Video editing is becoming a great sought after profession due to the massive number of video uploads in YouTube and other platforms. As YouTubers are killing it with millions of views and dollars, quality thumbnails,VFX, sound editing, graphics design and other aspects are becoming more important. Not only Youtube, video editors have important work in films, web series, sports, documentaries and all other forms of motion art. This is an interesting profession that can provide you with a great career. In this blog, let us see the prospects and qualities required to be an expert in video editing.

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Qualifications and Training required

Video editing needs a lot of softwares and you must know the technicalities of each one of them. Not only making it attractive for the audience, a video editor should have a creative mind to understand which portions of the content which is unnecessary and eliminate them from the clip.

There are no official degrees that you need; in short, any graduate can become a video editor if they have the patience and the ability to learn the techniques. There are several online courses which you can take regarding video editing courses teaching you sound editing techniques, colour correction, audio sync, scene breakdowns, advanced motion graphics etc.

As video editing does not have a proper degree course, owing to its professional and offbeat nature, you can learn it from coaching academies, online tutors and crash courses. The main focus will be on the hands-on experience as nothing much is there to learn in the theoretical portion. So when you start a course, download all the relevant softwares and practise it as much as possible.


The salary of a video editor depends on the industry the person is working in. For big production houses making films, you would be starting with around INR 900,000 per year. Celebrity film editors can earn upto INR 40,00,000 per film and the sky’s the limit. For newbies, you can start with an approximate salary of around Rs 15,000 and eventually move up the ladder. With experience, skills and expertise, your salary will continue to grow and you can make a big career out of that.

Future of Video editors

Video consumption being the most vibrant part of promotional activities today, editors will play a vital role in finishing off the fine-tuning stuff and make it reach the audience in greater numbers. Video editors can work independently and earn from individual clients and also work in large production houses. It is important to note here that initially, getting a job will be very tough as this is not quite a mainstream field.

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