Becoming a life coach is a popular trend today. Corporate professionals, start-up founders, retired sports personalities are among the most popular few who come into these professions. Life coaches mainly help you to stay motivated and assists you in reaching your goals in life. They help you identify your problems and provide solutions on a case to case basis.

The salary of life coaches has grown manifold. If you are one of those corporate big wigs with years of experience, this can be the right profession. What makes a good life coach? This blog will discuss some crucial points.

Be Passionate

As a life coach, you should love your job. This is because unlike other jobs, here you are there to solve serious human issues. When a person feels that he/she is in the wrong job, not getting a promotion, has failed in business, you have to get very deep into the matter before you can even say something. You have to create options so that your clients know that getting back on track is possible.

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Don’t Judge

Avoid judging people. Your clients are coming with problems not because they are incapable, but they have chosen some wrong options in life. You will have to listen to them impartially and figure out the main issues that need to be addressed. Creating an opinion about that person early will impact your professionalism. Listen to the whole story, ask questions and then provide the necessary solutions without any preconceived bias.


Observation is an important trait that you should develop as a life coach. When your clients are speaking, look for points they are looking to highlight. During a problem-solving session, your ears should be trained enough to filter unnecessary information. Jot down the main points and create a solution around those issues.

Clarity of Thoughts

Have a clear idea of the problem you want to solve and how you are going to go about it. Professionals might come with multiple problems with one intercepting with the other. As a life coach, you need to give individual solutions to each one of them. This is why specialisation is a vital thing in this field. Choose an area you like and do your homework regarding the types of problems it has and knows the answers at the earliest.


Connect with your client emotionally and try to understand the issues from their perspective. Empathy is a thing most of us lack today. You need to feel the problem as if it is yours. How would you react? The more you think in this fashion, honest ideas will come out. People face a lot of stress in various sectors, and guiding them to achieve their goals is quite challenging.


Be honest in your opinion and try to bridge the fault lines that are causing trouble for your clients. You should not come out with a strategy that is good to hear but impossible to implement. If there is something negative that you have to say, be firm and convey the message politely. Your client will understand the mistakes and will be able to rectify those. 

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