Online teaching has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Students are focusing more on online classes through e-books, video tutorials, digital course materials and query clearing sessions. As the market is growing by leaps and bounds, the demand for quality tutors is on the rise. Even though teachers have been busy registering in multiple portals, not all of them achieve success. So what is it that you need to have to be a good online teacher?

The most important quality that a tutor needs to have in online tuition classes is free atmosphere, where students can clear their questions quickly. In physical classrooms, professors have a limited time to teach. If there are 50 students in a class, its quite difficult for a faculty to answer all questions within that time frame. That is why the tendency to learn online has grown so much. It gives students the time and mental peace to clarify all queries without getting rebuked.

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So keeping this in mind, MyFavTutor has launched an online tutor search portal to connect students with tutors in India. It is one of the largest tutor finder in India, where teachers can register themselves and get connected to millions of students. The website is offering all unemployed graduates, homemakers, coaches, trainers as well as experienced tutors another chance to make a regular income every month. You will be able to earn online, sitting in the comfort of your home—no targets, deadlines, office politics or transfers. Just be yourself and enhance your income.

To teach online, it is essential to think like a student. Yes, your approach towards a particular course module should be created in such a way so that knowledge building can take place. Many tutors try to finish off a syllabus quickly without focusing on the learning. In the long term, building a solid knowledge of the subject is essential. This will improve the learning process as well as keep a student engage in a course.

Apart from these attributes, an online tutor should be able to manage a classroom and align the course modules as per student requirements. If you cannot be flexible enough to adjust your teaching pattern, to student needs, then you will not be able to survive in the competition. This is because as a curriculum keeps on changing, the priorities of students continue to change. You will have to adjust your teaching based on that. Otherwise, you won’t be able to increase your ratings and popularity. Classroom management in the context of online teaching is about more personalized interaction with your students, keeping the class small in size, and keeping good eye contact while teaching.

So if you are an online teacher, you will have to keep these things in mind. Focus on the way you present yourself—students like fun chatting, group activities and entertaining themselves whenever possible. If you can connect with this and be a part of that ecosystem, then you are already on top. Nothing can stop you now.

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