin, which increases the affection for your loved ones. It constantly reduces the panic, stress, and anxiety level of individuals who are unable to deal with the current situation in their life. Asanas like the corpse pose and Legs up the wall pose soothes your entire body and mind. The element of fear due to uncertainty will minimize and you will be able to get back the confidence level you lost.

3. Improves your Spine and Bone Health

Yoga makes your spine tougher and prevents the bones from decaying faster. These are very important for those working in stressful jobs and are in the mid-30s or 40s. Long hours of work result in back pain and spinal cord issues, which hampers your work life and career. Yoga exercises like Bharadvaja’s twist and Big toe pose can strengthen your spine and allow you to perform your duties better and with more efficiency. In the case of bones, it was found that Yoga increases bone density and reduces Osteoporosis among the aged population. For example, Dolphin pose and Bridge pose are outstanding instruments for making your bone stronger. Various such exercises will make you a fitter person, which will enrich your lifestyle. MyFavTutor has a list of such experienced Yoga trainers. Why don’t you try that? 

4. Optimizes your Cardiac Functioning 

Keeping your heart healthy is the most important thing in our body. In 2016 alone, 17.9 million people died from cardiovascular diseases, which was 31% of all deaths that year. Strokes and heart-attacks have become common among all age groups, leading to a spike in additional countermeasures being applied to stop this flow. Yoga is one of the best ways to deal with heart ailments. What it does is, by reducing the blood pressure and sugar, it minimizes the chance of cardiac episodes. It cures heart blockage and will help you to live longer. Deep breathing and Mountain pose are excellent ways to improve cardiac functioning and let you live longer. So make sure that whenever you have free time, practice Yoga and live healthier.

5. Reduces Blood Pressure

Yoga is a wonderful tool to reduce blood pressure. High blood pressure happens due to stress and adverse lifestyle issues like drugs and alcohol. When a person is stressed, the blood vessels contract and the heart beats faster. It causes 7.5 million deaths annually, on average. Yoga calms down the nerve, slows down abnormal heart rate, improves sleep patterns, reduces weight, and injects positive energy in your body. Asanas like Child Pose and Diamond Pose have been instrumental in controlling hypertension. People working in high-stress environments are extremely vulnerable to high blood pressure. Keeping this in mind, you must learn Yoga, online with exceptional guidance at MyFavTutor. They have a list of such Yoga practitioners. Quickly enroll on the portal and start your yoga classes online with professional Yoga trainers in India, here at MyFavTutor.

6. Makes you Happier

Yes, Yoga makes you happier. Feeling happy depends on the chemical reactions that your body is going through. The enhanced focus techniques build up a positive emotion around your body while the deep breathing techniques reduce anxiety. The stress hormone reduces and it eventually makes you feel relaxed and happy. The reduction of blood pressure is also a major factor in keeping your body and mind healthier. Exercises like the forward fold and chest expansion along with meditation improve the mind’s condition and eventually lets you enjoy and accept the present situation, leading to happiness and satisfaction. If you want to feel happy and live longer, start practicing Yoga.

Is Online Tutoring Safe? How to Avoid Scams

Is online tutoring safe? How to avoid scams

Online tutoring has seen a spike in popularity in the past few years. Many sites are offering various online tutoring services, covering courses from primary to higher education level. Due to such demands, people are wanting to seize this opportunity by claiming to be real tutors. These so called ‘tutors’ are exploiting the online market by taking advantage of people who are looking for private tutors to help with their learning. So, how do you protect yourself from getting scammed?

Check the legitimacy

Doing a background check on the individual and company that are offering online tutoring services is crucial. Most sites have reviews or testimonials from previous parents or students who have used the tutor’s services. By reading the reviews, you’ll get to identify whether the source is verifiable. Apart from that, you can go onto the tutor’s social media profiles to check their his authenticity.

If you’re still not convinced, trust word of mouth referrals from people you know or simply contact the tutor via phone if you have further enquiries.

The individual or website should disclose how and when they’re paid

Most tutors or companies would request a deposit upfront before the lessons begins. This is to ensure that customers don’t take advantage on the services. Make sure that they only request full payment once you’re satisfied with the first lesson.

Beware of anyone who wants a complete payment upfront because chances are, you won’t be getting your money back as well as those lessons.

Payment method

Paying fees to a home tutor isn’t an issue because clearly you know with whom you’re dealing with. But how about those working behind the screen aka online tutors? In this case, you need to find their method of payment. Online tutors and companies should accept every major credit card, the least.

Find out the types of software they’re using

Having a phone chat or email aren’t good enough to be proven genuine. Virtual classrooms usually require many apps or software for the lessons to go on. Sharing notes and videos should be done on reputable platforms so lessons wouldn’t be abrupted. If the tutor insists on conducting classes via an unsupported platform, then you’ll know what kind of deal you’re getting into.

Suspicious email domains

If a tutoring website doesn’t have a physical address for you to check or is using suspicious email domains, chances are the website isn’t legitimate. Another telling sign is if the email link you received from the site directs you to a suspicious page. Hence, check the email domains carefully for the authenticity.

Online Tuitions: A Game-Changer During COVID-19

Online Tuitions: A Game-Changer During COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to create havoc, students have found a new way to continue their studies. Online learning has been the new normal these days. The closure of all educational institutions has left many students to fend for themselves. In the initial days, they were afraid about how they would finish their syllabus, but in the last 1.5 months, they have realised that having a mobile phone and a stable Internet can solve all their problems. They can maintain social distance staying at home, study and practice their lessons and stay safe.

Why switching to online learning was easy?

Today, a mobile phone is not a luxury, but a necessity. You will find that even people in the lower-income segment also has a mobile. The Internet in India has become cheaper after the entry of new telecom providers; 1 GB data is available at Rs 4. This has helped students to switch to online learning with ease. Instead of idling and wasting their time, students are using their time productively and efficiently for studies. Tutors, on the other hand, took some time, but eventually got along the system very well. It was a win-win situation for both. Tutors can finish their syllabus and students can get ample time to prepare and revise their chapters. 

Is online tuition a sustainable mode of learning?

Online learning has number of advantages, which students are realising now. It saves travel time, brings down the cost, increases flexibility and gives a wide range of options. Students are loving it. In terms of sustainability, online tuition is effective mostly in urban areas. That is because, city dwellers are more tech-savvy and have faster internet connections. These are, however, teething problems, which will be tackled by the government at all levels. In fact, India’s government is pushing hard for massive penetration in rural broadband, so that the villages do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Is it going to be a long-term change?

The world after COVID-19 will not be the same. As people are looking to take greater precautions, the significance of social distancing will be on the rise. Already office workspaces are being redesigned, keeping in mind the new norms as advised by the World Health Organization. Sanitizers, face masks, PPE dresses are being inducted along with a mandatory thermal screening at most commercial spaces. Now, how is it possible for a teacher to teach with a face mask on? How long can students maintain 6 feet distance from each other? This tells us very clearly that more students are going to take online tuition classes than ever. They already have the learning apps, laptops and headphones to easily continue their studies. It is safe, secure and productive.

Which learning platforms can you rely on?

Several learning platforms have cropped up in recent times, looking to tap the market. Some are online learning platforms, while others are tutor search portals. In this situation, MyFavTutor, the largest tutor search portal, has been a revelation, owing to its massive tutor list and the subjects/courses that it offers. As students are advised to stay indoors, they can quickly search for their required subjects and connect with tutors they like. The website widens the scope of education and students will have an enjoyable experience in learning with the best tutors.

Online tuition: The Precautions you Should Consider

Online tuition: The precautions you should consider

Despite the standardized formal classroom teaching, not everyone can learn or understand the same way. As the education world begins to progressively incorporate technology as part of the system, more and more virtual classrooms are being created. Subsequently, such a scenario leads to the rise of online tuitions. As students nowadays want to get a better understanding on their formal learning outside the classroom, online tuitions are getting high demands. Students believe that by getting an extra needed boost, it will limit the chances of falling behind lessons.

However, choosing online tuition can be a daunting prospect for both parents and students because they would need to assess a few things before finding the right one carefully. Unlike the common classroom or home tuition setting, you can’t see what’s truly going on behind the curtains (or in this context; the screen). As convincing as it seems, there are a few precautions that should be considered before you take up online tuition.

Is it worth the money?

Before you hastily choose an online tuition, you need to think about whether it’s worth the money you paid. After all, it isn’t cheap! A good online tuition should have a reputable and experienced tutor to begin with. The tutor should be able to cater to the student’s learning needs by identifying the student’s weak spots and provide in-depth explanation to the queries raised. Interactive activities and good demos will make the learning process easier. Hence, find a tutor that ticks all the necessary boxes.

Avoid getting scammed

The net is full of surprises, both good and bad. Not only that, it’s also full of scammers waiting to trick people into giving them money. Scammers will go to great lengths by posing as ‘verifiable’ sources providing services deemed trustworthy enough. No matter if you’re a parent or student, doing a background check on an individual or company that’s offering an online tutoring service is extremely vital. You can look at their social media profiles to find out whether they’re genuine. If they have their own website, see whether they have positive reviews given by previous students. If those don’t convince you enough, having a phone conversation with the tutor to check on his credentials won’t hurt!


One of the disadvantages of learning online is miscommunication. Your internet connection might go off while your tutor is teaching and that can cause a gap in receiving information. Besides, you might miss out on the notes or presentations because you got too distracted by other things while being online. Hence to avoid miscommunication, don’t just rely on communicating through Skype or Zoom alone. Instead, get in touch with your tutor via phone calls or text messages too to get better clarifications if you missed out any of the lessons.