As online courses continue to grow, students are enrolling in large numbers. Thousands of courses are available on the market but some of them are selling like hotcakes. This blog will discuss 12 such popular courses that are being studied by most students.

1. Machine Learning

Machine learning courses have become extremely popular. It is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, which improves computer algorithms based on experience. The demand for this course is very high, as industries like Banking and Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, and many more are looking to upgrade their automated response timings and indulge in customer profiling. 

In this course, you will mainly study linear regression, logistic regression, neural network, support vector machines, and various other scientific concepts to become a developer. If you are an IT professional or someone with a strong mathematical background, then this one’s for you.

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2. The Science of Well Being

How can one stay happy? Well, that’s a question the whole world is asking. Work stress, family problems, degradation of social norms, and crimes are filling people with negativity. In this situation, people are going online to counselors, to know the techniques that can make us happy. That is why “The Science of Well Being” is the second most popular course. Anybody can study this, as the course focuses on behavioral perspectives, happiness, controlling your mind.

3. R programming

R is a popular statistical programming software used to perform a wide range of data analysis. This is a popular course for statistical analysts, data scientists, and those who are into advanced computing. In this course, you will be learning about loop functions, programming, and simulation techniques. You can go for this course if you have an interest in statistical computing and have a strong Mathematics/Statistics background.


IELTS is a test for English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. Anyone looking to study in English speaking countries, need to clear this examination. Hence, this course has become so important and students can study this online only. The course will teach you how to read, write and speak in English. In case, you are one of those looking for a foreign degree (US/UK) then start preparing for IELTS. This is compulsory, so the earlier you start, the better for you.

5. Cryptography

Data protection is a crucial thing today, as hackers are running havoc by infiltrating into systems. Cryptography uses codes to protect your system. As more work is being done online, the demand for network engineers have also skyrocketed. In this course you will be taught encryption, block ciphers, and message integrity along with other lessons. If you are working in the IT industry looking to upgrade your skills, go ahead and learn cryptography. 

6. Philosophy

Learning Philosophy increases your intellect and you can talk about critical things, which sets you apart in a discussion. Greek philosophers were considered intellectuals, due to their theories and analysis that have set the tone for modern societal reformations. Today because of social media distorted facts, fake narratives and ideological conflict is reaching its peak. 

In this scenario, if you talk about history, metaphysics, religion and mindfulness, then people will listen to you. If you speak really well, you can get calls from publishers and universities to speak and write your analysis. So, if you have time to know more and analyze the world differently, then feel free to take online Philosophy lessons.

7. Social Psychology

Social psychology is the study of human perceptions, which are different from reality. This is a very engaging topic that shows that human belief is quite far from the realities of life. For example, Europeans believe that all non-white immigrants are disturbing their culture, while the truth is immigrants are contributing heavily to their economy. So, this course will teach you social perceptions, psychology of self-presentation, conformity and group behavior. Anyone can study this. If you want to know how we behave and think and what influences us, then go for this course. 

8. Game Theory

Game theory is a Mathematical modeling technique to compare between rational agents. It is used in chess, poker, political campaigns, stock volatility studies, and many more fields. The course will mainly talk about Bayesian games, stochastic games, and extensive strategies. You should have a mathematical background to understand this course. Go ahead, if you are looking to improve your knowledge of applied mathematics.

9. Public Speaking

Can you speak confidently in front of an audience? Quite a daunting task. Public speaking is one of those talents very few people have. Even in B-schools, giving a presentation in the classroom makes many students nervous. Lack of confidence is the main issue. That is why you must learn how to prepare and deliver a speech in front of a crowd? Musicians, motivational speakers, marketing heads, journalists are doing it almost every day. So, if they can do it, what’s stopping you? Join an online public speaking course to know how you can improve on your delivery, ideas, and content.

10. Financial Markets

Knowing about financial markets is necessary to assess why and how the global stock indices go up and down. Understanding mutual funds and how it works, currency and commodity markets, deb markets, insurance, and other important financial instruments are vital for managing our wealth successfully. The course will be beneficial for management students and those interested in finance. It will teach capital markets, broking institutions, the underwriting process and various financial instruments. Become an authority in finance by learning more about financial markets.

11. Entrepreneurship

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur today. Most Ivy League students are also shunning their corporate careers after a few years and are setting up their start-ups. With a massive amount of funds flowing in consumer and tech start-ups, there is tremendous competition to grow these new-age businesses into an established brand name. But the success rate is very less. 

Many new-age businesses simply shut shops after 2-3 years of struggle, so what qualities do you need to be an entrepreneur? This course will teach you business branding, financing, market analysis, and several other parameters you need to know before jumping on to the bandwagon. Study this course only if you want to be an entrepreneur.

12. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoins are digital money that is not under the supervision of any regulatory body. It is still illegal to trade in bitcoins in a lot of countries. However, the stupendous growth of cryptocurrencies has made people join these online courses to understand how it works. If you are an engineering graduate, then you can go ahead with this course. It will mainly focus on bitcoin mining, mechanics of bitcoin, alternative mining puzzles, and other chapters.

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