How Online Tuition is Helping Vocational Courses

How Online Tuition is Helping Vocational Courses

Vocational courses help people upgrade their skills. These courses are valuable for unemployed youth, as they are always looking for jobs. Also, women and people with disabilities can pick-up these courses and get outstanding job opportunities in a short period of time. One might think, what are the courses being talked about here? Well, it can be anything, from an electrical technician to an AC mechanic to a hardware expert, the range of vocational courses span across industries and disciplines. Of late, these trained individuals are even getting salaries almost equivalent to engineers, due to their strong working knowledge. 

This blog will discuss how the growth of online learning helps to fuel these vocational courses and more students are studying them.

Study Remotely from Anywhere

Online tuition has made remote learning possible. It has reduced the problems of commuting and has saved time. Today, all you need is a good internet connection and the ability to adapt to the modern learning environment. Tutors are available on learning platforms like MyFavTutor, and you can easily take their expert guidance for finishing your vocational training. As the commuting time can be saved, students can use that to learn the courses and get their desired jobs.

Take Your Time

While it is true that all courses have a specific duration, but the online format allows you to take additional time, and complete it. Unlike the mainstream education system, you are not declared as “Fail,” in case you haven’t cleared your course in the stipulated time. This flexibility is what is attracting learners in the online format. If you face any personal issue or are not getting enough time to study due to other commitments, you have the luxury to complete the course later on. 

Interact With Your Guide Personally

The best thing about online learning is by adding a personal touch to the process. Unlike a classroom environment, with 50 students competing and judging each other, online tuition lets you study in a 1-to-1 peaceful environment. You can ask your guide any question that you are having a problem. With a lot of mediums available, interacting with your guide is quite easy; a text message, WhatsApp, or a phone call is enough to clarify your doubts. This helps you learn better and running a rat race is not necessary.

Practice More

Vocational courses need a lot of practice to learn the technicalities thoroughly. When you are sitting in the comfort of your home and taking online tuition, you can practice more. Setting up a daily routine becomes easier, based on which you can practice daily. As most vocational courses are technical, constant practice and feedback mechanisms are essential to improve the learning process.

Clarify Your Doubts Anytime

Waiting to get your doubts cleared is an irritating experience. In vocational training, there will be a lot of areas that need immediate attention. In the case of online tuition, problematic areas are clarified quickly by the learner, as its a personalized mode of teaching. You can send a mail or message to your mentor whenever you have a question and get a reply within a few hours. This speeds up the learning process as the waiting time is much lesser.

Vocational Training is the Future

The future of vocational training in India is set to grow bigger in the coming months. The “Skill India” program has been launched by the government to upgrade the young job seekers in this country. Globally, by 2025, vocational courses will be a $58 billion market, as predicted by research firms. Hence if you have completed your schooling, thinking about your career choices, do give a serious thought about vocational courses. Get trained online and stay ahead of the competition.

Final Words

If you are thinking about signing up for some job-oriented vocational courses, why don’t you try MyFavTutor? It is one of the largest tutoring platforms, which covers all kinds of vocational and academic courses. Moreover, the portal has excellent tutors in its database. They encourage online tuition, as well. In case you are a student reading this, quickly visit the website, post your requirements, and start learning from talented faculties across India.

Online tuition: The Precautions you Should Consider

Online tuition: The precautions you should consider

Despite the standardized formal classroom teaching, not everyone can learn or understand the same way. As the education world begins to progressively incorporate technology as part of the system, more and more virtual classrooms are being created. Subsequently, such a scenario leads to the rise of online tuitions. As students nowadays want to get a better understanding on their formal learning outside the classroom, online tuitions are getting high demands. Students believe that by getting an extra needed boost, it will limit the chances of falling behind lessons.

However, choosing online tuition can be a daunting prospect for both parents and students because they would need to assess a few things before finding the right one carefully. Unlike the common classroom or home tuition setting, you can’t see what’s truly going on behind the curtains (or in this context; the screen). As convincing as it seems, there are a few precautions that should be considered before you take up online tuition.

Is it worth the money?

Before you hastily choose an online tuition, you need to think about whether it’s worth the money you paid. After all, it isn’t cheap! A good online tuition should have a reputable and experienced tutor to begin with. The tutor should be able to cater to the student’s learning needs by identifying the student’s weak spots and provide in-depth explanation to the queries raised. Interactive activities and good demos will make the learning process easier. Hence, find a tutor that ticks all the necessary boxes.

Avoid getting scammed

The net is full of surprises, both good and bad. Not only that, it’s also full of scammers waiting to trick people into giving them money. Scammers will go to great lengths by posing as ‘verifiable’ sources providing services deemed trustworthy enough. No matter if you’re a parent or student, doing a background check on an individual or company that’s offering an online tutoring service is extremely vital. You can look at their social media profiles to find out whether they’re genuine. If they have their own website, see whether they have positive reviews given by previous students. If those don’t convince you enough, having a phone conversation with the tutor to check on his credentials won’t hurt!


One of the disadvantages of learning online is miscommunication. Your internet connection might go off while your tutor is teaching and that can cause a gap in receiving information. Besides, you might miss out on the notes or presentations because you got too distracted by other things while being online. Hence to avoid miscommunication, don’t just rely on communicating through Skype or Zoom alone. Instead, get in touch with your tutor via phone calls or text messages too to get better clarifications if you missed out any of the lessons.

The Essential Benefits of E-learning

The Essential Benefits of E-learning

With the extensive use of mobile devices and internet, e-learning has reached to new heights where it is now becoming an effective tool to impart knowledge to students. The reason for this trend being popular lies in the fact that it is flexible and cost-effective.

There is no chance of missing out at any point as everything is put up in the form of documents.

Lately, a few urban and rural academic institutes have started to implement e-learning which has caused a tremendous improvement to the students’ learning capacity.

Let us look at some of the other innumerable benefits of the trending e-learning system.

Learning becomes more creative

E-learning makes the entire learning system faster and easier. The teachers have the option to make their lessons more creative by doing presentations which creates a better understanding on the topics.  The activities thus created are dynamic and hence learning becomes fun for every student. 

Cost effective

E-learning is more cost-effective, even in the long run, as setting up an e-learning class is less costly compared to a real operating classroom. There is minimal usage of equipment and students and teacher don’t need to travel to meet up in person.  Hence it becomes cost-effective in the long run. Also, there is minimal usage of stationery and no cost of travel for both the students and the teachers.

Eco-friendly technology

Virtual learning is eco-friendly as it involves minimal usage of paper and other stationery unlike the real classroom setting where there is a lot of wastage. Such wastage if not properly disposed, can cause a negative impact on the environment.  Hence there is a direct impact on the environment and trees that is a positive sign for nature.


The best part about e-learning is its flexibility. Teachers can be present anywhere and at any time as long as they have the right device. Not only that, they can conduct virtual lessons through multiple devices too. Lectures can even be recorded and saved which enables students to review the content without missing any point.

Increases productivity 

E-learning increases efficiency and thereby enhances the productivity of teachers. Instead of having to travel back and forth to teach in an actual classroom, teachers can instead utilize their time and energy on delivering lessons online.  MyFavTutor is a learning portal that makes an effort to educate the students most effectively.

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