Why is It Beneficial to Study Sports Medicine

Why is It Beneficial to Study Sports Medicine

Not every sport is the same; consequently, not every athlete has the same physical strength, stamina and immune system. Professional athletes constantly push their body limits. They perform various tough exercises and do adventurous stuff to test their body’s stamina. Injuries and pain are an inevitable part of their life with which they struggle the most.

Athletes keep on competing to dig out the best aspect within them. Some injuries are so drastic that it takes a long time to recover. There are health professionals who specialise in sports medicine and work solely to assist these athletes in their physical well-being. Apart from treating their critical injuries, they guide them in every way to improve their performance.

As the training of these athletes is quite intense, there are probable chances that the body gets injured. At such a time, sports medicine is highly beneficial. They address several kinds of injuries and focus on the complete fitness of the athlete. When you specialise in sports medicine, it generates several employment opportunities and the demand for such professionals remains high.

Why Should You Study Sports Medicine?

In the present hectic scenario, people are getting health-conscious and pay utmost attention to their physical and mental well-being. Apart from better job opportunities, there are several benefits of being an expert in sports medicine.

Improved Injury Prevention

The professionals of sports medicine have in-depth knowledge of the entire body parts. They know how a movement impacts their body. They guide them on how to prevent probable injuries. Even if one has suffered from any critical injuries in the past, it will remain unaffected with their unique set of exercises.

 Innovative Treatment Options

Athletes are quite concerned about their bodies, especially when they get injured. They want quick treatment which ensures immediate recovery so that they can return to the pavilion. Sports medicine experts excel in providing innovative treatment options so that fitness enthusiasts may recover quickly. New treatments like stem cell therapy, PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) therapy ensures the restoration of the injured body parts.

Personalised Care

Professionals who specialise in sports medicine take wholesome care of fitness experts, athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They work in collaboration with the orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists to guide them with particular exercises. They customise the treatment and diet plans as per the individual’s body efficacy.

Improved Performance

Athletes and fitness freaks always want to enhance their performance and the body’s potential. None other than sports medicine is the best way to gain height in their sports performance. The practitioners not only treat their fatal injuries but guide them with their exercises, diet and fitness training programs. They work to identify the improvement spots that may impact their performance.

Exclusive Care and Maintenance

Sports medicine is not only about treating and curing injuries, but it also deals with preventing them from adequate fitness programs. The professionals identify the weak spots in the athlete’s body and assist them in improving such areas. It not only enhances their performance but also reduces the risk of getting injured.

Whether it is the amateur or professionals athletes, sports medicine experts guide them with their healthcare needs. They customise the fitness plan according to the age, gender and type of sports an individual plays. As the type of injury is different in different games, the treatment procedure also differs. It is an advancing career option that one can pursue.

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Passed Without Exams: How Much Can It Affect The Future of Students

Passed Without Exams How Much Can It Affect The Future of Students

Students have been awarded their board results and final semester certificates in the 2020-21 season owing to the Coronavirus scare. Most universities were unable to conduct the final examinations and, as a result, have awarded the degrees based on the average marks that the students have scored in their class exams. Even though there were not many options this year, many academicians are of the opinion that this average marking might create a lot of problems in the days to come. Foreign institutions might not accept these degrees and getting admission would become a difficult thing.

UGC is Concerned

UGC (University Grants Commission), the apex body of higher education in India, has expressed concern in this regard. The chairperson has clearly said that instead of this average marking, the academic institutions should use the online method or expand their exam schedule to accommodate most of them. He believed that these aggregate markings might create a lifelong problem as in the degree marksheets, it would have to be mentioned that no final examination was taken due to the adverse circumstances.

Why is Online Not a Feasible Option?

Delhi University and some of the IIT’s went on with the online exam amid massive protests by students. The protests took place as, for a vast number of rural students in India, fast internet continues to be a luxury.
On this ground, conducting mass-scale online examinations was never a good option, to begin with. Access to the internet is quite limited to the urban conglomerate. In the rural side, although it is available but the speed remains an issue even today.

In addition to that, the commission felt that there is a massive chance of malpractices once the examination is conducted in the online format. Students will have the option of using Google to get answers, books/notes and the assistance of parents and friends are also available as it is a home-based exam. Even though advanced softwares is available, universities and exam centers were reluctant to invest such a lot of money just for a temporary situation. Hence, the idea of the online exam had to be scrapped.

Student’s Miss Out a Fair Chance

Many professors believe that average students who were slogging hard to do well in the final exams suffered the most. Even though it is a rare occasion that an average student would suddenly do well but,  it has been observed that the percentage increases by a certain margin during the boards and final semesters owing to lenient checking, moderate questions and objective answering pattern. Should any of them take the legal route, both the university and the commission would get into trouble. Just merely suggesting that they are incapable of conducting an exam due to the virus, will not be enough to satisfy all stakeholders in this regard.

However, faculties of most universities believe that India can easily follow the open book examination system of the west. However, to do that, all the questions need to be application-based, as a typical theory or numericals would easily be solved by going through the book. Indian education is going through a transformational time with online tutoring, exams, study material and results becoming the new normal. In this situation, students are desperately buying more gadgets; bet it a laptop, tablet, or PC and are looking to improve their learning experience.

Final Words

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10 Qualities That Makes You a Great Magician

10 Qualities That Makes You A Great Magician

There is just something about magic that makes people love it. Many just go crazy about going to circuses and private magic shows by famous magicians. Today, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and young magicians are striking big deals with corporate shows, Facebook and YouTube live performances, and private shows. But apart from the glamour and fame associated with it, it’s a profession that requires years of practice, dedication and hard work. Today let us discuss the ten most significant qualities that can make you a great magician. 


Magicians should be able to attract people. The expressions and tricks should be able to draw crowds. In the entertainment business, you must be able to make people laugh and cry with you. Then you will start getting a dedicated fan following. Magic in modern times is about the technology, giant screens, stunning acts and constant commentary. 


Magicians today have to tell a beautifully crafted story while the show is on. In that story, audiences should also be interacting with the performer. Storytelling improves the emotional connect just like a film or a musical performance. While you are showing the best tricks to your audience, keep communicating with the audience.


Magicians need to be terrific actors. In show business, acting continues to be the most important attribute for a performer. You should have a good voice modulation technique, expressions that match the current situation. In the old times, magicians used to get appreciation based on the quality of the acts only. Now it’s like a show where you as an actor should be able to mesmerise the audience.


There should be a strong dose of humour in your performance. Laugh out loud with the audience and make them believe that you are like a friend to them. Interact with them and throw some funny on the spot observations, much like a stand up comic. Well known magicians always spice up the show with small talks and occasional funny jokes. Make sure your audiences get an hour-long entertainment with magic, fun, brilliant visuals and constant communication.

Public Speaking

Magicians need to be very outspoken and their public speaking skills should be very strong. Managing a massive crowd in your show and entertaining them while performing your acts is quite a challenging task. Only a good public speaker can pull off these acts while continuing to speak confidently. Confidence is the key here. If your acts and the subsequent talks don’t compliment each other, then it will be an awkward situation for you. 


Magicians get to perform all over the world. The audience, set-up, lighting, availability of gadgets and language will be different. You should be flexible enough to get accustomed to these situations as fast as possible. Celebrity magicians who have already made it big, perform on their own terms. Infact organizers prepare the things according to their instructions. But, these things don’t work for the newbies and those who are struggling to grow up. Make sure you can adjust to any circumstances and do not express your displeasure even if things are not doing according to your wish. 


As a magician, you should have a razor-sharp mind and must be able to utilise any situation to your advantage. To put it simply, figure out if a person is speaking to you on behalf of someone, or has a hidden agenda which doesn’t suit your policies. In the world of showbiz, it’s quite natural to come across show organizers who are looking to reduce your pay by giving lame excuses. Figure that out quickly and give a reply to make sure that your reputation and finances are not affected.


This is a brilliant technique of deception in the world of magic. Here, a magician, distracts the audience while he is preparing for a new act. In the meantime, they are encouraged to focus on another thing. Misdirection helps the performer to do the background work that is essential for his next act. This is an important lesson and it takes time to master this act.


Magicians need to multitask all the time. You have to manage the apparatus, keep an eye on the audience, talk to them, build up a coherent story and keep the humour quotient alive. That’s what a complete package looks like. Performers these days are already accustomed with doing multiple things in front of the audience. Musicians play guitar and sing; likewise, all magicians have to keep on doing different activities on stage. Managing so many things together is a difficult task, but with practice, you can quickly develop these ideas.


You have to be very prompt during your shows, especially when interacting with your audience. Quick replies and minute observations makes the show more enjoyable for your audience. A performer must stay mentally active during the show and continue to appreciate the audience. Through this, the emotional connection increases and you indulge your audience into the show more deeply.

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Parental Pressure: Are You Shaping or Breaking Your Child’s Future

Parental Pressure: Are You Shaping or Breaking Your Child’s Future

Parenting is not an easy task. When you hold your baby in your arms, all you feel is an instinct to protect your little one from all harm. As a parent, your heart wishes to provide only the best for your child, be it the best house, the best school, or the best food. You adapt yourself according to the circumstance. Your perspective changes once you become a parent. You become protective, caring, understanding, and a multitasker.

However, you knowingly or unknowingly start expecting many things from your child in the midst of all these. In the race of doing and having the best, somewhere, you forget that children are precious, soft, and often very fragile. A lot of pressure won’t make the best out of them. Surveys have shown that childhood anxiety and depression are the primary results of parental stress.

The results of this undying pressure are not visible every time. And even if those were visible, you choose to ignore them, thinking that they are mainly childhood tantrums. Today, we will be shedding some light on the effects that parental pressure has on your child. 

Childhood Depression 

The very first danger of parental pressure is depression. No one in this world is deserving of depression, especially a child who is yet to face the world’s cruelties. Most parents think that their kids are suffering from depression and anxiety because of the outside world.
But, ask yourself, to whom your child always looks up to- you or the neighbours? No, it’s you who’s thoughts matter to them. If you are not satisfied with their activities or are putting a lot of pressure, they won’t need the outside world to suffer from depression.

Uncanny Fear of Telling The Truth

In some extreme cases of parental pressure, children fear of telling the truth. On one side, when they are being taught that honesty is the policy; on the other hand, their minds are so pressurized that they fail to understand the meaning of morality. For them, lying about something seems to be a better idea, a better principle if that means they can avoid your wrath and lectures.

Scared of Failures 

As a parent, your job is to boost your kid’s confidence even when they fail to achieve the best for themselves. But, often, you don’t encourage your children. Instead, you discourage them, taunting them for their failure, blaming them for not trying enough.
These instill a seed of fear in their minds. They start being scared of failures, even in the smallest things. Being the best is good, but trying to be the best out of fear is not good.

Frustration And a Tendency to Confide in Someone Else

When you become too judgmental to acknowledge what your kid is saying, you lose the trust they put in you. Parental pressure is right to an extent. But, your children will not feel safe about confiding their feelings and their problems in you when it becomes overbearing. In turn, they will look up to someone else, and who knows whether the company will be beneficial for your kid or not. 

Self-Esteem Issues

Lastly, with too much pressure on their little minds, they start dwindling. Kids lose their self-confidence, self-esteem, and start comparing themselves to others. And truth be told, it is not good. Once your kid loses his or her confidence, it will be tough to restore the self-faith. 


As a parent, it is your responsibility to understand what your child’s ability is? You have to decide whether your wishes are the same as the ones your kid has. You have to analyse whether your child is feeling suffocated under parental pressure or is excelling.

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Why Marine Engineering is an Excellent Career Option

Why Marine Engineering is an Excellent Career Option

Marine engineers, as we all know, are paid the most exorbitant salaries in comparison to other engineering streams. This is on account of the risks they take and the uncertain work hours they deal with. There are very few colleges offering the Marine Engineering courses in India, which has kept the demand very high even to date. In this blog, we will discuss the prospects of a marine engineer and what needs to be considered before choosing this course.

Let’s begin our discussion by assessing what exactly a marine engineer does while on the sea.

What Exactly Does a Marine Engineer Do?

A marine engineer performs a large number of tasks during a particular voyage as an when required. They help in testing and installing marine equipment, preparing the system layout, feasibility analysis, preparing technical reports, dealing with contractors, testing automatic controls and alarm systems, preparing contract specifications and schedules, and finally supervising crewmembers for routine and emergency activities.

Apart from these, senior engineers work with top agencies for finalising equipment required for marine maintenance. They also provide updates to the government during crisis situations and review work requests from offshore clients. Marine engineers also review the operational efficiency of a task to ensure that a particular work is completed at a minimal cost.

Skills Required to Become a Marine Engineer

Marine Engineers need to have an extremely high technical knowledge with very good observation skills. Finding faults in the marine vessels require a significant amount of introspection. You should also be able to communicate and coordinate with your crew members, ship captain, and company management to sort out issues. In short, a good team player. Excellent writing skills are essential as you will have to explain the problems to your team members and fix it immediately.

As far as technical knowledge is concerned, you need to be very good at physics, Mathematics and design. Marine engineering is an applied discipline that is a mix of electrical, mechanical and civil engineering concepts. The main subjects that you will be studying will include naval architecture, ship structure, engine room management, applied thermodynamics, applied marine control and automation, etc. In a 4 year course, you will be studying around 80 such papers in a total of 8 semesters.


The most attractive part of being a marine engineer is the salary that it offers. In India, they easily begin their career with a Rs 16,20,000 package per annum, which is an enviable amount in this part of the world. In the US, the average starting salary is around $80,771 per annum and as you grow higher up the ranks, it increases by an exponential margin. In about 5 years, when you can go upto the 2nd or 3rd engineer position, you can touch the eight-figure mark (1 crore or around $200,000 per annum).

Final Words

Marine engineering is an extremely difficult course to pass. It is not just another typical engineering course and you need reliable guidance both during the entrance exams and while studying the course curricula. IIT Mumbai, marine engineering and research institute and Indian maritime university are some of the best places to study this course.

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Why Joining The Indian Navy Is a Great Career Option

Why Joining The Indian Navy Is a Great Career Option

Joining the Indian Navy is a dream for many. It gives you outstanding opportunities to work in a challenging role. If you enjoy a thrilling life, then this would be an ideal option for you. However, getting into a defence service is very tough, owing to the level of questions and intense competition. In this blog, we will tell you the benefits of joining the naval forces and how to prepare for it.

Here are the five reasons why joining the Navy can be a great option

Disciplined Life

Working in the Indian Navy will develop you into a matured and disciplined person. Their daily routine of exercises, drills, academic, strategic lessons in the Indian Naval academy will change your thoughts to a large extent. This will lead you to become a more knowledgeable person. Joining the defence services gives you a different kind of life and it teaches you a lot.


Working in the Navy will give you a lot of monetary and other perks and allowances. Among them, the most prominent ones will be free healthcare, foods and ration, elite club memberships, furnished accommodation and a lot of other incentives. Your life will change for the better and as you move higher up the ranks, you become who’s who of the country. Press conferences, meetings with ambassadors and naval experts from other nations, becoming the crisis manager of the country and formulating strategies; in short, you will become what millions keep dreaming of every day.

Life in The Waters

Life in the waters is great. You get to see the best coasts, beaches and coral reefs across the world. Sit back and enjoy the scenes when there is nothing much to do. Get an idea of how the world looks like and these experiences will make you a more experienced voyager. Watch those dolphins and seahawks pass by while sipping beer in your cabin..brilliant, isn’t it? Many would say that life in the waters is quite boring, but if you are not one of those, then this is a life of pure class. During operations like hostage crisis and pirate attacks, your knowledge about the international waters and hostile territories will be of great help.

Daring Operations

This is something that you join the Navy for. Rescue operation, patrolling and countering the pirates on the oceans. Many will say that this is a life and death scenario; how can you call this advantage? You will not be able to grow your experience until you become a part of these classified missions. Indian Navy in 2011 caught hold of 6 Somalian pirates and since then due to intense patrolling, the waters across the Gulf of Aden have become safer. That’s what these people are all about. During the Libyan crisis in 2015, thousands of Indian’s were rescued by the warships from the conflict zones (Operation Rahat). These are experiences that you can share in any public event and get thunderous applause from the crowd. Great feeling, isn’t it?

Coveted Job Profiles

People often have a stereotype that joining in any defence services is all about combat. But that’s not the case. There are several cadres where you can join and get unmatchable experience as compared to your peers. Engineering is one of the most vital cadres, where you have some stellar profiles to work on. If you join as a submarine engineer, then your role will be to maintain high-end propulsion systems. In case you join the Navy as a specialist in naval architecture, you will be responsible for the design, control, repair and maintenance of naval vessels. You will be working with world class warships and get involved in shipbuilding. These are non-combat roles and you don’t have to get into any conflict.

How to Join The Navy

Joining the Navy is quite a difficult process as the recruitment examinations are of exceptionally high standards. It makes sense because if you are not mentally fit to work in a stressful environment, there’s no point in joining the defence services.

Among the ways through which you can join the Navy includes NDA(National Defence Academy), CDS (Combined Defence Services) and SSB (Services Selection Board) exams.


After the 10+2 examination (Science students only), you can directly sit for the National Defence Academy examination. You will have to sit for a 2-hour exam, entirely objective type questions on Mathematics and Verbal Ability. The total examination will be of 900 marks, following which you have to sit for the SSB interview. 


The Combined Defence Services is a graduate-level examination, where you have to sit for a 2 hour MCQ type examination. Questions will be on English, GK and Mathematics. This will be followed by Group Testing Officer Tasks, Psychology Tests and Conference. Any graduate can sit for this as long as you meet the physical fitness requirements.


The Services Selection Board exams consist of the Officer Intelligence Test (100 marks), Picture Perception Description test, Story Narration and Discussion Test, psychology test, group discussion, command tasks and many other rounds over a period of 5 days. This is the most gruelling recruitment in India and clearing these requires great leadership qualities, which will be tested in the services.

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Clearing the entrance exams for the Navy is a long term process. You need to be god in academics, physical and mental fitness. In fact, mental fitness is given a lot of importance due to the nature of the job. Cracking an SSB/NDA/CDS examination without preparation is extremely difficult without proper training and guidance.

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National Education Policy 2020: What Does It Mean for Students?


On Wednesday, 29th July, the government of India replaced the 1986 national policy education with NEP 2020, making sweeping changes in the education system. Schools and higher institutions will have to restructure their admission policy, course modules, and examination pattern to work according to this policy. This blog will do a detailed analysis of how the National Education Policy 2020 can impact future generations.

What Is The Purpose of NEP 2020?

For a long time, the education system in India has been criticized due to its rigidity, lack of vision, and a vast syllabus. Unlike the West, students in India were not allowed to choose electives based on their interests. Moreover, during the board exams, the curriculum put unnecessary stress on the students, which the government was pointing out for quite some time. 

In 2018, the CBSE board, in an attempt to reduce students’ workload, notified that students up to class 10 should not carry a bag more than 5kg and should not carry heavy books and other irrelevant materials. After this, they made class 12 optional to see the reaction of students, which was also another attempt to reduce mental stress. 

The new policy will relieve millions of students of their daily academic pressure and they can now choose what to learn.

What Are The Changes in The New Policy?

5+3+3+4 Policy

In the National Education Policy, a student will have to go through 3 years of pre-schooling between the age of 3-8years. Then they will have a preparatory stage for experimental learning between 8-11 years (class 3-5). The middle school will comprise students of 11-14 years for grades 6-8 and, finally, the secondary stage will be of 4 years (classes 9-12). They can choose any set of subjects based on their choice (e.g., Physics+Sociology+Economics ) and enhance their critical ability to think and work harder on innovative ideas as compared to rote learning.

Mother Tongue as A Medium of Instruction

In continuation of the three language formula, the National education policy encourages learning in the mother tongue wherever possible, at least till class 5. It can be a local/regional language along with two other Indian languages, where English will not be considered one. This has been a debate of contention between the centre and states for quite some time.

The controversial issue of Hindi imposition on the southern states has often resulted in large scale protests. However, in this new policy, students are free to decide on the subjects they want to study. Experts have opined that any attempt to reduce the importance of English will severely impact the future of a child. 


Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) will be set up as a single body covering all higher education regulations, excluding medical and legal education. Instead of multiple agencies like UGC and AICTE, the HECI will frame all rules and regulations, give accreditation to universities and set academic standards. 

Cross-Functional Streams

There will be no separate science, arts, commerce streams for students and they will be able to choose subjects as per their preference. There will be no classifications for extra-curricular activities, vocational courses and internships will start from as early as class 6. This was a long term demand and will increase flexibility among the classrooms, even though the implementation remains a challenge.

FYUP Program

The four-year undergraduate program (FYUP) makes a comeback and students can learn and gain industrial experience during this period. Multiple exit options will be available and vocational certificates should be awarded within 1 year of study, 2 years for diploma and 3 years for a bachelor’s program. No students will have to drop out and switching courses will be allowed with a credit transfer policy. 

Implementation Challenges And Criticism

The new system essentially means that colleges will have more autonomy in framing the syllabus, giving their students choices and setting up the curriculum. Still, at the same time, they need to be extremely flexible. When we talk of credit transfer in switching courses, how many students can do it? How will you reschedule the routine? What will the final year mark sheet look like? Several such questions have arisen already, and many autonomous universities have asked the government to provide a detailed guideline. If we think about schools, students can select any subject; what if the school doesn’t have a tutor for it? Will they bring in a part-time tutor?These and many other questions are cropping up. Apart from these criticisms due to the abolition of the MPhil course and lack of mention about reservation policies were also pointed out. In a country where the socio-economic differences have been huge, teachers and parents are asking for more clarity on these areas. Even the absence of cultural/gender/caste studies have made many people sceptical about the move.

Additionally, this policy is believed to be another step towards the massive privatisation of the education system. 

What Next?

The government is not going to implement this policy in a hurry. They have decided to implement one criterion at a time and slowly transform the system by 2040. Students need not panic; they will have enough time to get accustomed to the changes. Currently, the important thing would be to study and finish your syllabuses early. 

The new policy has also encouraged vocational learning, which is going to boost online education in a big way. At a time, when all academic institutions are already closed the new policy will change education from a thing of privilege to an accessible resource for all.

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As we have discussed, the national education policy will let you choose subjects that you enjoy, so this will be an excellent chance for you to start early, study things that you like and enjoy the learning process.

5 Ways to Create Engaging Classes Online

5 Ways to Create Engaging Classes Online

Every human being indeed needs education to upgrade and develop one’s personality. Education is indeed a compulsion for all of us. In today’s time, where every essential aspect of life has digitized, education has not taken a back seat. Online classes are conducted by various reputed schools, colleges, and institutes to make the education procedure easier. 
But still this online procedure can also become monotonous at some point of time. Here are some easy steps to design engrossing online education classes:

Personal Touch

Every student has his own identity along with likes, dislikes or opinions. The tutor needs to know each student, along with their personal data. An introductory meeting or a personal interview should be conducted with each student to make the education procedure healthy and smooth. It is also significant and beneficial for every student to know their tutor or teacher to some personal level. It not only enhances the teaching process but also lets the students feel freer to clear their doubts and issues regarding the subject. 

Adding Colour and Graphics

Online classes can become tedious and laborious to look or gaze at after a certain point of time. Hence, the software or the visuals that a student is supposed to perceive can be a little colourful with graphic images or figures that make the whole visual feel lively. The vibrant and animated view of the window cuts off the boredom of the topic.

Utilise Google Extended Features

Google allows a lot of options and facilities that we can use to teach as well as learn in online basis. The various features of Google can be used both by teachers and learners to update and store information of study materials and information. Every student and teacher can have their unique gmail ID that would help them to communicate with each other directly. Every student who missed out an online class can be shared with the uploaded lecture which he can attend at any time after. Google sheet for attendance and Google chat for group discussions, can be a splendid idea to conduct online classes in a hassle-free manner.

Enhance In-Class Activities

It becomes quite mechanical and uneventful for a student to sit in front of his computer and attend classes for hours. Sitting for hours in the same chair without moving becomes extremely prosaic. So, to make it a little moving, engaging them into in-class activities is a splendid idea. 
In-class activities can be anything, including dancing, singing, enacting or even solving a puzzle or finding any randomly available thing in the house. At the end, a winner for the best performer would be declared, which would encourage every other student to attend the class with maximum concentration and energy.

Activity Sessions

Designing the lessons with some exciting stuff like games or online activity or quizzes can turn an online class more absorbing and compelling to the students. These types of recreations within the study time would help students to be more efficient.
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Edtech University Collaboration will be The Future of Education

Edtech University Collaboration will be The Future of Education

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the academic world use to function. It has forced universities to shut down, resulting in billion-dollar losses. Researches have suggested that many universities will be permanently shut down in the upcoming months. The economic cost of the COVID-19 is so huge that many students are dropping out of education. 

Tech companies are collaborating with reputed universities, to enhance the online learning opportunities for students. This phenomenon will be a big thing in the near future as Edtech companies are looking to capitalize on the situation and reform the education system. 

Why is The Obsession with University Degrees on The Decline?

Students graduating from the top universities are being placed in good companies, that was the notion a few years back. Today a skillful individual with a diploma certificate can demand an equal opportunity in the industry. It is cheaper and with more hands-on experience, the student becomes more knowledgeable about how the industry works. Moreover, a university education is becoming more expensive on a daily basis. 

Professional courses like MBA costs a bomb in any tier 2 universities in any major city globally. As the education loans continue to turn into non-performing assets, banks are also taking steps to minimize their credit risk. This is a vicious circle which is putting students into deeper trouble.

How are Tech Companies Changing The Scenario?

You must have seen massive online learning campaigns in social media platforms regarding MBA, data science, Spoken English, and thousands of other courses. These online tutoring companies are hiring tutors for their online sessions and students can get study materials, video lectures, and get certified on completing these courses. Companies also take these courses seriously as they realize that skills are more important than conventional degrees

A non-engineering student can easily do a programming course and start his career in the software sector. This flexibility is making online tech companies get billion-dollar funding across the world. They are allowing students to pursue any course, be it data science or psychology or music and in return, are gaining massive popularity.

Will Students be able to Adapt to The Change?

Students learn from experience. The sudden lockdown in different countries have made them realize, that going to colleges and universities is not a big deal. Its time that they get their learning materials and degrees sitting at the comfort of their home. They will choose what to learn and when to learn.

Flexibility, personal touch and creative learning process is making them more inclined to get their degrees from their home. So they are more than happy to shift to the online mode, although some minor issues like connectivity and quality of explanations sometimes affect the learning process. 

Tech companies have made the typical classroom format, irrelevant and is showing more straightforward ways to attain degrees and certificates. Moreover, with a large number of tutors available, students are choosing the one they like best. 

Students are quickly adapting to this change, as they are finding formal education a tad too expensive. What is essential here is to think about whether tutors are going to be comfortable in this. Those who are aged are finding it a bit difficult to adjust. 

Young professors are very comfortable, and even before these events were happening, they were already tutoring on some websites or the other, and most of them do upload videos on YouTube.

Challenges Ahead

All said and done, online courses has its challenges in terms of large scale implementation. Slow internet speed is a massive problem in developing nations. In the rural belt, many families still do not have Smartphones and proper 4G network to access these courses. Involving them in online learning is a big issue. 

First-generation learners also have a lot of issues in adjusting to this new format. Tutors who are not technically sound, cannot handle online classes well. That is why many colleges and universities are training their professors on how to take courses through the Zoom or Skype app.

This change is quite a positive one and should be celebrated as such. Although people with traditional ideologies might find this an unacceptable change, low-cost education from the comfort of your house is beneficial for the student community. This was long overdue. The rampant commercialization of education have put parents under severe stress in funding their child’s education.  The largest tutor portal in India, MyFavTutor have also been expanding its services to all major cities. With a massive tutor database, students can easily find some of the best tutors and start learning anything they want. Visit the website in case you need any guidance on any subjects or courses.

8 Clear Indications That You Need an Experienced Tutor for Physics

8 Clear Indications That You Need an Experienced Tutor for Physics

Physics is an interesting subject. It explains a lot of things that happen in our daily lives. Physics also has many applications in engineering, geology, astronomy, defense hardware, electronics, and the list goes on. However, this subject is also a nightmare for many students. They are unable to grasp the concepts properly, find it challenging to solve numerically and the graphs, theories, and equations make them go crazy with the subject. These students just want to get over it. 

It is at this juncture that an experienced tutor can change things. They can explain the complex problems and make you emotionally connected with the subject by giving real-life examples and remove your fear by making things simpler for you. This blog will discuss when you should hire an experienced tutor in Physics and how much can it help you.

Your Child Avoids Physics Classes

When a person avoids something, know for sure that he/she is scared or uncomfortable. Similarly, when you find that your child is avoiding the physics classes and is all right with the remaining subjects, it’s a warning sign. This happens due to the inability to understand the subject and problems in applying the concepts to solve problems. As a parent, you should then hire an experienced Physics tutor who can tackle these problems. The tutor needs to be friendly with the student and make sure that he/she explains the ideas in a plain and simple manner. Avoid university faculties, as they often have a lot of egos and use technical jargon, which makes things even more difficult. Hire an experienced school tutor, and your child will start improving.

Grades are Constantly Dropping

If your child’s grades are constantly dropping in physics, you will have to hire a tutor. This is because scoring poorly in the board exams will affect the career prospect of your child. Not only getting admission will be difficult, but getting the stream of your choice will be impossible. Hence, as a parent, you need to find out ways, so that your child can perform better. Hiring an experienced tutor is the only solution that you have. They will provide the required tips and techniques to get good grades. Moreover, tutors also help in homework, practice test, and analysis, creating custom-made course material for you and an advanced monitoring process that will track your progress and give you feedback.

Unable to Understand The Basic Concepts of Physics

Some students find Physics so scary that even the basic concepts seem difficult to understand. They often fail in their exams and lose vital years of their life repeating classes. Parents need to keep experienced physics tutors from the beginning so that they can at least pass the papers and get promoted. Even at the junior or middle school level, you need to get an idea of the physics concepts and do well in your examination. The largest tutor search portal in India, MyFavTutor has several such experienced tutors, which you can connect with, in case your child is going through a difficult phase.

Too Weak to Solve Numerically

Numericals form a considerable part of Physics and if you are not strong enough, you lose easy marks in exams. Chapters like current electricity, kinematics, Fluid mechanics, etc. have a massive volume of numerical that you need to be familiar with. If your child is finding these too hard, you need to hire an expert physics tutor immediately. Those who are weak in physics, cannot process complex formulas and hence lose their progress midway. Just by learning theories, you cannot clear a physics paper. If your child is finding it hard to solve the numerical, then consult with experienced faculties, here at MyFavTutor.

Cannot Interpret Critical Questions

If you have ever faced a tough Physics paper, you know how difficult it can get even to get first-class. Questions that ask you to derive expressions, prove theories in a real-life scenario or diagrammatic representations, scare even the good students in an exam hall. So for an average student, these application-based questions are frightening. It is crucial for you to evaluate your child’s question paper and analyze thoroughly whether he/she can solve these critical questions, at least partially. If the answer is is in negative, then an experienced tutor is the need of the hour. Even though there are options where you can avoid some of these tough ones, but to stay on the safe side, make sure your child can at least interpret the question well and try to solve it at home. Download the previous year’s question papers and check it yourself.

Forgets The Formulas

Forgetting formulas is a problem for kids who are scared of physics and other science subjects. If you forget these formulas repeatedly, you must be hiring an experienced tutor, for personalized guidance. This is important because scoring in numerical is easier than the theoretical questions. Also, when you remember the formula and solve a sum correctly, you get full marks. Minimum time, maximum result. That is why whenever you find that your child is avoiding the practice questions, you should counsel him/her, and get a home tutor quickly. In fact, MyFavTutor has kept all these things in mind and is helping students search for tutors across India, be it home, coaching, or online classes. Why don’t you go and try it? Also, it is free for students.

Finds It Exhausting to Do Physics Classes

When you do not like a subject, you find it exhausting. You want the classes to be over quickly. In the case of Physics also, students often find it going over their head and gets tired to even sit through a 45-minute lecture. If you are apparent and talk freely with your child, you quickly get to know this. Kids like to tell their school stories, to parents who are friendly. If you see your child falls in this category, that means he/she is not interested in that subject. So, then you need to hire an experienced tutor who will bring back the interest in the subject.  If your child has a severe problem with physics and cannot find tutors, wait no more. Visit MyFavTutor, and select from a list of Physics experts closer to your locality. The portal has faculties with enormous experience of teaching in schools and colleges, and are highly qualified. Meet them and take control of Physics, in style.