Why You Need a Guitar Lesson from an Experienced Tutor?

Experienced Guitar Tutor

In general, if you ask people regarding the best way to learn guitar, the majority of them will suggest taking lessons. That’s because most individuals have some experience with music sessions. At the very least, enough to understand that it’ll be more helpful than simply hacking your way on your own! Also, a video or a book can’t tell you how you’re performing.

An experienced tutor can provide you valuable information, suggestions, praise, and criticism on-spot. The instructor can take you to new levels of playing & learning seamlessly. The advantages of working with an instructor outweigh any disadvantages. They can help you connect concepts (notes, chord progressions, etc.) more efficiently and quickly. 

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Pros of Private Guitar Lessons

A skilled mentor can help you in several ways. It includes the following-

  • Watching your technique for any sign of a problem,
  • Helping you to avoid learning bad habits,
  • Providing you exercises for the particular challenges you’re facing,
  • Advise you to make appropriate adaptions. Like- from key changes to the type of music you want to study,
  • Allow you to play with an accomplished musician every single week,
  • Put slight positive pressure on you,
  • Hold you at a high measure to motivate you.
  • Help you realise your learning goals in a structured and timely manner.

Cons of Learning Guitar on your Own

No Direct Feedback-

Learning guitar on your own as a complete beginner comes with a few drawbacks. The most certain drawback is that there’s no direct feedback from a guitar specialist. Hence, you won’t be able to notice your faults and ask questions instantly. You might also pick up a few bad habits. After all, a beginner with bad habits, Not Good! 

Without a guitar teacher supervising your progress, you’ll have no idea about your wrongs & to-dos. It’ll make you more frustrated. Because of resentment in the early stages, it forces the beginners to quit at an early stage altogether. Thus, getting rid of some errors and bad practices early can make a world of difference for any instrument player.

No Structured Program

Another issue with learning guitar entirely on your own is there tends to be the absence of structured learning. Online videos have an endless number of high-quality lessons. But, there’s too much data to digest at once. It can make a beginner jump from one task to another in a non-structured way. 

Online random videos focus on simple tricks or discrete songs or song sections. As a result, there’s a greater possibility that guitarists might get discouraged and quit altogether. Why? Due to lack of structure. Having a structured program will steer a guitarist in the right direction. It’ll help in learning all the guitar fundamentals and dodge the materials they don’t require.

Lastly, even proficient musicians that you can connect with through MyFavTutor take lessons from their respective gurus who possess skills they want to acquire. The private guitar lessons, whether online/offline, get endured for a reason, i.e., It’s the best option!

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