Want to Score High in Chemistry Here’s Why You Need a Tutor

Want to Score High in Chemistry Here's Why You Need a Tutor

Chemistry is one of those subjects where you have to remember many formulas, reactions, and tables. It has a vast syllabus and students often feel exhausted in dealing with the subject owing to lack of strategy and time management. In CBSE, the chemistry papers are lengthy, and without serious preparation, it’s hard to score well, especially on the board exams. Self-study is not enough to cover such a vast curriculum; an experienced tutor is crucial for your success. When we say success, we are talking about a solid 80 or 90+ score in the board exams, so that your percentage can stay high.

This blog will tell you why an expert chemistry tutor can help you score high in the CBSE board exams. Let’s see.

Suggest Quality Reference Books

There are many Chemistry books available on the market. So, many students get confused as to which one is to buy. Experienced tutors suggest the books that students should follow before a particular exam. For instance, NCERT is the standard reference book for all subjects within the CBSE board. But can you score 90% just by studying NCERT? Nope. You need additional books to understand the concepts better to practice questions, tips for competitive examination, etc. A tutor will guide you in selecting these books, which is far better than school friends’ suggestions, as they do not have enough knowledge on this matter.

Prepare a Schedule so that You Can Study Everyday

Board exams put you under a lot of pressure. Your future career will depend on it. Also, there are many subjects that you have to study like English, physics, mathematics, etc. You have to give time to each one of those equally. Many students tend to forget the importance of a daily study and give breaks in between. Tutors can help you prepare a schedule to study chemistry for at least 30 to 60 minutes daily. Otherwise, you will forget many things, if there is a 2-3 day gap. CBSE boards are tough and there is no way you want to take any chance with it. This strategic schedule will help you to score well and stay up to date with the syllabus.

Create Your Strong Zones

CBSE Chemistry boards have a massive syllabus. So, you might not be equally comfortable in all the chapters. Hence you must pick up some chapters, where you will be ready to tackle any question that comes your way. Sections like Chemical Kinetics, Surface chemistry, and Electrochemistry are crucial in the physical chemistry portion, so you can choose the ones you are strong and work on. Experienced tutors will help you to sort out these things based on your marks and individual liking.

Notes for Your Last-minute Preparation

While you prepare for your board exams, there are several books and reference materials that you may have followed. You know your strengths, important chapters, question format, level of difficulty… everything. But in the last three months, it is problematic to open your books and copies to go through formulas and theoretical explanations every time you forget something. An experienced tutor will help you prepare a concise material only for your exam purpose. You can quickly glance through it before your actual board exams and other mock exams that you sit for. Things become easier and you can go through all the vital elements in a shorter period.

Tips to Remember Formula

Formulas are an integral part of chemistry. Not only formulas, but there are also thousands of chemical reactions, tables and charts that you need to remember while preparing for board exams. Students try to find a way to keep these things in mind, but in the exam hall, often due to anxiety, they forget these formulas. When this happens, you are losing scoring opportunities and if you end up getting average marks in chemistry, your overall percentage also goes down. So tutors are important as they provide necessary tips and shortcut tricks to remember these things. 

Revision Plan

To do well in boards, you need to revise your chapters every day. With around 5-6 subjects and each having 10-15 chapters, you have a considerable task to segregate your time and revise accordingly. Doing this effectively is not easy for students; lack of planning and immaturity plays a significant role. That is why a trained tutor in Chemistry can allocate time to ensure that most of the chapters can be thoroughly revised before the exams. Chapters that are demanding need to be revised multiple times and sufficient time must be available for that. Tutors will sort it out for you. 

Solve Paper Every Week

When you hire an experienced tutor, they will make you practice hard and keep evaluating your progress. Mock tests, objective and long answer questions, numerical, and quizzes are vital elements that will ensure discipline in your study pattern. It improves your scoring ability and clears concepts that were earlier too tough to understand. Private tutors in India have successfully helped students get higher marks; as a result, most parents prefer to keep them as a mentor. They will make you solve previous year questions, sample tests in full format (70 marks) in 3 hours, to test how much you can score. This feedback and testing mechanism is great for scoring well in chemistry in the CBSE boards. 

If you are worried about Chemistry and have a board exam in the next 1-2 years, start preparing now. MyFavTutor, the largest tutor search portal in India, has a list of outstanding Chemistry tutors in their database with years of experience. Quickly go the portal and book your sessions with the most dedicated teachers to make sure that scoring big in CBSE chemistry, is going to be easy.

Learning Web Designing will Give You an Edge

Learning Web Designing will Give You an Edge

A basic web development model generally consists of two different structures: one hardcore web programming done via codes and the other is a dynamic and high-end web designing. Gone are the days when you used to learn the basics of web development languages. In this modern digital era, one needs to have an increased amount of knowledge about web specifications, various coding structures, and the overall architecture which comes in the form of web designs.

Amongst these, the most important thing that you need to pay closer attention to these days is web designing. Not only does a proper website design bring in more revenue for the business but it also provides a boost to its online phase in the digital market. This is why perhaps having design related web development tuition has become crucial. However, this is not the only reason for which you need to learn web designing.

Here, we have discussed certain key facts about web designing which will help you to understand its importance in web development and thus in the growth of a business.

There are a Lot of Freelancing Opportunities for Web Designing

One of the main reasons one should desire to undergo online web design training is because the proper in-depth information that one can learn will help them develop a bright future for themselves. For example, many companies hire freelancers to work for them in the web designing and development section. This provides a comfortable working environment where you can work on what you know best and carry it out in your own free time.

Web Designing will Help you to Earn More in a Few Years

The market jobs for web designing and development are quite demanding. Since both these jobs include a lot of skills and brains, the salary charts associated with these jobs remain quite high. This is why don’t forget to get an in-depth study of various web designing concepts for 2020. 

Use your Creativity and Make Stunning Websites

Learning web design will allow you to apply your creative mind while designing websites. You will be able to create stunning websites, which will attract more customers. In today’s day and age, it is very important to showcase your business products online so that users will be drawn to spend some more time and keep navigating through the various pages of your website. Learning web design will transform you into a long term asset of website development & digital marketing companies or, for that matter, any companies. As a student, if you feel that you have great ideas that need to be visualized, then web design is for you. Learn the techniques and grow your career faster.

Businesses are Now Going Online with Visual Graphics on Their Websites

Technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D graphics, and other technologies need a visual phase of the web design. These technologies can be used to give an insight into the business and how it works. This is why learning the technical side of the web design tuition courses is so important if you wish to establish a challenging career.

Final Words

There are many courses where an online tutor will teach you and give you the exact knowledge you need about web development and design. This is where MyFavTutor comes into the scenario. This online tutoring site has multiple courses that will clear your understanding of web designing and will give you a proper direction in the online business.

How Helpful is Online Tuition for Exam Preparation?

online tuition for exam preparation

These days, people are taking up private online classes as they have been proven effective in scoring exams.

Learning online is equally beneficial to students who need improvement in their scores and those who wish to achieve even greater results. The user friendly learning portal, MyFavTutor, helps students ace their exams by connecting them to experienced tutors.

Efficiency and flexibility

Online tutorials are more flexible because you or your tutor don’t have to travel to physically meet each other in an actual classroom. As schedules can be carefully planned, there are no delays. All you need to do is fix a mutually convenient time. Moreover, online tutorials are shorter and can be frequently conducted.

This effective learning strategy will also give you enough time to self study. Even if you’re an employee who’s studying part time, attending short online classes are enough to help you prepare for exams. 

Access to resources

You get to access selected online resources, study materials, mock test papers and question samples, to name a few. Even watching short demos can give you enough clarifications on a concept.

Study from the comfort of your surroundings

Online tutoring will give you the flexibility to concentrate on your studies from the comfort of your surroundings. Eventually, you will get a significant and positive impact in terms of meaningful learning. 

A personal touch with your studies

A tutor will help you focus on your studies by providing thorough guidance. This approach encourages students to understand what they want which builds their confidence in mastering the chapters.

Positive online Work Environment

Private online tutor lessons are far superior compared to regular schooling as it is not as rigid. Most students face problems in asking questions in class due to lack of self confidence. Unlike the formal classroom setting, students can freely ask questions to their tutors anytime and anywhere without feeling anxious.

Friendly interface

Once a student posts his learning requirements, the portal’s unique algorithm will help find suitable tutors. Once matched, he will receive an email containing a list of matching tutors for him to connect to. 

By now, you’ve understood how an online tutor will guide you with important questions and answers that are likely to pop up in your exam. Online communication with your tutor ensures that all the points you want to discuss will be covered. If you are a student waiting for your classes to resume, join MyFavTutor now. Begin your exam preparation within the comforts of your home. 

4 Successful Ways Mobile Learning is Pushing up the Performance Level

4 Successful Ways Mobile Learning is Pushing up the Performance Level

In today’s fast paced world, digital platform has become an immensely popular media outlet that can maximize productivity in the workforce. With time constraints, the digital platform enables users to reach maximum accessibility within a short period of time.

The education system is also going digital. Lately, e-learning websites and apps are building new learning experiences which enable teachers and students from all over the country to connect under seamless virtual interaction. This innovative concept has proven to be one of the most successful learning techniques as knowledge can be shared rapidly.

1) Mobile learning is not restricted to boundaries

Users highly prefer mobile learning because it has no limitations. A tutor can expand his knowledge over the vast geographical landscape without having to travel to that place. By going online, the tutor can be present anywhere and at any time, minus the hassle!

2) Mobile learning helps to generate more income in a short span of time

Tutors no longer need to spend a huge portion of their income on teaching expenses when they can now conduct online classes. This method gives tutors the convenience of conducting a higher number of classes which helps them to generate more income under a short timeframe.

3) Mobile learning is helpful in the time of crisis

As the whole world is fighting with the widespread of COVID-19, the Government has announced a total lockdown which results in many sectors ceasing operations. The education industry is impacted too as schools and universities are forced to close. In such a devastating scenario, mobile learning plays a significant role in keeping the whole education industry up and running. Despite the physical halt, learning can still resume online which greatly benefits students and tutors.

4) Mobile learning helps make lessons more engaging and interesting

Mobile learning websites and apps are completely user-oriented. Tutors can share their learning materials to their students in any location; even in remote places, at any time.


If you are a tutor looking to teach from remote locations, join MyFavTutor. This portal is a one stop destination for tutors all over the country to create a reputable online teaching profile. It thereby helps parents to select suitable tutors for their children’s learning needs. So, what are you waiting for? Choose MyFavTutor, the fastest growing interactive digital platform in the education industry!

10 Essential Points to Remember while Preparing Online for Exams

Remember These 10 Points while Preparing Online for Exams

The examination is stressful for most of the candidates. Even harder are the days when a candidate has to prepare for the examination. However, with proper planning and by following the right track, success can be easily achieved. Online preparation of an exam makes the entire process more comfortable and it brings success at your doorsteps. Let us take a look at the ten essential tips to follow while preparing for an upcoming exam.

Ensure that your computer is working well

The first and foremost point is to check whether the computer you are working with is functioning properly. Your computer is your medium of learning. Hence you should ensure that the hardware and the software of your system are in working condition. Update it from time to time and visit the service center whenever required. Most importantly, keep the backup data in any other system for utmost safety.

Eliminate all the sources of distractions

Turn off all the unnecessary notification alerts while you sit before the system. Remember that nothing is more important than your education and hence nothing should come in between you and your success. Before you start with your work, inform your roommates or family about your status so that they do not interrupt you. Choose a quiet corner of your room and dedicate yourself completely to yield better results.

Plan your time

Planning keeps you ahead of time. Be sure that you have planned your time table well. Even if you need to ask anything from your tutors, jot down all your queries before the online doubt clearing session starts. Clarification of doubts helps in clearing the concept and builds your confidence.

Record all necessary notes and lectures

Online learning helps you to be technologically advanced. You can record all the lectures of your tutors and keep it for future references. Therefore there are no chances that you would miss out on any notes or important points. If you find any technical problem, do not panic. Contact your instructor and follow the tips that would be provided to solve the issue. 

Renew your study time

A prolonged study hour with no break is harmful. It is necessary to take short breaks and intervals to refresh your mind. There is no harm in listening to some music or playing a quick sport during intervals. You can even eat some healthy snacks to renew your energy or even take a power nap if you feel sleepy. It helps you to relax and efficiently manage your hectic schedule. 

Keep in touch with your instructor

Learning online needs additional guidance, especially in case of analytical subjects like Mathematics, Finance etc. Hence the student needs to stay in continuous touch with the instructor. When you are studying online, you must discuss your progress and update your instructor regarding the same. Just finishing the class and going offline is not how it works. The more you keep everyone updated, completing your course and getting ready for exams becomes easier.

Ask for guidance, whenever needed

In online learning, it is necessary to clarify your doubts immediately. As tutors keep on teaching in multiple batches, they remain busy most of the day. So when doubt arises after the class is over, send a quick text message or mail asking your question. Ping your guide and tell the topic that you are having problems with. It speeds up your learning and minimizes your problems.

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection

To study online, you must have a good internet connection. Classes will take place through video calling and that requires a broadband connection, with good speed. The reliability of the internet is a very high priority area, because without this, there is no way you can start learning online. Call disruptions are widespread when the net is slow and as a result, your classes will remain incomplete. Both the tutor and student need to have high-speedinternet to continue their online courses. 

Participate in Online Forums

There are lots of online forums, where students can post questions, share answers and discuss other academic and exam related information. You should join those forums, to stay updated and get an idea as to how others are approaching the courses. There are university-specific forums, Facebook groups and several other platforms where they operate. It will broaden your knowledge about the exam pattern, important areas to focus on, approximate cut off marks and other vital info that will make your preparation more foolproof.

Have a Dedicated Study Space

Keep your study room separate and make sure your study materials are organized. Do not allow people to disturb your workspace and keep your mobile silent when the classes are on. Try to log out of all social media sites, when you are studying and avoid any distractions that can hamper your studies. Generally, a lot of students keep on chatting in their social media accounts, have music playing somewhere in the background, chit-chat among family members; these things are very irritating for a tutor and it affects the quality of learning. So, be professional while you are studying online.

While you must keep these things in mind, do not forget to join MyFavTutor for the best online learning experience. It has the largest tutor search portal and operates throughout India. You get all the well-experienced and knowledgeable teachers through this portal. For parents, it acts as a boon as they get genuine teachers. May it be the school curriculum, vocational training, or competitive examination, the intuitive search made by MyFavTutor finds the best guide for you. Does the fear of exam haunt you? Join MyFavTutor and see the difference.