What Are the Important Topics for IIT JEE in 11th Standard?

Important Topics for IIT JEE in 11th Standard

For every aspiring engineering student in India, cracking IIT JEE is one of the most prestigious recognition and career opportunity. IIT JEE is one of the most challenging entrance examinations for students, and preparation to get through this difficult examination starts during high school. Let us find out what a student needs to prepare for to appear in this examination.

Format of IIT JEE Entrance Exam

The entrance examination for IIT JEE revolves around three subjects – Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

There are 30 multiple choice questions (MCQs) distributed among the subjects with equal importance.

It is essential to know what topics are covered in each subject to prepare accordingly. To prepare well, students need to follow a list of the most crucial topics for JEE Mains for all three subjects and prioritize them accordingly.

Important Topics in Each Subject

Here is a list of the most essential topics covered in each subject:


  • Probability is an important and challenging topic that students must start preparing from class 11. It includes Bayes theorem, Law of Total Probability, and Conditional Probability.
  • An in-depth study is also required for Quadratic Equations. Every detail related to equations coefficients is essential.
  • One needs to have complete knowledge of Circle to answer questions for Coordinate Geometry.
  • Emphasis is given to Permutation and Combination, focusing mainly on Integral solution of linear equation, circular permutation, and Division or Arrangement of Groups.
  • One must be well-versed with Calculus and understand the changes between values related by function. Students must know how time functions to be good at this.
  • Basics of logarithm questions are found in most questions papers.


  • Students need to understand the Law of Mass Action, Solubility product, Acids and Bases to know Chemical Equilibrium thoroughly.
  • Students must learn atomic mass concepts to tick the correct answers for atomic structure preparation. There are several theories like Rutherford, Thomson, and Bohr to know extensively.
  • Stoichiometry is another critical topic, and class 11 students must learn equivalent concepts and the Mole in their syllabus.
  • Students in class 11 are introduced to organic chemistry. They need to know the basic concepts to learn the topic very well from the beginning.
  • Compressibility factor, states of matter, and van der Waals equations are vital when learning Gaseous State.
  • The periodicity concept is vital when studying Chemical Bonding.


  • All aspects of Units & Dimensions need to be intricately studied and learnt.
  • One must bring focus to rigid body dynamics for mastering Kinematics of SHM concepts.
  • Students also need to understand all three laws of motion when studying Newton’s Law and solve questions assertively.

Final Thoughts

MyFavTutor is a platform where students meet qualified online tutors who help them prepare for competitive examinations like IIT JEE. Students must have a mentor who will coach and prepare them before they sit for a vital examination like this. Appointing an online tutor will higher the chances of a student’s capability to crack such a difficult test and study in a reputed institution.

6 Killer Strategies to Crack IIT-JEE

6 Killer Strategies to Crack IIT-JEE

Cracking IIT-JEE, which is one of the toughest exams in India, is a huge achievement. Millions of students sit for these examinations, but less than 1% make it. These 1% successfully execute a strategy that they have prepared years back. This blog will talk about six vital techniques that you should keep in mind while getting ready for the D-Day.


Manage your time well; that’s the key. IIT preparations are a mix of practice, academic lessons along with review and analysis sessions that needs to be given adequate time. Allocate enough time to finish the chapters, then go for daily practice tests. Set up a daily routine that you can follow and segregate your chapters accordingly. Many students find it hard to manage their time and get entangled into a web of confusion at the end of the courses, leading to stress and poor performance.

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Smart Strategy

These days it’s not about studying hard, but studying smart is the new mantra. Why so? Years back, when students felt pride in saying that they slog 20 hours a day, people would appreciate it. Today, if you say it, people will give you the cold shoulder. The perception has changed. You can study 6 hours and ace IIT if you know how to apply the tricks well. To build a smart strategy that includes picking up important chapters, focusing on minute details, solving numericals, brainstorming with friends, etc.

Online Study

Study online because it saves a lot of time. Today, many tutors would teach you all the papers of IIT via Skype, Zoom and other apps. You can connect with them through portals like MyFavTutor and get quality glasses sitting from the comfort of your home. Getting materials is easier in the online format; download a pdf, solve online mock tests, go to student forums and continue your classes uninterrupted. All you need is a good internet connection and the ability to adjust to the new teaching format. Getting access to tutors is easier and doubt clearing classes can happen anytime, anywhere.

Mock Test

Practice a lot of mock tests online. These will give you a lot of confidence and help you get past the IIT-JEE examination. There are several online packages that you can buy. It is useful if you can subscribe to multiple mock test packages and keep giving exams on a weekly and monthly basis. The softwares is so advanced that they will provide you with instant results, ranks, percentile, strong areas, and solutions that you can use for reference later on. With more tests, your confidence level will grow and you will perform better in the examination.

Shortcut Formula

Remembering the shortcut formulas is a crucial thing for all competitive examinations. In IIT entrances, there are conceptual questions that are difficult to solve, but some can be scored on easily. For that, you need to memorize the shortcuts to save time and score quickly. But often, students tend to solve things in the old conventional way. Avoid doing this, even while practicing at home, continue using the quicker methods to solve the problems.


Relax by doing the things you love too. Sing a song, go out with your friends, have dinner with your family, play, travel and enjoy yourself. Sleep well and make sure your body gets enough rest. Those who study beyond a certain point start losing it as our brains have a limited capacity to process and remember things that come in. Relaxing is very important and does not go by how much you study, but what you study and how far it is relevant in the current scenario. 

Online tutoring portals like MyFavTutor are providing highly experienced tutors for IIT-JEE preparation. They will help you to prepare for these competitive exams and make sure that you can crack those. In case you are one of those looking to get ready for IIT or any other examinations or courses, do get in touch with MyFavTutor and learn from the best faculties. 

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