The increase of injured people due to road accidents, physical collision in sports, and falling down have risen sharply. Bone fractures, muscle pain, broken ribs and ligaments are some of the common damage people face after a collision. They find it difficult to get up from their bed and walk and they eventually start losing their energy slowly. Physiotherapists deal with these people and bring them back to normal life. They do massages, therapies and advanced exercises that eventually reduce the pain and slowly, these people can do things normally as they would do earlier.

In this blog we will discuss why becoming a physiotherapist can be a great option in India.

Physiotherapists are in great demand in sports

Body contact games like Football, wrestling, hockey have seen horrible injuries during matches and practice sessions. Players get injured in their heads, legs, back and it takes months to get back on track. This is where a physiotherapist plays the most vital role. They use various techniques and help these broken individuals get back on their feet. If you can join as a resident physio, in any club teams or national teams, know for sure you will have a great career with a decent salary, and you get to travel the world.

Hospitals can’t function without physiotherapists

Hospitals hire physios for dealing with patients suffering from various kinds of injuries. All healthcare institutions need to have trained physios who can deal with extremely critical patients. Mainly trained therapists need to know three broad techniques, including orthopedic physiotherapy, neurological physiotherapy and cardiac physiotherapy.

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You would be required to do manual therapies, exercise programs and electrotherapy techniques. A physio should be familiar with manual resistance training and stretching, muscle strengthening, posture retraining, cardiovascular stretching, nerve stimulation, laser therapy and ultrasound. Once you become a seasoned professional, earning money will not be a problem and this is an allied medical industry, which means it is recession proof. So, the fear of job loss is minimal.

Private practice

Most physiotherapists prefer private practice as it gives them the freedom to choose a clientèle and work according to their priorities. The income level is not fixed, unlike corporate jobs and with more clients, your earnings will continue to grow.

Most physiotherapists visit the patient’s house and do the sessions there only. It helps them decide their schedule, grow their income level and achieve them without having to perform 12 hour shifts at the pay package, which is a peanut.

Some physiotherapists, however, work in private but stay connected with a hospital for better network. In that case, a part of your income will go to the hospitals as a commission, while you get to keep the remaining money.

Salary and Eligibility

On average, the starting salary of a physio is around INR 400,000 per annum in India. This amounts to a monthly amount between 32-35k and is considered pretty decent. To study this course, you must have a score of 50% and above in the science stream in your boards and from 2017 onwards, NEET score is necessary to get a seat in any registered college over here.

Future of the industry

The allied medical services are growing every day and are turning out to be a big market in the upcoming months. As this profession requires a lot of physical labour, many students avoid it. Growth of private healthcare needs support from all allied professionals like nurses, physiotherapists, optometrists and others. As the market has a demand-supply gap, you can make the most of this situation and become an expert physio.

However, this job requires tremendous mental and physical strength as you will be dealing with injuries all day. Moreover, you should also have the art of building a good relationship with your clients so that the patient and his family feel comfortable with you during the sessions.

Final Words

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