How to Create Your Own Website on MyFavTutor in 5 Minutes

How to Create Your Own Website on MyFavTutor in 5 Minutes

At MyFavTutor, we have been continuously striving to give more features to the Tutors to help them expand their digital footprint and get more leads!

So here we are, with the new and improved interface for setting up your own personal website. Follow the steps below and set up your own website. Believe me, it takes only 5 minutes!

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1.Login to your account and go to the “My Website” tab.

My Website Setting on MyFavTutor

2. Select your preferred domain name from the “Select your domain drop down”.

Domain Setting on MyFavTutor

3. Type in your name or your institute’s name in the “Enter your name” box. Please note that this name needs to be unique. If you find the name already taken by someone else, try a different name. E.g, if your name is Vidya Agarwal and you find the name taken up by some other tutor, try “Vidya Tutor” or “Vidya Agarwal Delhi” or “Vidya Agarwal Tutoring”.

Set up Your Own Website and Domain on MyFavTutor

If you are a Premium Subscriber, you also have the option to specify whether you want to show your email id, phone number and WhatsApp link on your website.

4. Select the preferred color palette for your website. You have 7 options, Default and palette A through F. The color palette is shown below for your reference. Don’t worry, if you set a color palette and don’t like it in your personal website. You can always come back and select a different color palette.  If you are not sure, stay with “Default”.

Choose Your Own Website's Color on MyFavTutor

5. Next, it is time to set your website’s banner image. Here, you can opt to go with the default banner, choose a banner from our gallery or upload your own banner. With each banner that you upload, you can also mention two lines of text that will go on the banner. If your banner already contains text, then leave the text blank.

Create Your Own Website's Banner on MyFavTutor
Create Your Own Website Image Gallery on MyFavTutor

6. That’s it. Once you have selected your banner, all you need to do is click on the “Save” button. Voila! Your website is ready!

Create Your Own Website on MyFavTutor

 Click on your website link and see it in action!!!

What? You have not set your website yet? What are you waiting for? Login to your MyFavTutor account and set your website today!!

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