As UNESCO reports, 29 countries have locked down their schools worldwide due to the COVID-19 virus. This has led to 391.5 million students being out of schools. All exams have stopped.

Parents are worried about how to tackle this situation. Getting disconnected from academics will result in a below average performance, especially for high school and college graduates.

So how are they dealing with it? Well, online tutoring is the only way you can continue your studies. Yes! And as reports suggest, in the past few weeks, teachers have shifted entirely to online private tuition.

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Is online tuition profitable? How much can I charge hourly?

Most private tutors in India, practised online teaching even before the pandemic struck. It’s the insane amount of money that brings some of the best brains in the teaching industry into this arena. In terms of profitability, it is far ahead of classroom teaching owing to varying rates and an unlimited number of students. 

Experienced teachers in India, can easily charge upwards of Rs 2000 an hour and still get students with no difficulty. However, you need to be very careful when fixing your rates. Charging extraordinary amounts without having the necessary qualifications or experience will leave you high and dry, as students will avoid you. So for a fresher, it makes sense to charge Rs 500 an hour. For experienced teachers, there is no upper limit.

How is the learning experience?

Learning through online tuition is better when compared to physical classroom teaching. There are several reasons for that. Digital classes are smaller and hence students get more attention. Problem solving becomes easier. As there are no fixed periods like schools, personal tutors in India can give additional time for weaker students. This makes them perform better in examinations. 

Teaching through the online medium also reduces your pressure as an instructor. Unlike schools and colleges, you don’t have to finish a chapter, within the given time. You can choose whether to go slowly or fast depending on your students. 

Will the popularity of online teaching remain the same after the pandemic is over?

Home tutoring in India has been heavily dependent on the online mode for quite some time. Teaching through Skype and other YouTube channels has expanded rapidly. The impact of COVID-19 has only added fuel to the fire. The shutdown of the academic institutions has forced faculties to shift their focus to conducting classes via the online mode. 

As the benefit of these formats are realized many will desert classroom teaching completely. It is not only about the money at stake, but the fact that you can sit in your home and instruct to your students. This is a great opportunity that is here to stay in the long term. So don’t worry and prepare yourself for the change.

Where do I get students from?

Learning portals will help you connect with students. Specially MyFavTutor, one of the largest tutor search portal in India. Quickly register there as online tutor, during this period of lockdown and grow your income rapidly. In addition, bring in your friends and fellow tutors and get some valuable incentives. The website has all courses, subjects and vocational training programmes covered in their database. 

Final words

As the mayhem of COVID-19 continues, you will not be able to venture out of your home. There is nothing better than using your free time to start teaching and earn well. The popularity of private tuition through the online mode will surge in the coming years. It has become an inevitable part of the academic world. Surely, register yourself at MyFavTutor and begin your tutorials from the comfort of your home.

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