How you can Learn Dance through Online Classes

How You can Learn Dance through Online Classes

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MyFavTutor , 21-10-20

Dancing is a cool thing to do and young people are learning it more than ever. Hip-Hop, Bollywood numbers, Salsa are extremely popular among the youth and during this COVID induced lockdown, dance tutorials have seen a massive enrollment. Dancing helps in staying fit and all the body parts remain active even when you grow …

Why Tutors Need to Make More Videos

Why Tutors Need to Make More Videos

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MyFavTutor , 19-10-20

In the present scenario, when the world faces a severe Covid-19 pandemic, we have entered into the virtual world. Today, when the entire schools and colleges are closed, did the education and learning also come to a halt? Of course, not. Despite such a critical scene, thanks to technology and innovative techniques that have made …

Reasons Why Playing Chess Can Help Your Kids

5 Reasons Why Playing Chess Can Help Your Kids

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MyFavTutor , 17-10-20

Chess is an excellent game for brain development. When children play this game they are able to think strategically and with time their patience grows. Due to several such reasons, online chess as well as offline academies, are getting a lot of registrations from young kids. Those who take this game professionally go on to …

Future Roadmap of Independent Academic Institutions

Future Roadmap of Independent Academic Institutions in a post COVID World

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MyFavTutor , 14-10-20

The COVID 19 pandemic situation has brought about a significant disruption in the education system of the entire world. Be it an institution or a university, the entire educational landscape is undergoing a transitional period wherein the educational hubs are all set to transform themselves and take up the new system as a challenge. The …

Top 10 Headphones for the Best Online Teaching Experience

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MyFavTutor , 13-10-20

Online teaching is the new trend in the world of learning. Be it school teachers or professors of top ranked universities, they are signing up for online courses and are earning a good amount. If you have a good internet connection, a platform like Skype/Zoom to teach and is serious about the subject then you …

Best Time to be a Nurse

5 Reasons Why This Is the Best Time to Be a Nurse

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MyFavTutor , 12-10-20

Many students aspire to study medicine in their future and become successful doctors in different fields of the medical industry. Well, it is undoubtedly quite commendable to live up to this dream and achieve it at the same time.  In case of nursing however, we look at it in a derogatory manner and consider them …


Why Becoming a Physiotherapist is a Great Option in India

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MyFavTutor , 06-10-20

The increase of injured people due to road accidents, physical collision in sports, and falling down have risen sharply. Bone fractures, muscle pain, broken ribs and ligaments are some of the common damage people face after a collision. They find it difficult to get up from their bed and walk and they eventually start losing …

Learning App

8 Must Have Features of a Learning App

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MyFavTutor , 03-10-20

In the current year, 2020, technology is playing a vital role across industries. The COVID 19 pandemic has brought out the best in terms of tech applications, paving the way for a long term change in edtech and all other related sectors. As schools, colleges and universities were shut, learning apps saved global education from …

20 Best Selling Books in Amazon That Students Should Not Miss

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MyFavTutor , 01-10-20

Books have always been our best friends and help us to gain knowledge and perform well in exams. Starting from learning our mother tongue to the higher education institutions, books are our trusted guardians who guide us in the right path. No matter how much wikipedia and Google you search, there are no replacement of …

How Getting a Degree in Ayurveda Can Be a Great Career Option

How Getting a Degree in Ayurveda Can Be a Great Career Option

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MyFavTutor , 28-09-20

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science that was popular until the arrival of Allopathy. Starting around 3000 years ago, the first reference of Ayurveda was found in the Vedic texts and was considered to be an eternal part of Hindu philosophy. Ayurveda has been criticised as pseudoscience by medical associations worldwide due to a lack …