6 Reasons Why Learning Mobile App Development Can Change Your Life

6 Reasons Why Learning Mobile App Development Can Change Your Life

People are using apps to perform every single task that is available. The popularity of these apps has forced most companies to have an active android based application that can be used for multiple purposes. Software companies are investing heavily on mobile app developers, for creating visually appealing and user friendly apps. In this blog, we will discuss how learning mobile app development can change your life.

Easy to Learn

Learning mobile app development is not a difficult thing. If you are looking to make a career in iOS and Android mobile app development, you simply need to know core java and XML. Android applications have Java coding on it and the XML helps in framing the app layout and design. If you have an interest in coding and can give 3-4 hours a day, mastering these two languages will not take more than six months. Online platforms are providing you multiple such courses at a minimal amount. Go ahead, if you like to code and want to build stunning apps, then go ahead.


App developers get a handsome salary from the start of the career. As per, the starting salary of a mobile app developer is around INR 420,000 per annum in India. Also, depending on cities, position and experience, your salary will increase further. App developers work in various designations, which include mobile architect, android developer. Embedded software engineer etc. Start learning mobile app development, if you want to start your career with a hefty pay package and climb the corporate ladder faster.

Career Opportunities

Mobile app developers are hired by the top software firms across the world. As a developer, you can be employed by Deloitte, Intel, Uber, Amazon and many such bulge bracket firms. You can work in these firms and grow your career faster. Apart from these, there is always an option to start freelancing and get paid for each project. This will give you an earning 5X of your job, at the minimum. You can also teach students, open an academy, and become an adviser to your clients, which is even more profitable. 

Open Source Platform 

Android apps are mostly open source code and hence it can be scaled, modified and consolidated. As an app developer, you can work on these apps and implement modifications to help it grow. This is why companies like Google, Motorola, and Samsung using the android platform have been able to develop the OS and its apps successfully. In today’s time, when users are asking for new features, updates and designs almost everyday, open source softwares is a boon to the tech industry.

Growth of App Based Transactions

In 2019, there were 10 billion transactions through apps, in India alone. Not only monetary transactions, from shopping, food delivery, paid games, education, travel bookings, movie tickets…app usage is taking the prime slot in every sphere. It is estimated that there are more than 2 million apps on the play store and the figure will only grow broader in the future. App developers are becoming more important as with greater competition, building user friendly apps with unique features has become essential.

Online Community

There are several online communities like Stack overflow and unity forum where developers can learn, share and write codes for the development of apps. After you know programming languages, you can join these communities and share your opinion with others. Get connected with other developers and get lucrative jobs also from this portal. 

If you want to learn app development, then take help from industry professionals and faculties at MyFavTutor. The platform gives you an outstanding opportunity to learn these techniques and develop stunning apps that will change the world.

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