In India, students attend tuition classes to ace higher scores in exams. Some even have multiple tutors for one subject to gain in-depth understanding. Their determination to go such great lengths makes one wonder whether India’s formal education system is enough to help students perform well in their studies.

Unfortunately, the answer is a clear ‘No’. Schools and colleges are more exam-oriented instead of building good interpersonal skills in students. The volume of homework given daily is causing stress for students whereby they cannot cope with the load. On top of that, students are crippled with anxiety when they’re unable perform well in exams.

Such issues are causing a concern for parents, which is why they resort to seeking help from private tutors.

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Personalized learning

As the learning scope increases, students are looking for a more effective approach to develop their comprehensive skills. This is where private tutors come in handy. Private tutors can conduct one-to-one lessons where they are able to attend to the students’ specific learning needs.

This makes them reach out to the tutors in search of a more detailed explanation. So home tutors in India, are winning this battle by successfully guiding these students to their desired path. Unlike the academic institutions, they stand by students, help them out and motivate them to perform better.

Quick response time

Private tutors are available throughout the day which enables students to ask questions whenever they wish. As they are often easily reached via phone calls or Whatsapp, students are more comfortable to ask as much as they want to. Queries are often solved by the tutors and sent through emails, messages and personal chats which speeds up the learning process.

Results speak

The success of private tuition is now accepted by the student and tutor community, without much debate. Teachers and their successful students, both tell their stories with a lot of fanfare and pride.

People are beginning to acknowledge private tuitions as more students are acing passing their exams with flying colours. With such high success rates, it’s no wonder that private tuitions are getting the recognition they deserve.

In fact, portals like MyFavTutor has been instrumental in making a change in the education system. The tutor-search portal has a simple registration process which makes finding students much easier. The platform is already helping a lot of tutors and students to connect and improve their learning abilities.

Private tuition is here to stay. As the world is turning more digital, students and teachers are finding online tuition classes valuable, both in terms of money and exposure.

Join MyFavTutor and tell the world your achievements!

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