Yoga has been in the news for some time now. After the United Nations announced, 21st June as World Yoga Day, people across the world are practicing the exercises, hoping to live a better life both mentally and physically. The Yoga industry is estimated to be at $84 billion globally, including millions of Yoga studios, dresses, trainers, instructors, dietitians, and students. It is spreading fast as medical science is also accepting the fact that Yoga can reduce a lot of health problems and let you live longer and happier. In this write up, we discuss six such important benefits that will make you want to learn Yoga now.

1. Helps you to Focus More

Yoga is an excellent tool for improving your concentration level. It soothes your mind and keeps it focused on a particular thing. Often people tend to think about family issues, office problems, and other general events, which distracts them from a current event they are on. Even while talking to people, they seem out of focus and it breaks the communication which leads to reducing work efficiency. Yoga is the best cure for these issues. Techniques like Alternate Nostril breathing, Skull Shining breathing, and Bhastrika Pranayama works on different breathing patterns that energize your mind and help the nervous system to gain composure. It improves your focus and naturally, your productivity increases.

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2. Relaxes your Body

Yoga is perhaps the best way to relax your body and stay calm even in adverse circumstances. It improves the melatonin production (sleep hormone) and gives you a sense of tranquility. Also, scientists have observed that Yoga increases Oxytocin, which increases the affection for your loved ones. It constantly reduces the panic, stress, and anxiety level of individuals who are unable to deal with the current situation in their life. Asanas like the corpse pose and Legs up the wall pose soothes your entire body and mind. The element of fear due to uncertainty will minimize and you will be able to get back the confidence level you lost.

3. Improves your Spine and Bone Health

Yoga makes your spine tougher and prevents the bones from decaying faster. These are very important for those working in stressful jobs and are in the mid-30s or 40s. Long hours of work result in back pain and spinal cord issues, which hampers your work life and career. Yoga exercises like Bharadvaja’s twist and Big toe pose can strengthen your spine and allow you to perform your duties better and with more efficiency. In the case of bones, it was found that Yoga increases bone density and reduces Osteoporosis among the aged population. For example, Dolphin pose and Bridge pose are outstanding instruments for making your bone stronger. Various such exercises will make you a fitter person, which will enrich your lifestyle. MyFavTutor has a list of such experienced Yoga trainers. Why don’t you try that? 

4. Optimizes your Cardiac Functioning 

Keeping your heart healthy is the most important thing in our body. In 2016 alone, 17.9 million people died from cardiovascular diseases, which was 31% of all deaths that year. Strokes and heart-attacks have become common among all age groups, leading to a spike in additional countermeasures being applied to stop this flow. Yoga is one of the best ways to deal with heart ailments. What it does is, by reducing the blood pressure and sugar, it minimizes the chance of cardiac episodes. It cures heart blockage and will help you to live longer. Deep breathing and Mountain pose are excellent ways to improve cardiac functioning and let you live longer. So make sure that whenever you have free time, practice Yoga and live healthier.

5. Reduces Blood Pressure

Yoga is a wonderful tool to reduce blood pressure. High blood pressure happens due to stress and adverse lifestyle issues like drugs and alcohol. When a person is stressed, the blood vessels contract and the heart beats faster. It causes 7.5 million deaths annually, on average. Yoga calms down the nerve, slows down abnormal heart rate, improves sleep patterns, reduces weight, and injects positive energy in your body. Asanas like Child Pose and Diamond Pose have been instrumental in controlling hypertension. People working in high-stress environments are extremely vulnerable to high blood pressure. Keeping this in mind, you must learn Yoga, online with exceptional guidance at MyFavTutor. They have a list of such Yoga practitioners. Quickly enroll on the portal and start your yoga classes online with professional Yoga trainers in India, here at MyFavTutor.

6. Makes you Happier

Yes, Yoga makes you happier. Feeling happy depends on the chemical reactions that your body is going through. The enhanced focus techniques build up a positive emotion around your body while the deep breathing techniques reduce anxiety. The stress hormone reduces and it eventually makes you feel relaxed and happy. The reduction of blood pressure is also a major factor in keeping your body and mind healthier. Exercises like the forward fold and chest expansion along with meditation improve the mind’s condition and eventually lets you enjoy and accept the present situation, leading to happiness and satisfaction. If you want to feel happy and live longer, start practicing Yoga.

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