With the extensive use of mobile devices and internet, e-learning has reached to new heights where it is now becoming an effective tool to impart knowledge to students. The reason for this trend being popular lies in the fact that it is flexible and cost-effective.

There is no chance of missing out at any point as everything is put up in the form of documents.

Lately, a few urban and rural academic institutes have started to implement e-learning which has caused a tremendous improvement to the students’ learning capacity.

Let us look at some of the other innumerable benefits of the trending e-learning system.

Learning becomes more creative

E-learning makes the entire learning system faster and easier. The teachers have the option to make their lessons more creative by doing presentations which creates a better understanding on the topics.  The activities thus created are dynamic and hence learning becomes fun for every student. 

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Cost effective

E-learning is more cost-effective, even in the long run, as setting up an e-learning class is less costly compared to a real operating classroom. There is minimal usage of equipment and students and teacher don’t need to travel to meet up in person.  Hence it becomes cost-effective in the long run. Also, there is minimal usage of stationery and no cost of travel for both the students and the teachers.

Eco-friendly technology

Virtual learning is eco-friendly as it involves minimal usage of paper and other stationery unlike the real classroom setting where there is a lot of wastage. Such wastage if not properly disposed, can cause a negative impact on the environment.  Hence there is a direct impact on the environment and trees that is a positive sign for nature.


The best part about e-learning is its flexibility. Teachers can be present anywhere and at any time as long as they have the right device. Not only that, they can conduct virtual lessons through multiple devices too. Lectures can even be recorded and saved which enables students to review the content without missing any point.

Increases productivity 

E-learning increases efficiency and thereby enhances the productivity of teachers. Instead of having to travel back and forth to teach in an actual classroom, teachers can instead utilize their time and energy on delivering lessons online.  MyFavTutor is a learning portal that makes an effort to educate the students most effectively.

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