Several factors come into play when choosing an honours subject for higher studies after school. The stream one chooses after class 10 acts as the base depending on which a student can determine their preference. But determining subjects for higher studies requires students to keep their career aspirations in mind.

Choosing the Perfect Stream for College

Let us discuss some factors that students must consider when choosing an honours subject:

1.    Scope

Once students pass the 10th boards examination, they need to select among science, commerce, and arts stream for high school. When considering an honours subject for college, students have to consider a degree they can procure after school.

For example, a commerce student can choose either marketing or accountancy honours if they decide to continue the stream. At the same time, they can opt for arts streams like journalism, psychology, and sociology. However, they cannot study science subjects or pick up engineering as their stream without having science in high school.

There are a few honours subjects that students can choose, irrespective of their high school stream. Such degrees may include film studies, music, fashion design, communicative English, and other vernacular subjects.

2.    Career Goals

When looking through options provided for college entrance based on a stream, students have to consider their future aspirations. For example, if a student aspires to become a chartered accountant, they must opt for a bachelor of commerce with accountancy honours.

Choosing marketing honours will not allow them to sit for CA examinations. Again, a marketing honours student might apply for CAT examinations to study MBA. However, the preparation will require advanced knowledge in mathematics, which is excluded in bachelor of commerce with marketing honours.

Several students prepare for different subjects excluded from their bachelor’s degree to sit for competitive examinations. But it would be beneficial for each student to familiarize themselves with each subject they have to study to achieve their ultimate goal.

3.    Stream Diversity

One might have an ultimate career aspiration. However, considering other scopes from studying one stream is equally important. For instance, when a student chooses accountancy honours to have the eligibility to prepare for chartered accountancy, they should also consider other possibilities of choosing the stream. In such a case, even if a student fails to accomplish their target, they will not have a failed career. Instead, they can explore other possibilities to flourish.

4.    Seeking Expert Aid

The time after passing high school is often fragile for most students as it brings a massive change in their academic life. Considering interests when filling up forms for a bachelor’s degree is extremely important to shape one’s career goals.

If students fail to analyse the scope of a particular stream, they will require help from their parents, online tutors, seniors, and well-wishers. It is good to speak to someone who knows the student’s capability and can direct them towards the best career choices.

Final Thoughts

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