Tutoring on Skype has become a trend. Teachers are looking to avoid traveling and use that saved time for online tuition. Skype, the online chatting and conferencing tool, has emerged as one of the preferred platforms for this purpose.

As the world shifts further towards digital learning, the requirement of physical classrooms is diminishing with every passing day. Teachers are turning to online tutoring, realizing the potential of the largely untapped market. 

The edtech sector in India is expected to touch $1.96 billion by 2021, with more than 2400 startups looking to enhance the learning experience through advanced apps, websites and YouTube channels. As a result, these learning apps are becoming popular, leading to more downloads and greater connectivity. 

Among all the available apps, tutoring on Skype has been the most effective way to deliver lectures. In this blog, we will discuss why this app became the go-to medium for tutors across the world.

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What is Skype and why is it popular?

Before talking about the advantages of Skype let us get a brief background of what it is. Skype is a telecom application, which is designed to handle video chat and voice calls between mobiles, tablets and computers. 

Skype facilitates text, audio, video and image sharing. So as a tutor, you can share your important files and documents with students as well as make phone calls to explain or discuss important points. It is also possible to use the screen sharing option to highlight an important point while you are on call. 

These facilities make Skype a formidable facility for online tutors to provide quality  teaching and engage fully with students.

What are the setup costs? Can anyone use it?

The setup cost is zero and you don’t need any extra equipment apart from a headset for voice clarity. You can download the app both on your Smartphone and PC.

Having a good internet connection is essential. Without fast enough broadband call disruptions, issues in file sharing and chatting will disrupt your communication. 

Also, while you are talking, stay close to screen so that your students can see you properly. Remember that while explaining your students, avoid small talk with family members and try to stay in a peaceful environment. 

Often, communication gets affected due to external interference such as cars honking or chitchat or other noises. This will have a negative impact on you as a tutor. You don’t want that.

Can I teach students in groups and connect with all of them?

Yes absolutely. Skype allows you to teach students in groups or classes as well as one-to-one. You can ask your students to login at a particular time and then start your classes. Even schools often use their projectors for guest lectures through Skype, where the class size can go as high as 100. As a tutor, you need to keep instructions simple, make the atmosphere lively and teach according to student requirements.

For group calls, you have to use the conference call option to add more people. Currently, Skype allows up to 50 individuals on a call. That is more than enough. Once you know how to deliver an engaging lecture through a video call, you are on the right track. 

Teaching through Skype, lets you have good conversations with students as it is personalized interaction. Moreover, sharing important documents, messaging and the ability to video call makes learning a beautiful process without having to travel anywhere. 

Where can I register and get students for my Skype classes?

Well, an online tutor search portal is where you need to register for getting students. On this subject, MyFavTutor is a leading name. The website helps you to register at a nominal annual subscription amount and get connected with millions of students across India. You will get a golden opportunity to earn money online and increase your earning potential greatly.

MyFavTutor firmly believes that learning is a never ending process. In this digital era, why not utilize your spare time to earn more and refer your friends also? So MyFavTutor has a unique algorithm that will connect you with students in your locality.If you are a tutor looking to expand your network, join the portal. Its database is vast and you won’t regret your decision ever.

So what next?

As a tutor, you will benefit immensely from Skype. It has more than 300 million global users and is at the forefront of the digital revolution. Giving classes through Skype is quite easy. All you need is a PC and then download the app. Go through the instructions and you are all set to bring in more earnings with minimal effort.

Stay happy and take care.

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