Homemakers as Online Tutors

Homemakers as Online Tutors

Working women face a lot of challenges to continue their profession after marriage. Post marriage issues like relocation, childbirth and postpartum depression are some of the most common issues faced by women. Many companies have the impression that most female employees’ post-maternity cannot handle the workload which causes some to resign. However, in today’s economy, it is difficult for husbands to be the sole provider of the family. With the growing household expenses, many homemakers are choosing to work as online tutors.

Cooking Tutor

You may not have a fancy kitchen or expensive cutlery, but if you have the passion to cook, an online cooking tutor is just the right profession for you. Plan your dishes, share the recipes and promote them on any e-learning portals.

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Drawing and Painting Tutor

Unleash your creativity by becoming an online drawing and painting tutor as it is one of the most searched private tutors in India. Design an artistic workshop that becomes the primary point of attraction, prepare your own courses, and finally launch your activities.

Online Dance Tutor

Dance is an art that forms an inspiration to live and has been influencing lives since olden times. However, it is difficult for many women to pursue this career after marriage as they cannot step out of the house or lack space to accommodate students. Thus, online private tutoring is a great choice to continue living such a dream. Decorate a dance e-studio, choreograph your own steps and launch your online dance courses. In no time you will receive innumerable call requests for slot booking.

Music Teacher

You will be glad to know that students look for online music tutors almost every day. Just like dancing, music too inspires life. If you are an experienced music teacher, hundreds of students will enroll in your classes for singing or instrumental lessons. Having a degree or certificate in music education gives an added advantage.

Online Yoga Tutor

Online yoga classes are massively popular especially as the COVID 19 outbreak causes gym centers to close. This makes yoga the next best choice to stay fit and healthy. In addition, yoga has a lot of advantages related to physical and mental well-being. Hence if you have mastered the art or have good knowledge of it, you can definitely showcase your talent by becoming a professional online yoga tutor.

Online Makeup Classes

Needless to say, that everyone at some point in time wants or needs to look good. Makeup becomes a good career option for those who love to adorn others just the right way. Many people search for makeup tutors every now and then. If you are good at doing makeup tutorials, you can become an online tutor by enrolling yourself in a good e-learning platform. In no time you can see your savings grow.

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