What Are the Important Topics for IIT JEE in 11th Standard?

Important Topics for IIT JEE in 11th Standard

For every aspiring engineering student in India, cracking IIT JEE is one of the most prestigious recognition and career opportunity. IIT JEE is one of the most challenging entrance examinations for students, and preparation to get through this difficult examination starts during high school. Let us find out what a student needs to prepare for to appear in this examination.

Format of IIT JEE Entrance Exam

The entrance examination for IIT JEE revolves around three subjects – Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

There are 30 multiple choice questions (MCQs) distributed among the subjects with equal importance.

It is essential to know what topics are covered in each subject to prepare accordingly. To prepare well, students need to follow a list of the most crucial topics for JEE Mains for all three subjects and prioritize them accordingly.

Important Topics in Each Subject

Here is a list of the most essential topics covered in each subject:


  • Probability is an important and challenging topic that students must start preparing from class 11. It includes Bayes theorem, Law of Total Probability, and Conditional Probability.
  • An in-depth study is also required for Quadratic Equations. Every detail related to equations coefficients is essential.
  • One needs to have complete knowledge of Circle to answer questions for Coordinate Geometry.
  • Emphasis is given to Permutation and Combination, focusing mainly on Integral solution of linear equation, circular permutation, and Division or Arrangement of Groups.
  • One must be well-versed with Calculus and understand the changes between values related by function. Students must know how time functions to be good at this.
  • Basics of logarithm questions are found in most questions papers.


  • Students need to understand the Law of Mass Action, Solubility product, Acids and Bases to know Chemical Equilibrium thoroughly.
  • Students must learn atomic mass concepts to tick the correct answers for atomic structure preparation. There are several theories like Rutherford, Thomson, and Bohr to know extensively.
  • Stoichiometry is another critical topic, and class 11 students must learn equivalent concepts and the Mole in their syllabus.
  • Students in class 11 are introduced to organic chemistry. They need to know the basic concepts to learn the topic very well from the beginning.
  • Compressibility factor, states of matter, and van der Waals equations are vital when learning Gaseous State.
  • The periodicity concept is vital when studying Chemical Bonding.


  • All aspects of Units & Dimensions need to be intricately studied and learnt.
  • One must bring focus to rigid body dynamics for mastering Kinematics of SHM concepts.
  • Students also need to understand all three laws of motion when studying Newton’s Law and solve questions assertively.

Final Thoughts

MyFavTutor is a platform where students meet qualified online tutors who help them prepare for competitive examinations like IIT JEE. Students must have a mentor who will coach and prepare them before they sit for a vital examination like this. Appointing an online tutor will higher the chances of a student’s capability to crack such a difficult test and study in a reputed institution.

Want to Score High in Chemistry Here’s Why You Need a Tutor

Want to Score High in Chemistry Here's Why You Need a Tutor

Chemistry is one of those subjects where you have to remember many formulas, reactions, and tables. It has a vast syllabus and students often feel exhausted in dealing with the subject owing to lack of strategy and time management. In CBSE, the chemistry papers are lengthy, and without serious preparation, it’s hard to score well, especially on the board exams. Self-study is not enough to cover such a vast curriculum; an experienced tutor is crucial for your success. When we say success, we are talking about a solid 80 or 90+ score in the board exams, so that your percentage can stay high.

This blog will tell you why an expert chemistry tutor can help you score high in the CBSE board exams. Let’s see.

Suggest Quality Reference Books

There are many Chemistry books available on the market. So, many students get confused as to which one is to buy. Experienced tutors suggest the books that students should follow before a particular exam. For instance, NCERT is the standard reference book for all subjects within the CBSE board. But can you score 90% just by studying NCERT? Nope. You need additional books to understand the concepts better to practice questions, tips for competitive examination, etc. A tutor will guide you in selecting these books, which is far better than school friends’ suggestions, as they do not have enough knowledge on this matter.

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Prepare a Schedule so that You Can Study Everyday

Board exams put you under a lot of pressure. Your future career will depend on it. Also, there are many subjects that you have to study like English, physics, mathematics, etc. You have to give time to each one of those equally. Many students tend to forget the importance of a daily study and give breaks in between. Tutors can help you prepare a schedule to study chemistry for at least 30 to 60 minutes daily. Otherwise, you will forget many things, if there is a 2-3 day gap. CBSE boards are tough and there is no way you want to take any chance with it. This strategic schedule will help you to score well and stay up to date with the syllabus.

Create Your Strong Zones

CBSE Chemistry boards have a massive syllabus. So, you might not be equally comfortable in all the chapters. Hence you must pick up some chapters, where you will be ready to tackle any question that comes your way. Sections like Chemical Kinetics, Surface chemistry, and Electrochemistry are crucial in the physical chemistry portion, so you can choose the ones you are strong and work on. Experienced tutors will help you to sort out these things based on your marks and individual liking.

Notes for Your Last-minute Preparation

While you prepare for your board exams, there are several books and reference materials that you may have followed. You know your strengths, important chapters, question format, level of difficulty… everything. But in the last three months, it is problematic to open your books and copies to go through formulas and theoretical explanations every time you forget something. An experienced tutor will help you prepare a concise material only for your exam purpose. You can quickly glance through it before your actual board exams and other mock exams that you sit for. Things become easier and you can go through all the vital elements in a shorter period.

Tips to Remember Formula

Formulas are an integral part of chemistry. Not only formulas, but there are also thousands of chemical reactions, tables and charts that you need to remember while preparing for board exams. Students try to find a way to keep these things in mind, but in the exam hall, often due to anxiety, they forget these formulas. When this happens, you are losing scoring opportunities and if you end up getting average marks in chemistry, your overall percentage also goes down. So tutors are important as they provide necessary tips and shortcut tricks to remember these things. 

Revision Plan

To do well in boards, you need to revise your chapters every day. With around 5-6 subjects and each having 10-15 chapters, you have a considerable task to segregate your time and revise accordingly. Doing this effectively is not easy for students; lack of planning and immaturity plays a significant role. That is why a trained tutor in Chemistry can allocate time to ensure that most of the chapters can be thoroughly revised before the exams. Chapters that are demanding need to be revised multiple times and sufficient time must be available for that. Tutors will sort it out for you. 

Solve Paper Every Week

When you hire an experienced tutor, they will make you practice hard and keep evaluating your progress. Mock tests, objective and long answer questions, numerical, and quizzes are vital elements that will ensure discipline in your study pattern. It improves your scoring ability and clears concepts that were earlier too tough to understand. Private tutors in India have successfully helped students get higher marks; as a result, most parents prefer to keep them as a mentor. They will make you solve previous year questions, sample tests in full format (70 marks) in 3 hours, to test how much you can score. This feedback and testing mechanism is great for scoring well in chemistry in the CBSE boards. 

If you are worried about Chemistry and have a board exam in the next 1-2 years, start preparing now. MyFavTutor, the largest tutor search portal in India, has a list of outstanding Chemistry tutors in their database with years of experience. Quickly go the portal and book your sessions with the most dedicated teachers to make sure that scoring big in CBSE chemistry, is going to be easy.

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