Know These Approaches while Teaching Kids with Learning Disabilities

Know these Approaches while Teaching Kids with Learning Disabilities

Teaching kids with learning disabilities is a challenging task. It requires a lot of planning, innovation, and specialized tools to identify their issues and teach accordingly. Up to 10% of students globally are affected by learning disabilities, suffering from dyslexia, and autism. In such situations, tutors must be able to design a curriculum that suits the child’s needs. In this article, we discuss ways through which teaching disabled kids can become easier. Let’s discuss this. 

Become a Friend

Kids with learning disabilities generally have a very low amount of confidence. They find it very difficult to accept any adverse criticism from their teachers. Tutoring these kids requires special attention and build a relationship with the student in a free learning environment. These kids may be slow learners, this will require teachers to further try and understand their areas of discomfort and redesign the teaching methods accordingly. The students’ attention span is minimal, so tutors will need to switch over to chapters that the students might find interesting without showing any frustration. Even if the syllabus is not completed, a tutor will still have to continue the classes to ensure the student will be able to pass their exam.

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Be Creative

Creativity is an essential part while tutoring students. For those with learning difficulties, it is even more important. Typical classroom setup where you explain everything on board and then give him/her notes to write doesn’t work here. You have to make learning innovative and interactive. Using slides, for example, can be a good way to teach, as the visuals help improve the students’ attention span. For those having a writer’s block, you can tell them to draw their ideas first. It will be a morale booster, and the students will be able to learn faster. If you are teaching someone with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), reading becomes an arduous process after some time. You need to use audio-books, to make things simpler for them. These unique techniques help students with learning disabilities to grip the subject better and improve their performance.

Encourage Collaborative Learning

Learning with friends improves the confidence levels of those having learning and attention disabilities. This is because, instead of an isolated environment, 3-4 people together can make the classes fun. Roleplay, for example, is a perfect way to understand the psychology of a student. Group tasks that encourage teamwork and the sense of collective responsibility help them grow mentally. As a tutor, you need to ensure that the classes are benefiting the students. Moreover, discussions between kids of the same age group make the class very interesting. Teachers can get some perspectives from their side as well.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions are a big turn off for kids with learning disabilities. With the level of concentration they own, with a major distraction, it would be difficult for tutors to be able to get the subject across to the students. As a home tutor in India, you need to avoid speaking on the phone, chit-chatting with friends through social media and other disruptive activities that create an additional problem for the child. 

People with learning disabilities need to be taught in a calm environment and arrangements must be made so that outside noises like vehicle honking, public speaking, etc. are done away with. This will help improve the attention level and improve the class’s productivity in a shorter period. MyFavTutor has some fantastic tutors who are specialized in teaching kids with these problems. If you are a parent reading this, go ahead and get an experienced tutor from the portal.

Simplify the Course

Students with learning disabilities cannot comprehend lengthy instructions and often miss out on important points. So as a tutor, you need to break the instructions into small sets, making it simpler. Using bold wordings, markings and smart visuals, a teacher can make the content clearer, concise, and to the point. Attracting the attention of students will be easier and hence, solving questions accordingly becomes comparatively less stressful. 

Ideally, every student who has problems in understanding the course material should be given a customized one. Introducing time breaks can also be very useful in segmenting the courses (like 20 minutes for chapter 1) and make the kid more comfortable. With simple time-bound instructions, dealing with the student becomes much more manageable.

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Using AI for Education: The Path to the Future

Using AI for Education: The Path to the Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting traction in the academic world due to the growth of smart devices and internet penetration. It uses machine learning, deep learning, and predictive analytics to track a student’s progress and improve the learning process. By 2024, AI in education will be a $6 billion market, as companies are looking to scale up their digital learning network. Growth of digital data, cloud technology, upgrading of education service providers will drive growth which makes AI an imperative part of the education system. This blog will discuss how AI can improve education and reach out to the masses, in a newer form.

Learning Management System

Learning Management system (LMS) has become a ubiquitous tool for all ed-tech companies to streamline the online courses and efficiently manage its content.

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So what is LMS?

LMS is a software application that helps companies keep detailed administrative information of their staff and track students’ progress, documentation, attendance, work submission, course management, and portals for discussion.

This software produces engaging content for students with audio-visual material, which makes the subjects interesting. The LMS market is expected to touch $22.4 billion by 2023, at a 19.6% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), as reports suggest. The sharp growth is caused by the extensive government initiatives for online learning, students having more access to technology (Smartphones, PC, Tablet), and enjoying the app-based study.

There are also AI-based tech companies, which are building LMS with enhanced learning features. As digital learning is growing faster, we can expect to see cutting edge learning interfaces, which would make learning a different experience altogether. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is an outstanding AI application that makes you visualize your course content through pictures and videos. It makes learning more exciting and the aspect of boredom is completely demolished. For example, a student is learning History, and they see the pyramids of Gaza in their screen or the artifacts of the Roman Empire; won’t that be great? This will be a great help in art classes, especially, when you can see great paintings and listen to lectures at the same time. When you compare this, with the typical blackboard and book setup, you’ll know which is best. With innovative graphics, backed by facts and documents, virtual reality is the most important feature, taking online education miles ahead of the traditional format. Virtual whiteboard and ease of document sharing have made virtual learning an integral part of a digital classroom. Globally more than 900 developers are working in VR, resulting in far more advanced softwares being created almost every month. With the growth of online tutor search portals like MyFavTutor, the demand for VR is going to get higher in the coming days in India.

Personalized Mentoring

AI encourages personalized mentoring, which means evaluating a student based on merit and then design a curriculum as per his/her capabilities. This is a significant aspect of education, which the off-campus universities tend to overlook. For instance, “SHERLOCK,” an AI tool for tutoring air force technicians to handle electrical system problems in the aircraft accurately. It gives recommendations, analytical report, and a host of other technical details, that makes it easy for the technician to diagnose the problem. Also, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Now are examples of AI-based chatbots that reply to your queries and make learning easier. As educational institutes see a massive dropout rate, due to the apathy of teachers and a rat race that all students cannot run, AI is giving a new dimension to personalized learning in a much broader way. All students cannot learn at the same pace and must be given the required assistance to uplift their capabilities, which online learning is doing in a big way. With AI, this is only going to get better.

24X7 Student Monitoring

Through AI, students can be continuously monitored, which improves the learning process. Mock test results, analytics, strong areas, and weak areas, percentile scores, and rank are some of the vital things that AI helps to implement within a learning management system. Weekly and monthly analysis of a student’s performance and comparing that with others, help a learner to know where he/she stands and gives enough time to improve. Time is also not an issue here. A student can take an exam at midnight, get the solutions and answer key along with marks within a few seconds. That is why AI is making learning available anywhere, anytime and its brilliant feedback mechanism is uplifting the standard of learning throughout India and outside.

AI will help us reinvent education in a new way. Its outstanding course modules have broken all the barriers of learning and is attracting the best minds, like never before. While AI is transforming education, one of the biggest learning portals in India is also scaling up its operations to reach out to more students. MyFavTutor, a platform that connects tutors with students, has encouraged online tutors to come forward and start their lessons. It has all kinds of subjects, courses, and training modules, you can learn as per your choice. If you are looking to find a tutor, or get connected to a student, MyFavTutor is the ideal place to go. Decide your requirements, visit the website and get going.

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The Essential Benefits of E-learning

The Essential Benefits of E-learning

With the extensive use of mobile devices and internet, e-learning has reached to new heights where it is now becoming an effective tool to impart knowledge to students. The reason for this trend being popular lies in the fact that it is flexible and cost-effective.

There is no chance of missing out at any point as everything is put up in the form of documents.

Lately, a few urban and rural academic institutes have started to implement e-learning which has caused a tremendous improvement to the students’ learning capacity.

Let us look at some of the other innumerable benefits of the trending e-learning system.

Learning becomes more creative

E-learning makes the entire learning system faster and easier. The teachers have the option to make their lessons more creative by doing presentations which creates a better understanding on the topics.  The activities thus created are dynamic and hence learning becomes fun for every student. 

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Cost effective

E-learning is more cost-effective, even in the long run, as setting up an e-learning class is less costly compared to a real operating classroom. There is minimal usage of equipment and students and teacher don’t need to travel to meet up in person.  Hence it becomes cost-effective in the long run. Also, there is minimal usage of stationery and no cost of travel for both the students and the teachers.

Eco-friendly technology

Virtual learning is eco-friendly as it involves minimal usage of paper and other stationery unlike the real classroom setting where there is a lot of wastage. Such wastage if not properly disposed, can cause a negative impact on the environment.  Hence there is a direct impact on the environment and trees that is a positive sign for nature.


The best part about e-learning is its flexibility. Teachers can be present anywhere and at any time as long as they have the right device. Not only that, they can conduct virtual lessons through multiple devices too. Lectures can even be recorded and saved which enables students to review the content without missing any point.

Increases productivity 

E-learning increases efficiency and thereby enhances the productivity of teachers. Instead of having to travel back and forth to teach in an actual classroom, teachers can instead utilize their time and energy on delivering lessons online.  MyFavTutor is a learning portal that makes an effort to educate the students most effectively.

*MyFavTutor is a learning portal that strives to educate students effectively. For years, it has successfully built a platform to connect experienced teachers with students from every corner of the nation. Its unique algorithm sets itself apart from the traditional e-learning system. So whether you are a teacher, a student, or involved in the e-learning industry, join MyFavTutor now and elevate your performance today.*

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