The rise of the Internet and technology has changed the way of learning. It has replaced physical classrooms with online video conferencing, sharing of ebooks and online documents, as well as transforming education into a wholesome enjoyable exercise. There are several degree programs, part-time courses and vocational subjects that have full-fledged online courses. Learning apps in India are being downloaded by the million which is a clear indication of people moving towards digital classrooms. In this blog, we will try to analyze how online tutoring has become so popular and how effective is it in reality.

So let us discuss some points that make online tuition a better alternative to regular classrooms.

Easy availability of tutors

The availability of tutors in the online mediums amplifies the scope of learning for students anytime, anywhere. Private tutors in India, for instance, bank heavily on mediums like Skype and Zoom to impart knowledge to their students. So they choose different times of the day to remain available. Some home tutors are available in the morning, some in the afternoon, while others stay on till night. This allows a student to get a query resolved quickly. Tutors can be contacted through mail, SMS, or by direct chats as well.

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Cost effective learning

Online tuition is extremely cost-effective. A student can find teachers charging as low as INR 150 an hour to INR 3000 an hour on the high side. So you look at a teacher experience, think about your requirements, decide your budget and then select a teacher. Furthermore, there is no transportation cost involved. It further mellows down the cost. Portals like MyFavTutor, currently the largest tutor search portal in India, has a range of such teachers. You can be at any location, simply go the website, put in your requirements and get a list of available faculties matching your criteria. It’s easy. Check for yourself.

More engagement

The most important thing about online tuition is its engagement level. This is an area where it beats any other form of teaching, hands down. Why is that? It is because online teaching is a much more personalized form of learning. Here students find it easier to ask questions, clear their doubts and tell a teacher more frankly as to how they would like to move on with a subject. The classes take place in a more fun-loving atmosphere, where tutors can occasionally make fun of recent issues and discuss them. So teaching takes place in a much more relaxed environment, unlike the boot camp mentality of the academic institutions.

Better tutors

Teaching online is effective because students find better options to choose from. They can go to a learning portal like MyFavTutor, for example and select their ideal mentor from a list of 5-7 faculties. Sometimes the choice is more than that. This is more satisfactory for students. Unlike in schools where incapable teachers are criticized for not being able to deliver.In the online format, students have the choice to continue or discontinue with a tutor. So with better tutors, the quality of learning also improves.

Due to these advantages, learning through online mode has grown over time. Even though some issues such as net connectivity sometimes do hamper learning, However, compared to the positive aspects these are small issues to deal with.

Home tutors in India have been able to fit in the system very well and most of them today do prefer to go online with students. Teachers enroll in MyFavTutor and then find their students easily without having to advertise.

So if you are a private tutor in India, join MyFavTutor and start your online classes soon.

Have a good day ahead.

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