Preparation Tips For NEET- How To Ace The Test

Preparation Tips For NEET- How To Ace The Test

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MyFavTutor , 17-03-21

Sitting for competitive exams has always been a daunting task. Nonetheless, millions of students appear for them every year to secure their seats in the college or job of their choice. NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is no different, accounting for nearly 10-15 lakhs of these applicants. Consequently, candidates fight fiercely for a seat …

Tips to Excel Engineering Entrance Exams

Study Tips to Excel Engineering Entrance Exams in 2021

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MyFavTutor , 12-03-21

Engineering is one of the most opted career options in India and one of the toughest too. Students potentially and predominantly try hard to get through the top entrance exams to pave the way to top institutions and private colleges in India. Numerous entrance exams are held every year, like JEE Main by National Testing …

10 Best Career Options

10 Best Career Options for Students of Physics

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MyFavTutor , 04-02-21

Physics is the basis of most inventions and has helped people understand how the universe works. It is also the driving force behind all engineering marvels around the world. But, which are the industries that a student of Physics can work on? In this article we discuss 11 significant career choices that you can make when you do …

What’s the Best Thing About Psychiatry As a Career

What’s the Best Thing About Psychiatry As a Career

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MyFavTutor , 08-01-21

A small statistic to begin with; globally 264 million people suffer from depression, anxiety attacks, panic disorders and chronic mental health issues. These include corporate executives, entrepreneurs, sports and film stars, children, women ; in short every segment of a population that you can think of. Dealing with these needs constant psychiatric supervision and a …

International Relations

Study International Relations and Join the World’s Best Think Tanks

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MyFavTutor , 06-01-21

International relations is the only stream that allows you to take a deep look into the foreign policy matters of different countries and the strategic and geopolitical relationships that are built with it. Global conflicts like Israel-Palestine, USA-Russia Cold War period, Civil wars, Terrorism and researches on economic policy, environment, energy security, defence, religious wars …


5 Best Hobbies for Tutors

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MyFavTutor , 22-12-20

Teaching is one of the most stressful professions and very few people acknowledge this issue. We always talk about students getting stressed but not the other way round.  Tutors are human beings and get tired. In this pandemic, the online classes have been taking a heavy toll on them. Managing classes, checking copies and giving …

Graduation Courses

Top 5 Graduation Courses for Getting a Fast Employment

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MyFavTutor , 09-12-20

Graduation decides the job prospects of a candidate. Depending on the subject he/she is studying and the college, the scope of getting a job varies accordingly. As the job market becomes more automated, hirings are being reduced drastically. In addition to that the Coronavirus pandemic has pushed back the GDP of most countries, leading to …

Digital Marketing as a Career

Digital Marketing as a Career: How It Can Help You

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MyFavTutor , 30-11-20

The global digital marketing industry is growing at a CAGR of 17.6% annually. By 2025 it is expected to touch $807 billion. Most organizations today are heavily dependent on promoting their business and products through social media platforms. So the role of digital marketers is becoming significant in most organizations.  Making it a career can …

Exam Preparation

Follow These Tips as Your School Exams are Approaching Nearer

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MyFavTutor , 27-11-20

As India is slowly going in for a systematic unlock process, students are busy preparing for exams. Schools are taking some project based tests or focusing on MCQ instead of long form descriptive answers. As the tests are conducted online, students are trying to get used to this new format. The experimental pattern of classroom …


How to Become a Journalist without a Formal Degree

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MyFavTutor , 25-11-20

Journalism is a daring profession and is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Exposing governments, private dealings, corruption and challenging the authorities at every step, this is a job that requires real guts and passion. Today, the media has transformed and celebrated journalists are going the digital way. But the point is, can you become a journalist …