A familiar doubt in the minds of students studying in standard 9 or 10 is choosing a stream after passing their first boards. A student’s education during these two years can help determine what they should choose going forward.

Choosing the wrong subject can make them lose one year of their educational race. It is worse for students who stick to a wrong stream, hoping to excel later but keep failing every time.

To avoid such circumstances, it is crucial to consider a few factors before making this life-changing decision.

How to select commerce, arts or science stream after class 10?

Here are some factors that can help a student get the right direction to choose what to pursue:

1.    Evaluating strengths and weaknesses

By the time a student is studying in standard 9 and 10, they are familiar with most subjects that they can pursue in the future. They learn three different science streams specified as Chemistry, Physics and Biology. They also study History, Geography, and languages. These streams can help a student choose between science and arts depending on their interests.

Commerce is generally not introduced before choosing it as a stream in class 11. However, some schools introduce commerce after class 8 and ask students to choose between science and commerce. In such a case, their board examination includes commerce subjects for their 10th board examinations as well.

It is necessary to evaluate the interests followed by the strength and weaknesses students find for individual subjects. For example, if you prefer your first and second language education, you might prefer choosing arts as your background. If you are keener on scientific experiments and discoveries, you must choose science as your stream.

2.    Consider long-term goals

When we are young, we have a dream to achieve after completing our education. Students preparing for boards must have targeted professions they wish to pursue.

For example, if you want to become a chartered accountant, you cannot choose science as your stream after class 10. You will have to choose commerce and complete higher degrees to be a qualified CA. Similarly, if your dream is to become a dentist, you will have to choose science as your stream and master dentistry during graduation.

When considering long-term goals, it is necessary to keep your strengths and weaknesses in mind. We often wish to pursue a stream that is not ideal for us as we lack the understanding of a subject. In such a scenario, students must have alternatives and plan their career goals accordingly.

3.    Don’t follow other’s aspirations

Class 9 and 10 are sensitive years of education as students can be easily influenced. You might look up to your elder siblings, cousins, and friends. However, letting their decisions impact yours can leave an adverse impact.

It would help if you considered things you like to do and took motivation from the rest. Your stream must match your potential, ability, and, most importantly, your interest.

4.    Asking for expert suggestions

An online tutor can be an ideal person you rely on to understand which stream you must choose. The individual teaches you by offering personalized attention and knows your strengths and weaknesses.

While you require a tutor for exam preparation before appearing for boards, you also need their evaluation regarding this. You must discuss the suggestions given by the tutor with your guardians and select the perfect stream for your career.

Final thoughts

It is time to find a tutor online to procure their expertise and knowledge and improve your understanding of various subjects. Your tutor is your best guide as they know your abilities while exploring them in your educational journey.