Tips and Tricks to Get Students from Online Tuition Portals

Tips and Tricks to Get Students from Online Tuition Portals

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MyFavTutor, Jun 28, 2022

Teaching is probably among the most popular and noble professions. Children are the future of our country and giving them the proper knowledge and education is one of our essential duties, and teachers carry this responsibility for centuries. In recent times, private tuitions are the most popular education method, and almost every student has at …

How Online Tutors Can Trigger Creativity in their Students?

How Online Tutors Can Trigger Creativity in their Students?

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MyFavTutor, Apr 19, 2022

When students cannot attend physical classrooms, they resort to online classes. These virtual classes are an excellent way to receive individual attention and academic support. But the tutor isn’t only responsible for teaching school lessons but also sparking creativity among students.  Teachers can ask students to talk about their passions during online classes. As this …

10 Proven Preparation Tips For JEE Advanced

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MyFavTutor, Mar 22, 2022

JEE Advanced aspirants put their heart and soul into preparing for the final showdown. But gone are those days of spending all your waking hours studying for the exam. If you want to clear the exam with flying colors, you need to study smart and be smarter!   You might be taking the best online …

Choosing the Perfect Stream for College

How To Choose a Stream for Bachelor’s Degree During School?

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MyFavTutor, Feb 02, 2022

Several factors come into play when choosing an honours subject for higher studies after school. The stream one chooses after class 10 acts as the base depending on which a student can determine their preference. But determining subjects for higher studies requires students to keep their career aspirations in mind. Choosing the Perfect Stream for …

How to crack the GATE exam on your first attempt

5 Easy Steps To Crack GATE in Your First Attempt

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MyFavTutor, Jan 19, 2022

India has the largest number of engineering graduates in the world. It also holds the reputation of having the greatest number of engineering institutes. One thing common for every engineering student in India is going to the entrance examination. Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering (GATE) is an examination that all students need to appear for when …

Tips and Strategies for Efficient Online Learning

5 Best Tips and Strategies for Efficient Online Learning

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MyFavTutor, Jan 07, 2022

The pandemic forced students to make their laptop screens their classrooms, but it did not stop them from learning. Adapting to the new way of learning has become a challenge for students, but there are ways to master this. Strategies To Prioritize Online Learning for Students Here, we will discuss some strategies students must follow …

Important Topics for IIT JEE in 11th Standard

What Are the Important Topics for IIT JEE in 11th Standard?

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MyFavTutor, Dec 08, 2021

For every aspiring engineering student in India, cracking IIT JEE is one of the most prestigious recognition and career opportunity. IIT JEE is one of the most challenging entrance examinations for students, and preparation to get through this difficult examination starts during high school. Let us find out what a student needs to prepare for …

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Stream After Class 10

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MyFavTutor, Nov 11, 2021

A familiar doubt in the minds of students studying in standard 9 or 10 is choosing a stream after passing their first boards. A student’s education during these two years can help determine what they should choose going forward. Choosing the wrong subject can make them lose one year of their educational race. It is …

Private Tuition

How Important Is the Subject Matter Knowledge for a Private Tutor?

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MyFavTutor, Nov 05, 2021

The Indian education system generally appoints primary school teachers to teach all subjects to their students. So, it is likely that until a certain standard, only one teacher can teach most subjects, probably excluding vernacular. As students go to higher classes, they find every subject taught by a different teacher according to their specialization. In …

5 Things Successful Private Tutors Do Differently

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MyFavTutor, Oct 25, 2021

Not all heroes wear capes; sometimes, they sit in front of their laptops and impart knowledge! In the era where the internet dominates our day-to-day activities, online tutoring is no longer an uncommon profession. To become a private tutorand gain success in the challenging field of teaching, there are qualities you must hone. Qualities to Hones …