8 Must Have Features of a Learning App

Learning App

In the current year, 2020, technology is playing a vital role across industries. The COVID 19 pandemic has brought out the best in terms of tech applications, paving the way for a long term change in edtech and all other related sectors. As schools, colleges and universities were shut, learning apps saved global education from collapsing further.

In this context, let us discuss some essential features in a learning app, that makes it a popular choice among the student community.

User-friendly functionalities

Learning apps should be highly reliable, user friendly, and able to create a mass appeal. It must be developed in such a way that people from every section of society can be benefited. A simple design and a well-customized interface can solve the purpose. In the end it must bring customer satisfaction to prove to be the best in the market.

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Diversified courses

The homepage plays a vital role in the design of a learning app. It must have a strong user interface. It must convey the idea of the usefulness of the app. Eventually, the student must be able to take a note on the number of courses that can be taken up using the app. Be it a make-up tutorial or an online physics tutorial class, the content of the app must express the same to make it more interesting.

Personal portal

A great learning app maintains a personal portal for every teacher. It is through this portal that the students or parents get to know more about the teachers. The teacher’s ability and experience is well demonstrated in the portal. Also, the portal gives a clear idea about the genuineness of the tutor. 

Dynamic content

Online learning apps is a platform where students expect more engrossing and engaging classes. Hence there must be more creativity in every content. Tutors in MyFavTutor develop their sessions and portal in such a way that you get a glimpse of how interesting their classes would be.

Virtual classes

Owing to the havoc caused by the spread of the COVID 19, the educational apps are more stressing on the functionalities of their virtual classes. More number of tools has been implemented to make the virtual classes more acceptable by the mass students. The learning app must have an option of both offline and online or virtual classes. Learning in a lively environment with many video-based assignments is fun. 

Accessibility in offline mode 

We need to accept the fact that the speed of the internet and its access is not uniform everywhere. Hence the learning tools must be designed to allow the students to carry on their lessons even in an offline mode. Top features such as pre-recorded lectures; video-based content will add a spark to the learning apps. Hence the interest for the app can be kept alive throughout. The programming of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the best choice in this case. 

Well-suited for multiple devices

The user may access the learning tool through single or multiple devices. Also, a student or a tutor might not have a system and would like to operate through his/her mobile device. Thus the learning app is expected to run on multiple devices.

Notifications on progress

Push notification is another useful feature that allows you to get updated about anything new in the services of the app. it also enables you to send or receive messages to the desired user. It includes an update, an advertisement, or any alert to give comprehensive information regarding the recent developmental progress in the app. 

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